100 Bold Inner Bicep Tattoo Designs For Men To Redefine Masculinity

Since their conception tattoos have served the purpose of self-expression and providing a way to connect to each other. And for men who want to express their personality through a tattoo, one of the best ways to do so is the bicep tattoo.

The bicep tattoo has become very popular among men as it can be a way to show off their muscles and at the same time show off a piece of art that shows their personality. Another reason for this popularity is that the bicep is a unique position that can be easily shown or concealed depending on the wearer.

The tattoo can include different elements from simple to abstract or can include designs small and big. The options are endless for this tattoo. But men often choose to do bigger tattoos in only black and white colors.

Still, there are a lot of designs for this tattoo online. So if you are looking to get a bicep tattoo for yourself, we’ll save you the hassle of going through hundreds of pages on the internet with our cherry-picked list of designs for bicep tattoos for men.

Let’s get right into it then.

 Bicep Tattoo: Meaning And Symbolism

Bicep Tattoo Meaning


The bicep tattoo has been associated with different meanings over its usage history by tattoo enthusiasts. Just because of the physical location of the tattoo, the bicep tattoo represents strength and power. The tattoo also represents masculine energy, determination, and resilience.

But other than the physical location of the tattoo, the tattoo can also reflect the meanings of the designs done on the tattoo. For example, the tribal tattoo done on the bicep can be representative of the cultural identity of the wearer.

The tattoo can also have personal meanings depending on the design you choose and your preferences. For example, you can get the tattoo done to commemorate a special event or person by showing the event or person’s name on the bicep.

You can also get the tattoo just for its aesthetic purposes because certain bicep tattoos can be very aesthetically pleasing.

 Bicep Tattoo Ideas To Show Your Strength

The bicep tattoo can be done to either show one’s identity, masculinity, or even as a simple way of self-expression. The bicep tattoo and especially bicep tattoos for men often feature bold and striking designs containing only a bold black color scheme.

But, the tattoo can be done in different colors, styles, or even in very small sizes. So, if you were to look through the internet, you’d find a ton of designs for the bicep tattoo, and similarly bicep tattoo ideas for men.

To save you from all the hassle of going through the internet, we’ve gathered some of the most amazing bicep tattoo designs for men in this article. We hope you’ll find your preferred bicep tattoo designs from this list. Or if you want to get creative, just mix and match some designs to make your own.

Outer Bicep Tattoo

Outer Bicep Tattoo


The outer bicep tattoo is perhaps the most popular placement for the bicep tattoo. This tattoo can feature any element on the outer side of the bicep. As there is an option to extend the tattoo to other areas like the shoulder, hand, chest, or back, the tattoo is a very versatile one.

The outer bicep tattoo also represents the meanings that the bicep tattoo does. As the outer bicep is prominently shown when the muscle is flexed, the prime meaning of this tattoo would be the show of strength. And the tattoo will also represent the meaning implied by the tattoo design itself.

Again, as the tattoo is versatile and extendable, there is unlimited customization potential for this tattoo. You can get the tattoo in many colors, shapes, and sizes. You can even do the tattoo covering the partial outer bicep, or cover the bicep completely.

Front Bicep Tattoo

Front Bicep Tattoo


The front bicep tattoo is done on the inner side of the bicep which is a prominent muscle in the upper body. So when the muscle is flexed, the tattoo will also be visibly prominent. If you are a muscular guy rocking a short-sleeved t-shirt, then this tattoo would be the perfect way to show your muscle.

The outer bicep tattoo represents strength and resilience. But this tattoo also represents your confidence and shows that you are not afraid to show your tattoo to the world. The tattoo compliments your physique and strength by following the natural curves of the bicep.

Although you’ll not see as many designs for the inner bicep tattoo as you would for the outer bicep, there are still a lot of iterations of this design. The front bicep tattoo can be customized with your desired element and color. You can even create a wrap-around design covering the entire front and outer bicep.

Bicep Band Tattoo

Bicep Band Tattoo


This is a very beautiful and catchy tattoo that is ever-popular among men. This tattoo features a tattoo band wrapping around the entire bicep. You can do the band in different styles including tribal designs, or mandalas to make it pop.

The tattoo represents unity and protection. But it can also represent the meaning that the elements of the band provide. You can customize the tattoo by either going for a simple band or a broader band. This tattoo is mostly done in monochrome.

Cross Bicep Tattoo

Cross Bicep Tattoo


If you want to show your devotion to your religion, this is a great place to do so. As the tattoo is visible, you can do a big cross tattoo design on the bicep. This tattoo represents that you are not afraid to show off your devotion to your religion and spirituality.

The cross tattoo can feature a cross in different styles. You can choose an old English cross, a Celtic cross, or even a three-cross design. The tattoo can be done in color. But the most popular designs featuring the cross are done in black and white.

Bicep Sleeve Tattoo

Bicep Sleeve Tattoo


If you are looking for a sleeve tattoo that compliments your physique, the bicep sleeve tattoo can be a good choice. This tattoo can feature different elements covering the entire bicep and arm. This is one of the bigger tattoos that can incorporate a lot of elements.

Small Bicep Tattoo

Small Bicep Tattoo


The small bicep tattoo is a minimal and unorthodox design for your bicep. This tattoo features any small element and often features just the outline of the element. You can also add multiple elements to cover the entire arm, or just a portion of the arm with one single tattoo.

This tattoo can be done in color, or in black. But if you are looking for just a simple outline tattoo to keep the minimal aesthetic, the black color suits the tattoo best. But the choice is always yours.

