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121 Delightful Boob Tattoos To Indulge In This Year!

The breast area, commonly known as the boobs, is one of the most desired and prominent body parts that one can have. Breasts are extremely important as it brings the act of breastfeeding into existence; an activity that is crucial for the well-being of babies.

Apart from carrying various health benefits, breasts are also rather prominent in mainstream media due to their shape and are usually present as tattoos on the bodies of those that can’t seem to get a grip on their temptations.

Additionally, since they come in all shapes and sizes, there are various designs of boob tattoos that can easily be replicated to showcase an excellent illustration. Therefore, if you’re more than sure about your decision of introducing a boob tattoo in your life, keep following the convo to find out all the variations that you can take into consideration!

121 Marvellous Boob Tattoos That Are On The Trend!

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In order to obtain the best case scenario available, coming up with the right groundwork for your boob tattoo is crucial. That includes not just the shape, but also involves the series of hues and the tattoo type you’d like to incorporate into your artwork.

Since boob tattoos are often seen in a shabby light, it is often best to pair them up with the design of another. However, if you’re into illustrations that are relatively plain, perhaps you can stick to the artwork you’ve envisioned. Regardless of whether you’ve got something in mind or are extremely indecisive about the print that you’d like to wear, here are some of our favorite ideas for boob tattoos that you might want to look into if you’re seeking inspiration or even just a person that appreciates art!

Gypsy Girl Boob Tattoo

Gypsy Girl Boobs Tattoo

Gypsies are usually known for their free-spirited nature. Likewise, if you resonate with that trait of theirs, and want to incorporate that into your own boob tattoo, you will definitely be the recipient of admirable results.

Since the tattoo will now be a portrait tattoo, it will look even more attractive in the eyes of many. Additionally, in contrast to most tattoos on this list, a gypsy boob tattoo is very open-minded and welcomes emblem tattoos with open arms. Creatures of nature such as butterflies can be used to surround and highlight the main component of the tattoo and could be put to use to enhance the final visuals of this variant.

Traditional Boob Tattoo

Traditional Boobs Tattoo

Boob tattoos, just like most tattoos available on the market, cater to every demographic. Therefore, if you feel that you’re significantly older than the average age group, just settle for a traditional tattoo.

The main aspect of this tattoo is the series of vibrant colors that the pattern contains. While red, blue, and pastel colors are required to display this variant exceptionally, you can also settle for a paint job that involves another rotation of colors as long as they’re all high-spirited.

Simpson Boob Tattoo

Simpson Boobs Tattoo

Not every variant needs to have meaning or a glorious backstory. Sometimes, even the most unusual design can be used to create something that is nostalgic and laid back at the same time, just like this tattoo!

The poker face of Homer is definitely the funny part of this design, but is also replaceable and can be swapped with that of Bart Simpson. The solid shade of yellow is also an excellent component of this variant as it displays the shape of the boob tattoo perfectly.

Although this option contains a design that caters to Simpson fans, the groundwork of this tattoo can definitely be changed, so if you’d like to replace it with a tattoo of an anime character, don’t be hesitant to follow your heart.

Gameboy Boob Tattoo

Game Boy Boobs Tattoo

Boob tattoos contain loads of elegance due to their shapes, but often seem relatively explicit and aren’t child appropriate on most occasions. However, if you think outside the box, you can find clever ways to avoid that issue.

One of the unsung ways of displaying a boob tattoo can be achieved through the assistance of a Gameboy tattoo. Yes, it might just look a bit pointless at times, but it’s surely safer than displaying it through a portrait tattoo of a woman.

Cherry Boob Tattoo

Cherry Boobs Tattoo

Another PG-friendly way to showcase a boob tattoo can be achieved through the use of fruits. While fruits like mangoes, apples, and even peaches might seem rather ineligible for use, two cherries can definitely be the perfect match to display a pair of boobs.

On top of being flexible and adaptable due to its size, this variant contains a color palette that can be hard to find in the hues of other entries. Additionally, since it is a fruit tattoo, after all, emblems of other fruits can be added into the mix if the basic theme of this design bothers you.

