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82 Uncommon Bluebonnet Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

For every tattoo enthusiast, flower tattoos are among the most well-liked and timeless trends. With different types of flowers, it contains varied meanings and viewpoints in addition to symbolizing beauty. One of the wonderful options for individuals looking for tattoos inspired by a variety of flowers is the Bluebonnet tattoo.

The majority of people believe that only women should have tattoos with floral designs. But in the present world, this is a totally false assumption. Anyone can have a flower tattoo, however I especially like Bluebonnet since it has a rich history and represents so many concepts, and it typically goes well with folks who have inspiring ideas.

Tattoo admirers are frequently confused, even when they have chosen their particular tattoo. For example, if they resemble their personality or whether the original meaning of the tattoo matches them or not. This is a typical misunderstanding for many clients, and the finest assistance you will receive is here with an experienced overview.

This article will help you to understand about the Bluebonnet tattoo with a real closer view including its meaning along with the history of how it came. We will also cover the designs and many other innovative ideas that will help you to have a closer look on your favorite Bluebonnet tattoo.

Interesting History and Various Meanings Of Bluebonnet Tattoo

Bluebonnet tattoo 1

Every tattoo is unique because of its distinct symbol and special significance. The Bluebonnet tattoo has an intriguing symbolism and a fascinating backstory. Though it appears simple and easy, an artist may individualize it by protecting and maintaining its true essence.

The Bluebonnet is a blue colored flower that grows widely in America, particularly in the state of Texas. Since 1901, it has been represented as Texas official flower icon. It is basically a wildflower that is generally seen in open fields or mountain ranges. The flower overwhelmingly represents nature’s splendor, vibrancy, progression, courage, devotion, and a variety of other attributes.

The tattoo’s vibrant meaning stems from its exceptional history. It is claimed that during the period of the Red Indians, there was a lengthy drought in Texas, and there was this Red Indian girl who sacrificed herself following their rituals for the purpose of rain. Miraculously the rain fell after the sacrifice, and the first flower that emerged following the shower was the Bluebonnet.

These fascinating details enhanced the tattoo’s distinctive characteristics, and many are captivated by how the Bluebonnet tattoo inspires people to think positively. A special tattoo not only beautifies your outer look but it has a special power to represent your inner soul.

So let’s not waste anymore time and get right to the fantastic, one-of-a-kind ideas and designs for our spectacular Bluebonnet tattoo.

Most Satisfying Bluebonnet Tattoo Ideas You’ll Ever Find

One of the common problems that a tattoo enthusiast faces is the perfect idea of getting it. Many people are confused with shapes, sizes and placement of the tattoo. To clear all this confusion regarding Bluebonnet tattoos,  this article is the perfect match for you.

Till now we are clear about the meaning and  backstory of the tattoo so it will be easier to compare your liking and it will surely help to think the client more easily regarding the tattoo. Though everything depends on the client, still we need a proper guideline to make it more perfect and easier.

So now, we have prepared nice and collective unique ideas for the Bluebonnet tattoo especially for you. Due to its explicit meaning the tattoo itself is unique and we have shown a lot of alternative ideas considering different categories of people.

Texas Bluebonnet Tattoo

Texas Bluebonnet tattoo

One of the signature and most used Bluebonnet tattoos is the Texas Bluebonnet. As the flower has a history with Texas and as it is the state flower currently, people around Texas usually prefer this design.

Along with the flower design, people usually add something exquisite and relevant to represent Texas. Thus adding up makes the design a little bit larger or longer. So it is better to have this particular design somewhere with enough space like shoulder, arms or even the thighs.

As it is blue in color, clients usually prefer colorful tattoos to keep it more raw and real. Usually people use cow head skeleton, american flag, a rose along with it to keep the vibe of Texas particularly.

Small Bluebonnet Tattoo

Small Bluebonnet tattoo

Main attraction of the Bluebonnet tattoo is the flower itself. So to represent it perfectly and properly, it will be a great idea to keep it small and precise.

Generally folks try to keep the raw feeling, so they try the tattoo to be colorful and mainly blue. Though females prefer this tattoo much more than any male, it will still look attractive if it is placed and designed properly. Best position for small Bluebonnet tattoos are the hands, fingers, wrists as they are more visible and look absolutely stunning.

Traditional Bluebonnet Tattoo

Traditional Bluebonnet tattoo

This particular design is the perfect match for Bluebonnet lovers as the original design of the flower is represented. It’s not only visually beautiful but also the raw feeling is properly observed. Folks who don’t want any complicated designs, simply choose a traditional Bluebonnet tattoo without any hesitation.

Traditional Bluebonnet tattoos are particularly colorful as it resembles the exact match of the Texas flower. The main beauty of the tattoo lies within the elegant blue color which symbolizes nature and liberty. People may use it in smaller sizes but the main beauty lies if it’s done according to the original size of the raw flower.

Simple Bluebonnet Tattoo

Simple Bluebonnet tattoo

Small Bluebonnet tattoos are almost identical with the simple design. This design is easy to get and less complicated. To keep it original, people use little green leaves along with the blue flower to keep it more real.

Neck, hands, arms these are the suitable positions to fit this design comfortably. Simply the design is the flower itself so it is better to ink somewhere where it is easily visible

Geometric Bluebonnet Tattoo

Geometric Bluebonnet tattoo

Artists always prefer the geometric shaped design as it is easier to make it precise. Though a geometric design for Bluebonnet is slightly more complicated than the simple designs.

