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100 Trending Black And White Tattoo Ideas To Look Fearsome

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are in the 1970’s. What do you see? You will see everything in black and white. Ask yourself. Is it better than the modern colorful world that we live in?

Your inner consciousness will scream that the black and white is the best. There’s just something pleasant about it. That’s why so many people are getting black and white tattoos.

Black and tattoos are back in the business for a long time now. With artists perfecting the white ink, there has been a revival in interest among tattoo enthusiasts.

The aesthetic of a black and white tattoo is something you can never beat. Just with these two colors you can portray so much emotion that it is quite unbelievable. So today, we have collected from every corner of the internet to give you the greatest black and tattoo ideas for you to try.


Debate Of The Century: Color or Black and White Tattoo?

There has been an ongoing debate among tattoo enthusiasts all around the world about which is the superior tattoo style. While the bright colors can’t be undermined but to be honest it doesn’t stand a chance against the classic black and white tattoo.

Your body is like a canvas. Adding an excessive amount of colors is like polluting it with rubbish. To make it a work of art, you only need two colors.

Many think that colored tattoos are way harder than the black and white ones. But it is actually the opposite. You need more creativity as well as a sense of style and composure to perfect a black and white tattoo. Considering all the things, we have to crown the black and white tattoo as the winner.

Close Encounters Of The Third Black and White Tattoo: Cryptic Designs To Blow Your Mind

There is no end to black and white tattoos. You can pretty much get a tattoo of anything at this point. But the main component of the tattoo has to be eye-catching and most importantly it needs to convey something.

Suppose, you got a black and white tattoo of a monotonous building. How boring would that look? So, for your sake, we have composed the best black and white tattoo designs to engrave on your body in 2023.

Black and White Sunflower Tattoo

Black and White Sunflower Tattoo 1


Black and White Sunflower Tattoo 2


Black and White Sunflower Tattoo 3


Our lives can be full of negativity at times. With the mundane life cycles, it is understandable that one can easily get burned out. So why not get a black and white sunflower tattoo?

This tattoo will bring optimism in your life and you see yourself smiling more often than ever. The soft yet aesthetic visuals that the tattoo possess bring us extreme positivity.

The tattoo also has a lot of flexibility. You can add a bunch of different elements like a book or some catchy one liners along with it. Make sure it does look like a sunflower at the end of the day. Otherwise it will completely beat that purpose.

Black and White Traditional Tattoo

Black and White Traditional Tattoo 1


Black and White Traditional Tattoo 2


Black and White Traditional Tattoo 3


Traditional tattoos make the best use of deep black colors with a lot of saturation and contrast. In the case of this kind of tattoo, the artists don’t really use external white ink. They use your skin as the white part of the tattoo.

The outline is the key for the traditional black and white tattoo. You have to strengthen outlines repeatedly otherwise the parts won’t highlight. With bold colors, the tattoo will seem like it’s a component of your own body.

You may be wondering what things can be made as a tattoo? Well, mainly you want to focus on everything that has some association with a culture or a tradition. A tribal mask or ancient flowers are excellent tattoos choices that you can get.

Black and White Hummingbird Tattoo

Black and White Hummingbird Tattoo 1

Black and White Hummingbird Tattoo 2


This native american ball of fun has to be the smallest bird in the world to exist. But sadly they are on the verge of extinction as the population seems to be declining. So why not keep one with you always? It may become your best friend?

The shape of the hummingbird has to be drawn using the accurate proportion. You may get a full body tattoo of it or a tiny one at the corner of your back. Either way, you have to make sure that the bird seems small, not gigantic.

As for the styles, you can try to make the fur look a bit more spiky. Experimenting with postures and expressions can go a long way into making something one of a kind.

Black and White Flower Tattoo

Black and White Flower Tattoo 1

Black and White Flower Tattoo 2


People always associate flowers with being feminine. While it’s true that it can be a delicate being, it doesn’t mean that it symbolizes only femininity. In truth, a flower is the sign of peace and prosperity.