 Booby Trap Tattoo (Changed from Boobs Trap Tattoo)

Boobs Trap Tattoo

A booby trap is an idiom for a secret passage that is often used to deceive, harm, and eliminate foes and animals. However, this variant isn’t in existence for that purpose.

If you’re considering getting a boob tattoo but also love making puns more often than not, consider obtaining a booby trap, literally! Of course, the design of it isn’t necessarily the best option available, however, the strength and humor of the pun surely make up for the absence of it, making the whole option one of the better contenders to take into consideration.

Boob Tattoo On Wrist

Boobs Tattoo on Wrist

If the artwork you have in mind is compact and you want to keep your tattoo to yourself at all times, get the boob tattoo on your wrist. In addition to being relatively easy to obtain, this variant is also simple to create. A tattoo artist doesn’t necessarily need tons of experience to create the simple components of this option.

Additionally, due to how simple it is, the procedure of it might just allow you to save a handsome amount since it’s cheaper than most designs.

Wing Boob Tattoo

Wings Boobs Tattoo

If you did crack up at the Simpson boob tattoo, another comedic variant that you can take into account is the wing boob tattoo. As the name suggests, this variant features a collaboration of a pair of wings and a pair of boobs.

Although the artwork used as the reference contains a sketch drawing, you can even change that with a colorful design if you feel the need to.

Mermaid Boob Tattoo

Mermaid Boobs Tattoo

Mermaids have always been admired for their beauty. While the curves seem somewhat mesmerizing and rather appealing in photos, a realistic image of theirs can very well be incorporated into a tattoo.

While most mermaids wear outfits that cover sensitive body parts, a realistic portrait of theirs can be displayed using a boob tattoo as well. Sure, this sketch, in contrast to the layout of the others, could be a little more explicit.

However, as long as you’re getting this tattoo to amp up your appearance or add to a pre-existing tattoo of yours that carries the same energy, the decision of resorting to this variant can very well be justified.

Scorpion Boob Tattoo

Scorpion Boobs Tattoo

The symbol of a scorpion isn’t the best option to look into if you’re seeking a contender that would allow you to have a positive mindset. However, due to its structure, a scorpion tattoo is often desired by many and can be meshed with the pattern of a boob tattoo!

The artwork itself is draped in neutral colors and contains rich borders to highlight the components of the insect. Additionally, the pair of boobs are given a different shade of color to stand out amongst the structure and have their own impact on the wearer’s body.

More Boob Tattoo Variations To Feast Your Eyes On!

Since boob tattoos contain the same pattern, it could be very difficult to find a tattoo that stands out. However, due to how diverse it is, the graph of a pair of boobs can blend in with anything and everything. To prove that point, here’s another list of boob tattoos that you should definitely skim through!

