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75 Artistic Biomechanical Tattoo Ideas To Look Creative

Biomechanical Tattoos are a unique genre of tattoos blending the human anatomy with technology. This type of tattoo originated during the 1970’s when science fiction movies and books were at the peak. People were obsessed over robots and machines. This obsession propelled them in getting biomechanical tattoos.

We have all seen the Terminator when we were young. The moment Arnold Shchwarznegger hopped onto his bike with a rifle, we just instantly became hooked with the whole concept of bio machines.

In recent times, artists have been trying to incorporate human parts such as the skull and bones mixing with technological components including gears and bolts to make something otherworldly.

Because of the nostalgia and the incredibly badass look of it, biomechanical tattoos have quickly become one of the most sought after tattoos in the industry. Today, we are going to explore everything there is to know about biomechanical tattoos. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

50 Shades Of Biomechanical Tattoos: The Unspoken  Meaning Behind Them

Biomechanical tattoo meaning


Biomechanical tattoos depict two opposite concepts. Biology is the study of living organisms while mechanical engineering is the study of machines. So one can be symbolized as life while the other is something artificial. These two completely polar opposite ideas representing a single entity can be described as a Yin Yang symbol.

This symbolizes how intertwined we have become with technology. It seems as if passing a single day without it is impossible. The scariest part is that it’s slowly engulfing us to the point where we have become a slave to them. Biomechanical tattoos depict this scary reality that is very apparent but we tend to ignore it.

Stylish Biomechanical Tattoo Designs To Look Stylish

Biomechanical tattoo designs are endless. You will be astonished to observe just how much human beings creativity can portray in a single tattoo.

One of the key aspects of biomechanical tattoo is to go big or go home. You have to make the tattoo as grand as possible because this is the only style where minimalistic tattoo designs don’t work. So, we have handpicked some of the most aesthetic tattoo designs that will look mesmerizing in your body canvas.

Biomechanical Sleeve Tattoo

Biomechanical Sleeve Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Sleeve Tattoo 2


Biomechanical Sleeve Tattoo 3


Sleeve tattoos are always a good choice because they have the perfect amount of space. Any other place in your body either is too big or too small.

A cool tattoo idea is to illustrate a skull combined with a machine gun. Try to use a monochromatic color scheme as making skulls and guns colorful will make the tattoo look quite childish. You want your tattoo to exude masculine energy. So use a deep black color and highlight each proportion of the tattoo with extreme care.

Biomechanical Hand Tattoo

Biomechanical Hand Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Hand Tattoo 2


In the current medical industry, anything is possible. Sometimes in deadly accidents, many people lose their hands. Their sorrows know no bounds. But now with the state of art technology a prosthetic hand can be used which functions just like the biological hand.

Although the story behind it is sorrowful, the appearance of a prosthetic hand is deadly. When you get the tattoo, you will look like the cyborg from DC comics. How cool is that!

Biomechanical Skull Tattoo

Biomechanical Skull Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Skull Tattoo 2


Skulls are always a good choice because there is just something quite unnerving about it. In ancient culture, tribal people used to get skull tattoos to strike fear into the hearts of their enemy.

Now imagine if you make the skull using gears and chemicals. Your enemies will tremble when they see the tattoo. To portray that robotic vibe, make sure you illustrate the tattoo in various compartments. This will make the skull look more like a mask than an actual body part.

Biomechanical Shoulder Tattoo

Biomechanical Shoulder Tattoo


Shoulders have a natural aptitude which makes it easy to draw any kind of realistic tattoo. You also have a lot of space to work with which is always a huge advantage.

Getting an idea for a biomechanical tattoo is the hardest thing. A good approach is to follow the media. There are countless books and movies about them. Pick anything that suits you and you are good to go.

Biomechanical Heart Tattoo

Biomechanical Heart Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Heart Tattoo 2


Biomechanical Heart Tattoo 3


Do you know what differentiates between a human and a robot? A human being has a functional heart which consists of arteries and veins while a robot has bolts and wires.

So it’s only fair to get a tattoo of the heart which will depict the main difference between these two entities. Try to illustrate a heart then attach some wires into it. This will make it look like the heart is not functioning normally. A electrical current is what giving it the juice to run

Biomechanical Arm Tattoo



Biomechanical Arm Tattoo 2


If you’ve been hitting the gym then arm tattoos are just for you. Whenever you will showcase your muscles, the very first thing people will notice about you is your biomechanical tattoo.

That’s why it’s best to use a lot of colors in it to make it look distracting. Try not to make it too whimsical as you want to keep the realism in the tattoo. There is nothing weirder than a biomechanical tattoo that seems like it has come from a fairy tale.