When you truly love someone and think of someone to be the closest to your soul, you give them a flower. A flower holds a lot of emotion, so does a black and white flower tattoo.

One of the coolest looking tattoo ideas is to add spiky thorns in the flower to make it look badass. Also, rather than using a single flower you can use bouquets of flowers to express a different meaning.

Black and White Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Black and White Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Have you ever been to heaven? You may be wondering what kind of a ridiculous question that is. How can somebody go to heaven? Well, if you’ve ever seen a cherry blossom, then you have indeed been to heaven.

Seeing the cherry blossom feels like the flower has been filled with a pink velvety texture. Sometimes, it even feels like you are not worthy to witness a flower this beautiful.

All the philosophy aside, this is an excellent tattoo choice to get in black and white. You may not get the blazing colors but by using the black and white you can portray the juxtaposition between when the flower blossoms and when it doesn’t. That will give it an enormous depth.

Black and White Butterfly Tattoo

Black and White Butterfly Tattoo 1


Black and White Butterfly Tattoo 2

As rich as the color is, so are the different shapes of it. A butterfly looks like it was curved with utmost perfection. The wing along with the exterior body has picturesque geometry incorporated in them.

Butterfly tattoos are a great way to express oneself. It says that the owner is trying to free themselves. They want to fly into the sky or sit on a high tree. It  depicts that if someone wants something, they should do that. You only live once.

To portray the extravagant colors of the butterfly, you have to use the black color to the fullest. For drawing the shapes inside the wings or the body, using the white is preferable. Always remember a good black and white tattoo has an equal amount of use of the two colors.

Black and White Rose Tattoo

Black and White Rose Tattoo 1


Black and White Rose Tattoo 2


Are there any other flowers that represent sensuality and romanticism more accurately? Whenever you want to apologize or propose to someone, you give them roses. No matter how angry they were at you, seeing those vibrant roses will make them smile and melt for you.

With every beautiful entity comes a dark side. The dark side of roses are the thorns. While getting a black and white rose tattoo, make sure you include the thorns as it represents the entirety of what a rose resembles.

When you will have this tattoo, it will keep on reminding you to never keep your guard down. Even roses have thorns so who knows what people are carrying behind their back.

Black and White Sleeve Tattoo

Black and White Sleeve Tattoo 1


Black and White Sleeve Tattoo 2


Having a sleeve with nothing on it can be a bit boring. Why not fill it up with a phenomenal black and white tattoo?

Sleeve tattoos usually take up the entire room but that isn’t always mandatory. You can even take a little proportion and get a tattoo there.

The best thing about a black and white sleeve tattoo is that you can show it to anyone whenever you want. When you are going that far to get a tattoo, you ought to show it to the world instead of hiding it.

Black and White Cardinal Tattoo

Black and White Cardinal Tattoo


You can’t look away from a cardinal bird. This bird has one of the most distinguishable features among all the birds due its flamboyant red color.

Other than its exterior, the bird has a sharp beak. So, while drawing a black and white cardinal tattoo you have to keep these things in mind.

Artists usually use the white color as the background and paint the black over it. Before drying the tattoo, they dilute the colors using hands to cement the palette even further. The cardinal tattoo doesn’t have a strong dark scale. It’s best to give it a mellow look and only make the coat and beak fluorescent.

Black and White American Flag Tattoo

Black and White American Flag Tattoo 1


Black and White American Flag Tattoo 2


There is nothing more patriotic than getting an American flag tattoo. Even the patriotism aside, the American flag has to be among the most intricate and beautiful flags in the world.

The stripes along with the stars make up something that is truly aesthetic. The usual American flag contains blue, red and white colors. So, how can you depict the flag using only black and white?

Well, it’s all about the intensity. To make the parts distinguishable, you have to make the hues lighter for some cases and heavier for others. You can also include some american elements such as a cactus, or a truck or a Harley-Davidson bike.