Black Panther Boobs Tattoo

Boobs tattoo 2

Boobs tattoo 3

Boobs tattoo 4

Boobs tattoo 5

Boobs tattoo 6

Boobs tattoo 7

Boobs tattoo 8

Boobs tattoo 9

Boobs tattoo 10

Boobs tattoo 11

Boobs tattoo 12

Boobs tattoo 13

Boobs tattoo 14

Boobs tattoo 15

Boobs tattoo 16

Boobs tattoo 17

Boobs tattoo 18

Boobs tattoo 19

Boobs tattoo 20

Boobs tattoo 21

Boobs tattoo 22

Boobs tattoo 23

Boobs tattoo 24

Boobs tattoo 25

Boobs tattoo 26

Boobs tattoo 27

Boobs tattoo 28

Boobs tattoo 29

Boobs tattoo 30

Boobs tattoo 31

Boobs tattoo 32

Boobs tattoo 33

Boobs tattoo 34

Boobs tattoo 35

Boobs tattoo 36

Boobs tattoo 37

Boobs tattoo 38

Boobs tattoo 39

Boobs tattoo 40

Boobs tattoo 41

Boobs tattoo 42

Boobs tattoo 43

Boobs tattoo 44

Boobs tattoo 45

Boobs tattoo 46

Boobs tattoo 47

Boobs tattoo 48

Boobs tattoo 49

Boobs tattoo 50

Boobs tattoo 51

Boobs tattoo 52

Boobs tattoo 53

Boobs tattoo 54

Boobs tattoo 55

Boobs tattoo 56

Boobs tattoo 57

Boobs tattoo 58

Boobs tattoo 59

Boobs tattoo 60

Boobs tattoo 61

Boobs tattoo 62

Boobs tattoo 63

Boobs tattoo 64

Boobs tattoo 65

Boobs tattoo 66

Boobs tattoo 67

Boobs tattoo 68

Boobs tattoo 69

Boobs tattoo 70

Boobs tattoo 71

Boobs tattoo 72

Boobs tattoo 73

Boobs tattoo 74

Boobs tattoo 75

Boobs tattoo 76

Boobs tattoo 77

Boobs tattoo 78

Boobs tattoo 79

Boobs tattoo 80

Boobs tattoo 81

Boobs tattoo 82

Boobs tattoo 83

Boobs tattoo 84

Boobs tattoo 85

Boobs tattoo 86

Boobs tattoo 87

Boobs tattoo 88

Boobs tattoo 89

Boobs tattoo 90

Boobs tattoo 91

Boobs tattoo 92

Boobs tattoo 93

Boobs tattoo 94

Boobs tattoo 95

Boobs tattoo 96

Boobs tattoo 97

Boobs tattoo 98

Boobs tattoo 99

Boobs tattoo 100

Boobs tattoo 101

Boobs Tattoo on Arm

Cupcake Boob Tattoo

Devil Girl Boobs Tattoo

Flame Boobs Tattoo

Helmet Boobs Tattoo

Icecream Boobs Tattoo

Mexican Hat Boobs Tattoo

Moth Boobs Tattoo

Skull Boobs Tattoo

The Perfect Match!: Finding The Ideal Sidekick For Boob Tattoos

A boob tattoo can be very easy to obtain and is known for how compatible it is with the symbols of another. However, amongst all the other figures and tattoos available, there are very few that have what it takes to match the theme, and hues, and be the perfect match for boob tattoos!

In the first place lies floral designs. Since boob tattoos naturally contain feminine energy, patterns that heighten and highlight that aspect of theirs could be a good installment to consider. On top of being used to fill the empty portions of this tattoo, floral patterns tend to look visually appealing. Due to the number of available flowers that are as marvelous as the spider lily, taking such patterns into account will give you an array of tattoo options to choose from.

Another good match could be insects such as butterflies, moths, and bees. Due to their distinct exoskeleton, each option mentioned in the former portion can be a remarkable sidekick or even a good supporting member to a boob tattoo.

Since many boob tattoos often comprise portraiture tattoos, taking the potential of that genre into account could be the perfect move if you want a realistic design. For the character, you can take into account anime characters. However, make sure to obtain it in a private area if you go forward with this decision.

Two honorable mentions that could be the perfect teammates to boob tattoos are fruit tattoos and heart-shaped nipple tattoos. For the former suggestion, make sure to pick fruits that are curvy and petite like strawberries. Furthermore, for the latter, incorporate the heart tattoo into the groundwork of the boob tattoo.

Additionally, since a boob tattoo is rather flexible and comes in all shapes and sizes, if you do want to make a pun with your boob tattoo, incorporate it into a nipple tattoo!

Bottom Line

Since a boob tattoo focuses more on the visuals and contains no symbolism, it can be incorporated into a tattoo as the highlight, and can even be used as a filler tattoo. Almost all of them are adaptable to change and can be used to display multiple genres of tattoos. However, due to how explicit it is, this tattoo should only be worn by those that dare to pay no mind to the judgment of others.

On a separate note, if you found the feminine energy of boob tattoos delightful, don’t miss out on this issue of ours, which comprises a series of underboob tattoos that contain the same aura as boob tattoos.

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