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336 Comical Butt Tattoos To Try Out This Year

Personal expression is one of the key reasons behind getting a tattoo. While many express basic traits of themselves through the means of a tattoo, there are many on another ship who usually obtain an artwork just for the visuals they have. Although most of the tattoo recipients prefer the images to highlight memorable moments of their lives, there are those that have a rather laid back mindset and prefer their artwork to have a meaning that is open to interpretation.

One of the main requirements to meet for a tattoo to look exceptionally at home and visually pleasing lies behind the area of placement. Though classic spots like the area behind the ear, the neck, the forearm and the wrist offer any image a sophisticated feel, there are areas that can be prioritized to spread happiness, positivity, and certainly lighten the mood. Amongst all the spots currently available, the rear end of the body, also known as the butt, stands on top of the list.

Also known as an ass tattoo, butt tattoos have been a go-to placement for the goofiest beings on this planet. Most often choose an option that doesn’t necessarily comprise a sketch that is admirable, however, there are loads of variants one can try out if their approach is the polar opposite.

Without further ado, if your next activity is to get a butt tattoo, here’s everything you need to know in order to have a successful outcome. In addition to listing multiple options for obtaining best results, we will cover what a butt tattoo, or an ass tattoo, tends to symbolize and just how much pain one should expect throughout the tattooing process. We hope you stick around until the end and enjoy the read.

The Hollow Meaning Of Butt Tattoos And Why One Should Get Them

Butt tattoo 1

While many tattoos tend to contain a symbolism and usually carry a purpose, the meaning of any butt tattoo, regardless of the visuals, is always open to exposition. In other words, butt tattoos don’t come with a handbook, therefore don’t carry a specific meaning, which can be good for plenty, but also a challenging trait to work with.

The positive is that a butt tattoo can be an image of anything, absolutely anything! So, if you’re seeking a location that will allow you to make use of your creativity without having to worry about putting a label on it, place your trust into the circumference of your rear!

On the other hand, one of the severe negatives of not having a concrete symbolism could be the regret it might bring to the table of a butt tattoo wearer in the future, especially if the image is also not as pleasant.

 Do Butt Tattoos Hurt? The Generous Level Of Pain Butt Tattoos Come With

Butt tattoo 2

Contrary to popular belief, unlike most sensitive areas, one can expect zero to minimum pain during the process of getting a butt tattoo. Since the muscle tissues and fat that make up the layers of that area are humongous and resilient, the butt is extremely resilient to minor blows that are caused by tattooing needles.

The butt tattoo is also a body part that is relatively boneless in contrast to other body parts, which could further explain the lenient tattooing procedure that it contains.

Nonetheless, even though it will be hard for the tattoo artist to implement a design due to the shape it’s made up of, butt tattoos don’t really hurt. In fact, to this day, despite expressing their concerns regarding the lengthy healing process, various enthusiasts who obtained butt tattoos haven’t really mentioned any issue about the pain level of the procedure.

336 Wacky Butt Tattoos Every Silly Being Must Get This Year!

Now that you have a better understanding of why it may be convenient for one to get a butt tattoo and how lenient it is to those that are seeking an image that is open to interpretation, here’s a list of butt tattoos you should definitely look into for inspiration or install if one of them caters to your taste.

Butterfly Tattoo on Butt

Butterfly tattoo on butt

A safe approach to take if you’re rather indecisive about the visuals could be this option, which involves the image of a butterfly. Even though it does cater to those that are trying to explore and announce the feminine aspects about their personality, this image can also suit those that want a tattoo with a pleasant impression.

Additionally, make sure to incorporate all kinds of color schemes as well as additional images that might further make the appearance of the tattoo more apparent and presentable. Since the surface of your rear end is significantly stronger than that of other body parts, even an intricate addition will cause your butt zero pain.

Heart Tattoo On Butt

Heart tattoo on butt

Even though people make full use of elaborative patterns when installing butt tattoos, there are loads of options that lack size, are subtle, and meet the taste of those that are avid minimalists. A colorless figure of a heart could very well be one of them.

The exceptionally apparent visuals and simplicity of the groundwork are two of the many reasons why one may resort to this tattoo. Due to the small size of the image, this option can also be a good choice for those that will celebrate the start of their tattooing journey.

On top of that, the process of this butt tattoo is time-friendly. Any tattoo artist can create this artwork within the first 30 minutes of the first session.