Black and White Koi Fish Tattoo

Black and White Koi Fish Tattoo 1


Black and White Koi Fish Tattoo 2


Black and White Koi Fish Tattoo 3


Koi fish are elegant creatures that have been intertwined with Chinese and Japanese culture for centuries now. If you have the fortune of ever visiting a temple in japan, you will see these fishes peacefully swimming in little ponds which run under the temple.

In ancient and modern times, koi fish are thought to be a symbol of prosperity and resilience. People sometimes worship koi fish as they think that they bring good luck to them. So why not get a black and white koi fish tattoo on your own?

To accurately draw a koi fish tattoo, you need to illustrate its parts precisely. The gills, the fins, the little mustaches that float around when they swim has to be depicted when you are getting your tattoo.

Black and White Daisy Tattoo

Black and White Daisy Tattoo


Whether you are a woman or a man, the black and white daisy tattoo is perfect for you. Daisies are innocent little flowers which consist of several petals with a round black center.

This tattoo represents the child in us. When we were young, we used to be adorable without any hint of what lies ahead of us. As we grow older, we realize the harsh reality of life.

But every now and then everyone should bring out the child in them. They should enjoy life just like a daisy does when a breeze hits them. The black and white daisy tattoo will keep on reminding you that it’s sometimes good to put off the tough persona and be joyful just like a daisy.

Black and White Ladybug Tattoo

Black and White Ladybug Tattoo


Sometimes we misinterpret the wing of a ladybug as the shell like a tortoise. But if you see a ladybug while flying, you will know that it is in fact the wing.

The ladybugs have a mesmerizing color palette in its body with several black circles coming out from its back. The six tails along with two antennas make it quite a sophisticated tattoo to draw.

But the fun thing is that the size of a black and white ladybug tattoo isn’t enormous. That would defeat the purpose. So try to get one which is reminiscent of its natural size. Usually, the best place to get the tattoo is in your neck or your arm. It would feel as if a ladybug has just landed on you. It may be both frightening and cute.

Black and White Fox Tattoo

Black and White Fox Tattoo


Foxes are cunning, we all know that.  But one thing many don’t know is that in ancient Japanese culture, the fox was portrayed as a deity with a wide range of magical prowess.

Therefore, if you get a black and white fox tattoo, who knows it may protect you from all your enemies. There are a bunch of styles you can choose from. One of the most famous ones is the Kitsune or the nine tailed fox tattoo.

In nature, we see the fox in an orange and white color. Just turn the orange color into a deep or diluted black and voila. You got yourself a black and white fox tattoo.

Black and White Phoenix Tattoo

Black and White Phoenix Tattoo


In the Arabian desert, there was supposedly a bird which lived for centuries. When it was time for its death, it burned itself. Through the ashes, it resurrected again to embark on a new life cycle. That bird was none other than the phoenix.

This story inspires us to become like a phoenix. When you feel like you are drained with no interest to live, burn your old self and reborn as a completely new being with a brand new goal. You will definitely be successful this time.

For drawing the black and white phoenix tattoo, you need to make sure you are drawing the wings correctly. The feathers along with the face of the phoenix has to be in the right position.

Black and White Sugar Skull Tattoo

Black and White Sugar Skull Tattoo


Sometimes we just want to be another brick in the wall. Why not get a tattoo that sets us apart from everyone around us? If you have a mindset like this then the black and white sugar skull tattoo is just for you.

Artists don’t just use a skull to make this tattoo. They try to make the skulls trippy as possible. You can make the eye sockets filled with flower petals or even make insects crawl from it. Just imagine how psychedelic that would look.

Black and White Japanese Tattoo

Black and White Japanese Tattoo 1


Black and White Japanese Tattoo 2


Japanese culture and folklore comprises snakes, ninjas, samurais and magical entities. So, you can get a tattoo of any of these things mentioned.