Biomechanical Neck Tattoo

Biomechanical Neck Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Neck Tattoo 2


Have you ever been to a dance show? If you have then you will see that there is a dance style known as robotic. In this style, the dancer seems to have a numb neck that they can’t move. So they just flap their arms and legs while keeping their neck in the same place giving an artificial vibe.

The biomechanical neck tattoo originated from this idea. It is believed that the movement of the neck is what makes humans seem human. So when you will get a tattoo there it would look like you are celebrating your humanity and maybe others will join you as well.

Biomechanical Gear Tattoo

Biomechanical Gear Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Gear Tattoo 2


Ever wondered how you can move your body parts so smoothly? If you don’t, let us give you a biology lesson. So there are round sockets which are called ligaments that connect the two bones of your body.

These ligaments have the ability to rotate therefore you can rotate your arms and legs as well. But for a robot, this can’t be done. So there are tiny little zigzag shaped components known as gear that hold and strengthen each part of the robot. Because of its unique exterior, people have been obsessed over it.

Biomechanical Leg Tattoo

Biomechanical Leg Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Leg Tattoo 2

If you are an avid football fan then this tattoo might just be for you. Sometimes even when you try your hardest you can’t seem to generate much strength in your leg muscles.

But when you have this tattoo, your muscles will gain a strength that you have never experienced before. The tattoo will make you feel confident and when you kick the football, it will go so fast that your eyes can’t even comprehend what just happened.

Biomechanical Chest Tattoo

Biomechanical Chest Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Chest Tattoo 2


Your chest has the most sensitive skin. Sometimes while inking a tattoo there, people devastate the outer layer and it can never be repaired again.

You might have noticed that we used the word repair here. Well, the machines and humans may seem far different from each other but the general morphological traits are quite the same. So the terms can be used interchangeably.

If you are thinking of getting a chest tattoo then make sure not to ink too deep otherwise it will scar you for life. A tattoo is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, not a hurtful one.

Biomechanical Forearm Tattoo

Biomechanical Forearm Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Forearm Tattoo 2


Your forearm gives the artist an abundance of opportunities to showcase their creativity. They can illustrate any kind of mechanical tattoo and it will look amazing.

So the main concept of this kind of tattoo is the mixture of life and technology. Therefore try to use both natural lines as well as geometric shapes to portray both of these concepts. Dilute the colors so that the tattoo has that glowy effect. This will make the tattoo far more interesting.

Biomechanical Back Tattoo

Biomechanical Back Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Back Tattoo 2



Your back is like a desert that has no trace of life anywhere. It’s just a barren empty land that looks bland as hell. So why not decorate it a bit by incorporating a biomechanical tattoo there?

As you might’ve guessed there is a lot of space in your back. So choose a tattoo style that is both gigantic and grand. It must cover the entire backside otherwise it would look quite empty. A good tattoo idea is to draw some sort of robotic animal like a wolf or a lion. Floral patterns also make an amazing biomechanical tattoo. So give it a thought.

Biomechanical Bird Tattoo

Biomechanical Bird Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Bird Tattoo 2


Did you read the news where some reporter claimed that evil governments use artificial birds that have lenses attached to their eyes to monitor the public?

Although this may sound outrageous, this is the concept that has propelled many directors to use this idea in their movies. It also has translated into the tattoo realm. To make a bird look robotic, the color choice is important. Anything that is close to gray or black is perfect.

Biomechanical Clock Tattoo

Biomechanical Clock Tattoo


Whenever we look at the clock, we feel a sense of voidness. As if our times are slowly ticking down. Soon there will be an armageddon that will wipe the entire human kind.

There is a thought that is much scarier than this. What if the robots take over the world and make us their slaves? All these scary things originate in our minds when we look at the clock for too long. That’s why people want to get this tattoo to keep warning them about the disturbed future that awaits us.

Biomechanical Calf Tattoo

Biomechanical Calf Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Calf Tattoo 2


Technology has gone so far that if someone puts a mechanical and a natural calf in front of you, you won’t be able to differentiate which is which. The mechanical calf looks so identical to the natural one to the point it’s scary. From the skins to the bones, everything matches.

They may look like a calf but underneath that surface lies only bolts, gears and wires. This picture can be depicted in a tattoo. Try to draw the tattoo in a complete black color to make it look more deadly.

Biomechanical Dragon Tattoo

Biomechanical Dragon Tattoo 1


Biomechanical Dragon Tattoo 2


Just the other day, a Godzilla movie was released. In this movie, both godzilla and kong fought a dragon that was made by human beings. The robotic dragon had so many abilities that even two of the giants had immense trouble defeating it.

So when you get the biomechanical dragon tattoo, you will also be capable of destroying all the obstacles that come your way. The rule of thumb for this tattoo is the wings. Try to stretch the wings as far as possible to make it look like the dragon is flying in your skin.