Small Butt Tattoo

Small butt tattoo

Since the area is somewhat delicate, a small but tattoo can also be the perfect match to highlight the delicacy of the region. One can implement a micro or compact artwork of the most beautiful creations of nature, especially flowers. They can also obtain pocket sized motifs to achieve the best results and also bring in borders around the image to increase the energy of the overall look.

Furthermore, in contrast to the previous entry, this tattoo will also take a short amount of time to perfectly implement, which can relieve the worries of those that are working around a tight schedule.

Cute Butt Tattoo

Cute butt tattoo

A cute butt tattoo can cater to the expectations of those that are minimalists, as well as satisfy the needs of those that are seeking a variant with good visuals. Despite being compact in terms of size, any image used in this butt tattoo will look translucent and clear.

Butt Cheek Tattoo

Butt cheek tattoo

Since the butt cheek is the most prominent part of the butt region, getting inked on that location alone can definitely give any tattoo fanatic successful results. While one can surely obtain different patterns on both cheeks, those that are seeking an alternative can also just install an image on one of the two sides to make the process shorter and the outcome less impactful.

Side Butt Tattoo

Side butt tattoo

A side butt tattoo can be an excellent way to go about it if you want the tattoo to be open to readjustment. It can also be a good choice for tattoo enthusiasts to make if they want to transform it into an even bigger tattoo, as images can be added to the existing pattern and implemented on the thigh to make a sleeve-esque tattoo.

Cat Butt Tattoo

Cat butt tattoo

A cat person can also benefit from a butt tattoo. Although it won’t be the best decision to make when you look back to it years from now, if you fell in love with every cat you came across, and want a tattoo that reminds you of all of them, go for this option!

Under Butt Tattoo

Under butt tattoo

Similar to one of the previous entries, if you’re desperately looking for a tattoo that will keep its canvas open for additional installments, get a tattoo under the butt. When ready, you can extend the pattern of the existing image onto the rear end, or can also continue the artwork by making use of the space that’s present on the legs.

Funny Butt Tattoo

Funny butt tattoo

A butt tattoo can also be a good way for you to showcase your sense of humor. You can make the most of this option by incorporating a design which includes your favorite character, or can also keep it rather simple by installing a tattoo of one of the funniest quotes you’ve come across till date.

Lips Tattoo on Butt

Lips tattoo on butt

A tattoo with an enticing image can woo the desires of many. A lip butt tattoo, despite being small, can definitely be a good option for those that are seeking a way to enhance their physical appearance and improve their first impression.

Kylie Jenner’s Butt Tattoo

Kylie Jenner butt tattoo

If you’ve kept up with the Kardashians till now, perhaps this could be the greatest prize you could give yourself, especially if your next move is to get a butt tattoo. Kylie Jenner’s butt tattoo, which states the phrase “Before Sanity” not only is a good option to recreate but also a tattoo that contains simplicity.

Monkey Butt Tattoo

Monkey butt tattoo

If you’re the biggest goofball amongst your crew, take pride in it. In fact, take it one step further and get this tattoo. While it will allow you to reminisce about the best times you had with your friends at one point in time, due to the small layout it attains, you can also remove it whenever.

Thigh Butt Tattoo

Thigh butt tattoo

One can definitely extend the design of any butt tattoo by introducing a design on the same thigh. Doing so might require them to add an artwork that somewhat matches the theme of the previous graphic, but it isn’t something that is mandatory.

Full Butt Tattoo

Full butt tattoo

If you’ve implemented a tattoo design on every part of your body but have yet to cover up the space of your rear end, you can definitely consider the visuals of this tattoo. It consists of a range of vibrant and high spirited shades of color, which possess the abilities to make you stand out in public.

Big Butt Tattoo

Big butt tattoo

An option that usually comprises enormous images, big butt tattoos might take a chunk out of your schedule to create. However, the final results will feature an artwork with a noble aftermath.

Traditional Butt Tattoo

Traditional butt tattoo

If your main aim is to create an artwork with tons of energy, a traditional butt tattoo will be sufficient. The soft color palette that tends to make up the image of this option definitely steals the spotlight and grabs the attention of many every time.

Playboy Butt Tattoo

Playboy bunny butt tattoo

A tattoo that comes with an age restriction can perhaps highlight the attraction of one’s rear end. Even a simple symbol of Playboy, an American entertainment magazine, can be an image to meet that trait.