One of the quintessential japanese styles is to incorporate some kind of kanji word in the tattoo. It gives a vintage vibe to the tattoo.

For drawing the elements, make sure you detail everything as much as possible. Suppose you are getting a snake tattoo. Then make sure you don’t leave any of the parts as it would completely ruin the fun of it. In this current generation where people are getting obsessed over Japanese manga and anime, you would look incredibly trendy with a black and white Japanese tattoo.

Black and White Realism Tattoo

Black and White Realism Tattoo


If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, why not get a realistic one that portrays exactly what you want? With minimalistic looking tattoos, it can often create confusion as people can misinterpret. But this doesn’t happen for the black and white realism tattoo.

For making the tattoo look realistic, you have to be a wizard at inking. Use the highest quality equipment as possible. Use dot lines and curves to precisely illustrate whatever material you are trying to draw. It may seem daunting but it’s definitely worth it.

Black and White Cat Tattoo

Black and White Cat Tattoo


If we look around us, we would at least see a cat lying somewhere or walking cautiously. There are a lot of ideas associated with them.

Black cats have always been thought to be auspicious. If you ever hurt or bring any kind of harm to it knowingly or unknowingly, then you have something terrible waiting for you. So, by getting this tattoo you will keep away all the troubles that are approaching you.

Cats are mostly depicted in black or white color from the very beginning. So, artists don’t have to incorporate a lot of creativity. Try to make eyes glowing with flare or make an unusual posture so that the tattoo stands out.

Black and White Dragon Tattoo

Black and White Dragon Tattoo 1


Black and White Dragon Tattoo 2


Dragons are mythical creatures who used to run terror among many countries with its sharp claws and melting fire. Its armor was thought to be as dense as steel and it was extremely intelligent as well. If you were thinking of fooling the dragon using mischief then soon you would meet a very unfortunate fate.

As it’s a mythical being, you have the freedom to be as whimsical as possible. Dragons are portrayed to be in a wide range of variety and style. So get the one which you love the most.

But make sure you get a black and white dragon tattoo, not something else. Sometimes while drawing the tattoo we tend to make the dragon look more like a lizard. How embarrassing that would be! Just imagine.

Black and White Tiger Tattoo

Black and White Tiger Tattoo


Imagine you are walking casually minding your own business. Suddenly out of nowhere a tiger jumps right in front of you. How would you feel? This is exactly the concept behind the black and white tiger tattoo. When someone sees the tattoo, they will feel terrified.

Tigers have long been a representative of masculinity. They are the symbol of power and strength. So if you want to showcase yourself to be powerful, get this tattoo as soon as possible.

Black and White Snake Tattoo

Black and White Snake Tattoo


Snakes are always mysterious. If you stumble onto them, you will never figure out what’s going on in their head. At times they can be as calm as a cucumber other times as aggressive as a jaguar.

The characteristic of a black and snake tattoo is obviously the spiral shape. Don’t forget to give some blobs of deep black in its body. Adding some shadows in each of the curves makes it look more realistic.

To make it look even more terrifying, you can include the sharp teeth of the snake. An amazing idea is to draw the snake in a way that it spears its jaw to the fullest for hunting something.

Black and White Rainbow Tattoo

Black and White Rainbow Tattoo


Although it has now been branded as a staple of the LGBTQ community, it still symbolizes something entirely different. A rainbow consists of seven different colors. Just like a rainbow, a person also has different moods and personalities at various stages of their lives.

The black and white rainbow tattoo tells us that each part of us is important. Even when we are sad or feeling remorseful, that’s something that plays an integral part of who we are. We always need to remember that.

Black and White Lily Tattoo

Black and White Lily Tattoo


Lilies come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them are yellow as the scorching sun while others are completely white. For any kind of flower tattoo, you have to focus on the stems and the petals to give them as many details as possible. You can bring other elements such as a bee or any other insect into the tattoo as well.