Biomechanical Knee Tattoo

Biomechanical Knee Tattoo


Theatricality is one of the most important reasons why people get a mechanical tattoo. The complex patterns along with the dense colors make your flesh look like it has descended from another world.

Your knee adds more theatricality to it. The knee is in such a place that it sometimes plays hide and seek with us. So when you will get this tattoo, it will be magical. Whenever you stretch your legs, the tattoo will be bigger and if you close your legs, the tattoo will shrink.

Biomechanical Head Tattoo

Biomechanical Head Tattoo


Nowadays technology has come so far that even the heads of robots look quite similar to us. There is a biorobot which operates through artificial intelligence whose name is Sophia. Sophia looks just like any other human being. Except it has a couple of tin foils and copper wires branching out.

So to make the human head look mechanical that’s exactly what you have to do. Illustrate the head as it is then incorporate a bunch of robotic elements such gears, wires and other instruments in the mix to give a psychedelic vibe.

Biomechanical Rose Tattoo

Biomechanical Rose Tattoo

Floral patterns have been a staple in the tattoo world for a decade now. People drool over rose tattoos especially because of their unique characteristics.

An phenomenal idea is to make the petals of the rose look mechanical while leaving the center as it is. Don’t use the blazing red color that rose possesses naturally. Rather use a gray white color that will portray the artificialness accurately. The tattoo will look as if small nanomachines have taken over the rose and are making it do their bidding.

Biomechanical Thigh Tattoo

Biomechanical Thigh Tattoo


Your thighs are quite bulky compared to the other parts of your body. Therefore it’s perfect to draw a mechanical tattoo. The best thing about it is that whenever you move, your thighs move as well.

So if you get a tattoo there, it will look like it’s moving up and down. It will be just like a magic show. How amazing is that!

Biomechanical Cover Up Tattoo

Biomechanical Cover Up Tattoo


Your tattoo stays with you forever. So you always have to carefully select the tattoo choice. But sometimes we rush things. We are so excited that we don’t really give it any thought. The end result is something that we forever regret.

But it’s still reversible. You can get a biomechanical cover up tattoo to hide all the traces of your previous tattoo. These kinds of tattoos are quite dark making it an excellent choice for a coverup tattoo.

Biomechanical Fish Tattoo

Biomechanical Fish Tattoo


Fish tattoos are quite straightforward to make it look mechanical. The bones that give the fish its structure already look kinda robotic to be honest.

An amazing idea is to incorporate some bolts and wires in each of the bones of the fish. You can also draw a nuclear missile attached to the back of the fish to make it look like it’s swimming at a lightning fast speed in your skin.

Biomechanical Bicep Tattoo

Biomechanical Bicep Tattoo


This is another tattoo on your list for the gym lovers out there. If you love to show your skin then this tattoo is the right one for you.

When you get the biomechanical tattoo on your bicep, your muscles will look far more impressive than before. The best part is that whenever you flex your biceps, the tattoo will get stretched out making it look far bigger. This kind of theatricality is what people strive for.

Peeking Into The Psyche Of A Professional Tattoo Artist

The best way to learn about something new is by following the footsteps of someone who is an expert in it. That’s why we have selected a video of a professional artist illustrating a biomechanical tattoo from scratch. This will surely give you inspiration and ideas to continue your journey in this path.


Biomechanical tattoos are a bit of a convoluted topic that many don’t get their head wrapped around it. Sure, there is a lot of information laying around but you need someone to spoon feed it to you. That’s why here are some simple questions with brief answers that will make you understand the core concept of biomechanical tattoos.

Q: Which Is The Best Place For A Biomechanical Tattoo?

Ans: The place to get a biomechanical tattoo is undoubtedly the arm. The arm has a long association with machines. Now with modern medical technology, prosthetic arms are seen more than ever.

Q: Are Biomechanical Tattoos Evil?

Ans: Well, they look a bit bizarre and uncanny. But they are far from evil. It’s just a unique style of tattooing that is intended to look frightening. It depicts the horrifying reality that we tend to disregard. But it doesn’t have any kind of devilish meaning hidden inside of it.

Q: Who Invented The Biomechanical Tattoo?

Ans: H.R. Giger is widely considered to be the father of biomechanical tattoos. He used his unique airbrushing technique to blend human anatomy to machine parts. Rather than using whimsical colors, his trademark was to use monochromatic color schemes to portray the intensity.


Think about your daily routine for some time. You wake up in the morning and travel by vehicle. Then you sit in your office to stare at an empty screen for long hours. You communicate with other people using social media websites. You relax yourselves by the melodious tunes uttering from the phone.

Although technology has made our life much more convenient, we are gradually becoming more and more dependent on it.

Soon, there will be a time when we won’t be able to move our legs or arms without the help of a machine. Biomechanical tattoos depict this inevitable future. That’s why they are so tempting to look at because we all know that this horrific scenario is heading towards us.

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