As the flower design is vertical in shape, so similar vertical geometric shapes are suitable for the tattoo. I would highly recommend consulting with an expert tattoo artist before doing a geometric shaped Bluebonnet tattoo. A perfect geometric shaped tattoo can make it more attractive and visually appealing.

Feather Bluebonnet Tattoo

Feather Bluebonnet tattoo

Feather Bluebonnet tattoo is my personal favorite for its extreme beauty and designs. For an artist it’s very challenging but a perfect one looks amazing on your skin. Feather tattoo itself resembles freedom and peace. So the mix of Bluebonnet and feather is not only amazing to look at, meaningfully it completes your essence.

For accurate design, the tattoo should be larger in scale to complete the design successfully. Many patterns can be followed combining the flower with the feather. Colorful tones will look engaging and superb. Shoulders, arms, chests are the perfect spot for the feather Bluebonnet tattoo.

Black and White Bluebonnet Tattoo

Black and White Bluebonnet tattoo

Through the article I have been talking about the beauty of colorful Bluebonnet tattoos. But a black and white design is the most unique and aesthetic idea you can get. There are many people among us who would prefer black and white tones rather than a colorful one. It’s easy to do but the artist should be careful on details or else it would look like any other wildflower.

Black and white tattoos are classy and catchy as well. Many of us prefer our life in a monochrome, so people like them should try this design. Legs, shoulders, arms are comparatively suitable positions for this particular design.

Behind The Ear Bluebonnet Tattoo

Bluebonnet tattoo behind the ear

Last but not the least, let me introduce you with the most fascinating and charming design that is  behind the ear Bluebonnet tattoo. For its vertical shape, the tattoo swiftly fits in behind the ear holding its beauty. This design is top-notch trendy and I would really like to recommend this design specially for girls of young age as it is visually stunning and meaningfully fits perfectly for freedom and courage.

Comparatively people with brighter skin tone should try this design in colors as it will look dazzling. Shape of the design may vary and as it’s a very sensitive part and usually its painful particular in that area, so one must consider that also before the final decision.

More Bluebonnet Tattoo Designs You Can Try Without Hesitation

Best part of the Bluebonnet tattoo is that the design itself is beautiful. Though the basic design is simple it actually varies where you are putting it. Also an expert can suggest you wise decisions before you finally get inked. If you want to explore more designs to confirm firmly, you can checkout the following Bluebonnet tattoo designs which will surely help you to decide quickly.

Bluebonnet tattoo 2

Bluebonnet tattoo 3

Bluebonnet tattoo 4

Bluebonnet tattoo 5

Bluebonnet tattoo 6

Bluebonnet tattoo 7

Bluebonnet tattoo 8

Bluebonnet tattoo 9

Bluebonnet tattoo 10

Bluebonnet tattoo 11

Bluebonnet tattoo 12

Bluebonnet tattoo 13

Bluebonnet tattoo 14

Bluebonnet tattoo 15

Bluebonnet tattoo 16

Bluebonnet tattoo 17

Bluebonnet tattoo 18

Bluebonnet tattoo 19

Bluebonnet tattoo 20

Bluebonnet tattoo 21

Bluebonnet tattoo 22

Bluebonnet tattoo 23

Bluebonnet tattoo 24

Bluebonnet tattoo 25

Bluebonnet tattoo 26

Bluebonnet tattoo 27

Bluebonnet tattoo 28

Bluebonnet tattoo 29

Bluebonnet tattoo 30

Bluebonnet tattoo 31

Bluebonnet tattoo 32

Bluebonnet tattoo 33

Bluebonnet tattoo 34

Bluebonnet tattoo 35

Bluebonnet tattoo 36

Bluebonnet tattoo 37

Bluebonnet tattoo 38

Bluebonnet tattoo 39

Bluebonnet tattoo 40

Bluebonnet tattoo 41

Bluebonnet tattoo 42

Bluebonnet tattoo 43

Bluebonnet tattoo 44

Bluebonnet tattoo 45

Bluebonnet tattoo 46

Bluebonnet tattoo 47

Bluebonnet tattoo 48

Bluebonnet tattoo 49

Bluebonnet tattoo 50

Bluebonnet tattoo 51

Bluebonnet tattoo 52

Bluebonnet tattoo 53

Bluebonnet tattoo 54

Bluebonnet tattoo 55

Bluebonnet tattoo 56

Bluebonnet tattoo 57

Bluebonnet tattoo 58

Bluebonnet tattoo 59

Bluebonnet tattoo 60

Bluebonnet tattoo 61

Bluebonnet tattoo 62

Bluebonnet tattoo 63

Bluebonnet tattoo 64

Bluebonnet tattoo 65

Bluebonnet tattoo 66

Bluebonnet tattoo 67

Bluebonnet tattoo 68

Bluebonnet tattoo 69

Bluebonnet tattoo 70

Bluebonnet tattoo 71

Bluebonnet tattoo 72

Bluebonnet tattoo 73

Bluebonnet tattoo 74


Tattoo is a thing that will remain with you forever till you die. So to get a tattoo is a huge decision indeed. But the most important decision is about the type of tattoo and the purpose of it. Hopefully you all are clear regarding the Bluebonnet tattoo along with its meaning, symbol and also the varieties of design.

Bluebonnet tattoo not only represents beauty but its inner meaning made this tattoo more special and appealing. People all around the world are getting ideas regarding this and many people are trying different motives on this particular tattoo. Surely the article will help you to have a closer look on the tattoo and surely it will help you to decide more quickly and easily.

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