Black and White Wolf Tattoo

Black and White Wolf Tattoo


If we tell you to describe wolves in a single word what would that word be? The answer has to be fearless. These animals can withstand anything that comes in their way from harsh weather to animals bigger than their size.

When you have this tattoo on you, it would give an aura, a power to you to become as fearless as wolves. Then, even you can overcome all your fears.

Black and White Cherry Tattoo

Black and White Cherry Tattoo


We tend to forget one important thing while getting tattoos. Simple is always better. You don’t need to include everything you like in one tattoo. So, if you want something small and cute then the black and white cherry tattoo is just for you.

As obvious, artists have to replace the blazing red color with deep black. The saturation has to be somewhere in the middle. Addition of one liners or popular movie phrases isn’t going to hurt anyone.

Black and White Forget Me Not Tattoo

Black and White Forget Me Not Tattoo


Losing someone for eternity or for some brief time. Either way, it can hurt a lot. A black and white forget me not tattoo can surely soften the pain.

Whenever you will look at the dark textures and words of the tattoo, you will remember the good times you had with them. This way, they will always remain the closest to your hearts.

Black and White Space Tattoo

Black and White Space Tattoo


Till today, there are so many unanswered questions flocking around about space. Perhaps, it’s a puzzle that can never be solved.

For the black and white space tattoo, you can include a wide range of elements. The planets, the stars, the sun, the moon, the orbitals, anything you name it. If we make a list of things then this article will go on forever.

To depict the space, black and white is the best color as the universe is submerged in complete darkness. The different components are like little white blobs that move around. So to accurately represent space there isn’t’ a better kind of tattoo than the black and white space tattoo.

Black and White Dragonfly Tattoo

Black and White Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonflies have one of the most sophisticated designs found in nature. The most interesting part of it is its eyes. If you look closely, you will see that they have no retina. Rather they have several layers after layers of membranes. It’s as if it is a deep abyss underneath those eyes.

Also, the wings are completely transparent. So, you can understand illustrating the black and white dragonfly tattoo is going to be quite labor intensive. To make the wings appear transparent, you can use the black outline with the white color on the inside.

For the eyes, you have to give multiple touch ups and then dilute it to give it some depth.

Black and White Peacock Tattoo

Black and White Peacock Tattoo


Have you ever had the good fortune of watching a peacock? They are not very common in nature and can only be seen in zoos and conservation centers. These birds are one of the most majestic things you can witness. When they spread their features, it feels like an angel is spreading their wings.

Feathers are a crucial part of the black and white peacock tattoo. Using high quality ink, you can illustrate the features with spiral shapes. The beak and claws of peacocks are quite sharp so you need to make sure you draw it with great intensity.

Black and White Lotus Flower Tattoo

Black and White Lotus Flower Tattoo


One of the most impressive tattoos on our list is the black and white lotus flower tattoo. The petals are so geometrical to the point that they seem artificial.

An awesome style is to only use triangles, circles and trapezoids to draw the lotus flower rather than mixing the shapes. This gives it a vibe which is hard to describe with words.

Black and White Galaxy Tattoo

Black and White Galaxy Tattoo


The galaxy is limitless. So how are you going to fit it in your body? Well, you have to minimize the proportion of it. Duh.

You don’t need to put everything you see on the tatto. You can make an amazing black and white galaxy tattoo with just the minimum by drawing a couple of planets.

Give some spirals to make it seem like the planets are rotating and voila. You are done. Also, illustrate a couple of hands in the tattoo to portray that someone is pulling the strings behind.

Black and White Owl Tattoo

Black and White Owl Tattoo


Owls sleep all day and only stay awake at night . For most of us, this has become our regular routine. That’s why we are called night owls. So why not get a black and owl tattoo to keep us reminding of our sleep habits?

The best place to get the owl tattoo is in your arm or thigh. This way, you will be able to see the tattoo every now and then.