Bud Butt Tattoo

Weed leaf butt tattoo

If you believe in the medical benefits of cannabis, to showcase the love you have for the substance as well as create a source to become the class clown amongst your crew, get a bud tattoo. Although you’ll surely get in trouble for consuming it, no one, not even the strongest brother in blue, will be able to take this bud off your butt!

Name Tattoo on Butt

Name tattoo on butt

If you want to spice up your love life, get the name of your significant other in a butt tattoo. On top of making them feel appreciated, the tattoo can also help bring back any previous spark that was lost during the relationship.

Raven Butt Tattoo

Raven butt tattoo

If you want the best of both worlds, get a raven tattoo. Apart from the marvelous visuals this tattoo brings to the table, ravens also symbolize feelings of wisdom and intelligence, which definitely gives this tattoo the edge over most of the entries on this list.

Ramen Bowl Butt Tattoo

Ramen bowl butt tattoo

A butt tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to be meaningful. Even pictures of your favorite food can be worn on the butt without causing a stir. For instance, if you like ramen and can’t spend a single night without indulging yourself in a bowl of the delicious treat, get an icon tattoo of a ramen. Not even the law can say anything against it!

Bunny Butt Tattoo

Rabbit tattoo on butt

Adorable creatures like bunnies can also be a smart way to go about getting a butt tattoo. It can definitely highlight the wearer’s laid back approach in life while also lightening the mood of those that get to view this option.

Panther Butt Tattoo

Panther tattoo on butt

Since one’s butt is one of the more convenient options for placement when getting a tattoo, one can surely celebrate the resilience of the location by creating a tattoo that symbolizes strength, like a panther tattoo. The neutral color palette apart from the blueprint of a panther is also an enchanting aspect of this option.

Peony Butt Tattoo

Peony butt tattoo

Since floral tattoos often have unique symbolisms, a painless way to introduce them into your arsenal could be achieved if you place them on your butt. A flower as visually appealing as a peony will surely look outstanding as a butt tattoo. The color scheme in addition to the photo will look as clear as the light of the day.

Gun Butt Tattoo

Gun butt tattoo

Adding images of weapons and ammunition can also allow one to achieve ideal results for a butt tattoo. The layout of revolvers as well as knives look edgy and exceptional when achieved on the sizable circumference of the rear end. For best results, one can either introduce a range of colors to the diagram, or can even settle for an image that is monochromatic.

Phoenix Butt Tattoo

Phoenix butt tattoo

If you like Greek mythology, getting them in the form of a butt tattoo won’t be such a bad approach to take. For instance, if you install an image of a bird that is as colorful and as immortal as a Phoenix, you might as well reward yourself for making such a logical decision.

Apart from the vibrant color scheme, the image can be of a massive size due to the spaciousness of the butt region. The graph will will take a couple of sessions to obtain the full graphics of a phoenix, but will surely be worth the wait. 

Cactus Tattoo on Butt

Cactus butt tattoo

The color combination of a cactus plant can really highlight the fragile nature that the rear end contains. Although the look also comes in a colorless variation, the bottle green color of the cactus really stands out and looks exceptional in a butt tattoo.

Skull Butt Tattoo

Skull butt tattoo

A skull butt tattoo is the perfect match for edgy people. The monochromatic sketch is extremely flexible and can be of any size. The graph of a skull, while somewhat terrifying, can also result in compliments due to the intricate details this option tends to display. 

Bite Me Butt Tattoo

Bite me butt tattoo

Short phrases that are somewhat intimidating can also look great as a butt tattoo. Phrases like “bite me” will not only grab the attention of your partner and anyone that comes across it, but can also make the area more appealing than it used to be.

More Butt Tattoos You Should Definitely Check Out!

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Butt tattoo 171

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Bottom Line

Regardless of how big or small your tattoo may be, if your main incentive is to cheer your friends up and be the most wholesome attendee at any party, a butt tattoo should definitely be your next installment. The area is very spacious and can withstand tremendous amounts of pain flawlessly. Any and every design will have crystal clear visuals and definitely look easy on the eyes if it’s showcased with a series of vibrant colors.

That’s all for today, folks! Remember to share this article with a friend if they’re seeking a material that will brighten up their day. Furthermore, if you found this piece insightful, do make sure to check out the other materials on our website. Apart from acquiring more knowledge on multiple tattoo designs, we also cover the basics that everyone should know about before paying their tattoo artists a visit.

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