Black and White Bee Tattoo

Black and White Bee Tattoo


Bees are extremely social creatures who work with other bees to construct structures that sometimes seem impossible. A black and white bee tattoo will help us understand that staying and working together will help us get to our goals much faster.

You can’t illustrate a bee without a stinger. So, make a mean looking stinger in the tattoo. Add some natural elements such as flowers, trees or maybe a beehive next to it to give it an aesthetic look.

Black and White Watercolor Tattoo

Black and White Watercolor Tattoo


As the name suggests, watercolors are just like water which will keep on flowing until it’s completely drained out. Some artists consider this to be a problem but that’s what sets it apart from other paints.

This freedom and lack of boundary gives the tattoo a whimsical look. Although watercolors traditionally consisted of bright colors, now there are quite a few black and white colors to make a dope tattoo.

Black and White Lion Tattoo

Black and White Lion Tattoo


Lions are the king of the jungle as so is the tattoo of it. It portrays braveness and being above everyone else. If you get the black and white lion tattoo, you will feel like you are different from everyone around you. It will motivate you to push further and further.

To get a perfect lion tattoo, you need to make sure that the lion’s aggression is portrayed beautifully. Make the lion roar or give it a menacing look as if it’s hunting down its prey.

Black and White Daffodil Tattoo

Black and White Daffodil Tattoo


Floral designs have always been a staple of the modern tattoo industry. There is just something about the minimalistic approach that draws the attention of whoever lays eyes on it.

Daffodils are serene blooms that gently sway up and down with the wind. The simple look of this flower has an aesthetic vibe to it. Although it’s simple, beneath its petals, there are many more layers which hide a secret meaning. To illustrate a daffodil tattoo, artists have to carefully draw the outlines of it to make sure it resembles the daffodil, not any other flower.

Black and White Orchid Tattoo

Black and White Orchid Tattoo


When you have the black and white orchid tattoo in your body, it showcases your extravagance and boldness. Not everyone has the courage to wear a floral tattoo, especially men. Many people think that it is feminine to get a tattoo with a flower. But that’s far from the truth.

The reality is that floral tattoos are now in vogue. The black and white orchid tattoo will look so grand in your body that everyone will get intrigued by it.

To illustrate this colorful flower to the fullest, you need to draw each and every part of it with utmost care. Even the leaves of the orchids have complex parallel veins to it. So make sure you include multiple sessions and touch ups to make it a work of art.

Black and White Iris Tattoo

Black and White Iris Tattoo


Is your birthday in the month of february? If so, then it’s a must to get the black and white iris tattoo. The iris flower has been considered by many to be the flower of february. In Greek culture, people used to associate this flower with the goddess of the rainbow. Many individuals of LGBTQ community love this flower as it conveys their emotions.

The tattoo of the iris flower can be of many styles and sizes. The best place for getting this tattoo has to be on the arm where you can always see it. The flower has quite a sophisticated design with dots and spheres all throughout it. So, you can either include them or take a minimalist route by just drawing the outline with a deep black color.

Black and White Hibiscus Tattoo

Black and White Hibiscus Tattoo


Have you ever looked at the Hibiscus flower closely? It’s as if  a mysterious entity is poking out of the abyss and looking you in the eye. The flower is usually quite vibrant in nature.

Therefore, you can obviously guess that to convey the same color using only the black and white can be daunting. But that’s the beauty of the black and white hibiscus tattoo. Rather than using colors, you will use different shapes and patterns to convey the same message as the colors do.

Black and White Ocean Tattoo

Black and White Ocean Tattoo


Still to this date, we couldn’t decipher how much exactly lies beneath the oceans? Yeah, we all know that there are fishes, deadly predators, corals and even mysterious beings. But still there is so much more to explore. There are countless conspiracy theories running rampant relating to the ocean.

That’s why people are so intrigued to get the black and white ocean tattoo. Ocean can be unpredictable. At one moment the water is completely still without a single disruption and in the next it erupts like a volcano. To make a picturesque tattoo, you have to portray the nature of the water. A good technique is to draw the water using spherical shapes and give some curved lines to illustrate the waves.

Black and White Mermaid Tattoo

Black and White Mermaid Tattoo


In ancient folklore, it was believed that the mermaid was as beautiful as it was deadly. People used to pray to these creatures because of their majestic attire. Some even went as far to say that the tears of mermaids give eternity.

So, there was always buzz surrounding mermaids. Even now sometimes we see in the news that there is a mermaid spotted somewhere in the world.

Although all of this news is just tabloid bullshit, you can still get a mesmerizing black and white mermaid tattoo on your body. No matter what style you choose, just make sure you make the tail of the mermaid as amazing as possible. Give it a gentle wave or make the mermaid appear in a voluptuous posture.

Black and White Joker Tattoo

Black and White Joker Tattoo


Typical villains have the same old goal of taking over the world and killing millions of people. But not the joker. The Batman’s arch enemy’s character depth has even been studied by scholars to get a glimpse of what goes on this clown’s mind.

No matter what, it is sufficient to say that the Joker is one of the most iconic characters in pop culture. Therefore, there has always been a frenzy to get the joker engraved in one’s body.

Black and white is the perfect color to illustrate the joker. At times, he seems as villainous as one could be while at other times we can relate with his conditions and sufferings. So, there definitely are two different aspects, just like the black and white color.

Black and White Peony Tattoo

Black and White Peony Tattoo


Peony tattoos have always been intertwined with Japanese culture. If you look at the flower carefully, it resembles a samurai. Rather than looking meanincing, it gives a sense of fragility and beauty.

The tattoo has been believed by many to reward its wearer with great propensity and success. It conveys that no matter how tough the struggle is, at the end of the day you will shine bright like a peony.

For the black and white peony tattoo, the outline is the most important. You should use a deep black color with high saturation to make the flower pop out. To give it a realistic look, add small details like littles spikes around the flower using the white.

Black and White Moth Tattoo

Black and White Moth Tattoo


Although moths are peaceful creatures who like to keep to themselves pretty much, they can be a nuisance in many households. No one likes moths flying around the house. It’s as terrifying as it is disgusting. But if we look back in history, there was a time when these winged creatures were considered to be an omen of good luck.

In the modern tattoo industry, artists use moths in a variety of tattoo styles. One of the most natural attributes of the moth is their deep attention to light. Artists portray this trait of the moth to convey that sometimes we work for something we desire but not always it will be good for us.

The design of the black and white moth tattoo can be quite intricate. Two gigantic wings have a plethora of shapes including circles, curved lines and some mixture of triangles here and there. You have to keep the geometry and the proportion intact to make it look convincing.

Black and White Eagle Tattoo

Black and White Eagle Tattoo


Imagine you are looking at the sky. You are contemplating life. You see a tiny bird roaming around you. Within minutes, an eagle comes out of nowhere and grabs hold of the bird and flies away. How thrilling is that.

Eagles have always been fierce predators with wings as menacing as the hurricane. Its unmatched speed and hunting ability makes it a force to be reckoned with. That’s why Americans adore this bird and make it a symbol of patriotism. If you want to showcase your love for your country then what better way is there other than getting a black and white eagle tattoo?

Black and White Lighthouse Tattoo

Black and White Lighthouse Tattoo


For voyagers, a lighthouse is a lifesaver. In the midst of rough seas, dangerous waves and a probability of a hurricane at any moment, most ships can get lost. Even with the compass, it can be difficult to get any direction. The lighthouse gives all the ships a guide to where to go. The small beam of light that comes off the lighthouse is like a ray of hope.

The black and white color perfectly captures the hidden meaning of the lighthouse. Lighthouse itself doesn’t have too much color going on. So, tattoo artists don’t really have the need to incorporate anything other than the black and white.

You can include some words or dedicate the tattoo in the name of someone. But the lighthouse itself conveys a thousand words. So what’s the need?

Black and White Mushroom Tattoo

Black and White Mushroom Tattoo


Mushrooms are little balls of fun that grow all around us. The visulas alone give them such a joyful look that it makes us smile.

One of the biggest complaints of black and white tattoos is that it always seems quite bland and  too serious. But that is not the case for black and white mushroom tattoos. When the cuteness of the mushroom and the seriousness of the black and white color combine, it genuinely makes for a bizarre yet aesthetic tattoo.

Black and White Unicorn Tattoo

Black and White Unicorn Tattoo


Imagine, one day you are sitting beneath a tree. You are looking at the tranquil scenery in front you when all of a sudden, a unicorn comes in front of you. How would you feel?

Sadly, this won’t happen in real life. But you can surely get a tattoo of this mystical one winged horse. A horse is pretty lively with immense strength and power. So you have to meticulously portray the strength by making the muscles more lean.

Make sure you keep the posture straight. Many artists mess up while drawing the legs of the unicorn, so be careful. You want your tattoo to have the appearance of a unicorn that is about to take a flight.

Black and White Flame Tattoo

Black and White Flame Tattoo


You may be wondering exactly how on earth can someone illustrate a black and white flame tattoo? Well, you may forget that beneath the blazing red color of the fire, a black core lies.

Without the black color, the fire wouldn’t mean anything. So, using the black with some tinges of white here and there can make a badass flame tattoo. The best place to get the black and white flame tattoo is on the arm or the neck. It would seem like your arm is on fire.

Black and White Cactus Tattoo

Black and White Cactus Tattoo


If you have the good or maybe bad fortune to walk in the desert, you know just how harsh the condition can get. The unbearably hot temperature along with absolutely no sign of water makes the desert a hell hole for many wanderers.

But amongst all the dire conditions, one thing stands tall. That is none other than the cactus. So when you get the tattoo, you will also learn how to survive the toughest situation and battle the most unfavorable fights. The tattoo will teach you to keep on living.

Embark On A Voyage With An Expert To Perfect Your Black And White Tattoo

Getting an black and white tattoo can seem quite intimidating at first. To be honest, it can be a long process involving multiple touch ups and sessions.

But at the end of the day, the outcome is going to give you immense joy. So, to make you feel better, here is a video which showcases the entire procedure in incredible detail. Give it a look. This will definitely open a wide range of ideas in your mind.


We have already covered pretty much everything there is to talk about black and white tattoos. In case you need something else, here are some burning questions along with their answers to quench your thirst for tattoo related knowledge. Go crazy over it.

Q: Do Black And White Color Tattoos last longer?

Ans: Black and white tattoos last far longer than colored tattoos. In case of colored tattoos, you need to give a couple of extra touch ups and even then there is a chance of fading. But this doesn’t occur for black and white tattoos. The tattoo will stay with me forever.

Q: Is Black And White Tattoo safe?

Ans: After getting most tattoos, the place starts to itch a lot and creates an uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes you need to consult a doctor for relief. But most black and white inks come from a safe substance known as carbon black.

These substances don’t have any sort of irritants and don’t cause sensitivity issues in your skin.

Q: Does Black And White Tattoo Ink Expire?

Ans: These kinds of tattoos have an astounding shelf life of 2 years. So, you don’t have to worry about its expiration date. To further assure yourself, check the date behind the container.


Black and white color represents two core fundamentals of our life which are positivity and negativity. Black is always thought to be evil and has a pessimistic depth to it. On the other hand, white is the symbol of optimism and love.

Both of these two colors make up for a deadly combination as a tattoo. So rather than covering your body with a variety of colors, keep it simple. The black and white tattoo will give an aesthetic that is hard to come by.

As time goes by, the tattoo will start to feel that it is a part of you. You will gain inspiration, power and even knowledge from it.

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