Cool Bicep Tattoo

Cool Bicep Tattoo


If you are looking for a modern design to showcase on your bicep, this is the perfect choice. This tattoo can feature any element featuring a cool design choice. The tattoo is often colorful, but you can always get the tattoo in black.

Bicep Tribal Tattoo

Bicep Tribal Tattoo 1


Bicep Tribal Tattoo 2


As the bicep has a big workspace, this is a great way to show your love for your cultural heritage. This tattoo is done with different tribal patterns unique to your culture. You can get the tattoo with other elements from your culture to complement the tribal pattern.

The tattoo represents your love for your culture and history. There are many customization options if you want to add other elements to the tattoo. This tattoo can be done in color or in black and white. But the black and white color scheme looks best particularly for this tattoo.

Roman Numeral Bicep Tattoo

Roman Numeral Bicep Tattoo


This is one of the simpler tattoo designs for the bicep. This tattoo features some Roman numerals on the bicep featuring a date or a year. This tattoo represents an important date to the wearer signifying remembrance and love for an important event.

The tattoo can feature other elements along with the Roman numerals. You can add a name or a portrait with numerals to give the tattoo some definition. This tattoo looks best with the classic black and white design.

Name on Bicep Tattoo

Name on Bicep Tattoo


This tattoo features a name on the bicep. This is a relatively simple tattoo that can feature your name or the name of someone close to you on the bicep in different font faces. The tattoo can be done in color or in monochrome.

Rose Bicep Tattoo

Rose Bicep Tattoo 1


Rose Bicep Tattoo 2


If you are looking for a rose tattoo for yourself, there is no better way to show the tattoo in style than a bicep tattoo. This tattoo features one or multiple roses on the bicep. You should get the tattoo in color to show the natural beauty of the rose.

Dragon Bicep Tattoo

Dragon Bicep Tattoo


The dragon bicep tattoo is a badass tattoo featuring a dragon. You can either get the dragon in a Chinese or Japanese style, or you can get a tattoo featuring a modern-themed dragon with a geometric design. This tattoo is mostly done in color to showcase the features of the dragon.

Snake Bicep Tattoo

Snake Bicep Tattoo


The snake bicep tattoo features a snake on the bicep either wrapping around the entire bicep or just on one side of the muscle. This tattoo represents transformation, strength, and resilience and is mostly done in black and gray.

American Flag Bicep Tattoo

American Flag Bicep Tattoo


The American flag bicep tattoo is a unique way to show your love and affection for your country. This tattoo features an American flag waving in its classic red and blue colors. Although this tattoo can be done in black and white, we’d suggest using a realistic shade of red and blue to stay true to the American flag.

Eagle Bicep Tattoo

Eagle Bicep Tattoo


Similar to the tiger and lion tattoo, the eagle tattoo is also a great way to show your masculinity. This tattoo represents your strength, keen observation skills, and perseverance. This tattoo features an eagle covering your entire bicep in color or in black and white.

Bicep Script Tattoo

Bicep Script Tattoo 1


Bicep Script Tattoo 2


If you are looking for something simple to adorn your bicep, the script tattoo is a good way to do so. This tattoo features a script written on the bicep with different font-face options. This tattoo is often done in monochrome. But you can opt for a colored tattoo if you prefer.

Traditional Bicep Tattoo

Traditional Bicep Tattoo 1


Traditional Bicep Tattoo 2


If you are someone who likes colorful tattoos, the traditional tattoo is a great way to do so. This tattoo is done in the traditional American tattoo style featuring muted colors and bold black outlines to complement the colors. This is an artistic tattoo and can be designed in unique ways.

Lion Bicep Tattoo

Lion Bicep Tattoo 1


Lion Bicep Tattoo 2


The lion tattoo represents power, strength, and dominance as the lion is considered the king of the jungle. This tattoo is a great way to affirm the masculinity and strength of male tattoo enthusiasts.

This tattoo can be easily done in a realistic style covering the entire bicep with a lion. Or it can feature just a simple lion design. This tattoo can be done in color or in black and white depending on your choice.

Flower Bicep Tattoo

Flower Bicep Tattoo


If you are into floral designs and want to showcase your love for flowers, then the flower bicep tattoo can be a great option. This tattoo features any flower on the bicep. It can feature the Magnolia flower, Honeysuckle flower, or any birth flower tattoo.

Japanese Bicep Tattoo

Japanese Bicep Tattoo


The Japanese bicep tattoo provides the wearer with a great opportunity to show their love for Japanese culture. This tattoo features any element done in the Japanese art style. This tattoo can feature a Japanese dragon, a koi fish, and even a Japanese tiger. These tattoos are often very colorful in typical Japanese art style.

Tiger Bicep Tattoo

Tiger Bicep Tattoo 1


Tiger Bicep Tattoo 2


The tiger bicep tattoo is a famous tattoo among men to show their masculinity and power. As tigers are representative of power and strength, the tattoo also shows the wearer’s power, strength, and ability to overcome obstacles.

The tiger tattoo can be done in a simple style covering the bicep partially or it can cover the entire bicep depending on the wearer’s preference. This tattoo is often done with great details of the tiger or with a simple black-and-white color.

Koi Fish Bicep Tattoo

Koi Fish Bicep Tattoo


If you are into Japanese culture and want to show your love for the culture, the Koi fish Bicep tattoo might be a good choice. This tattoo features one or multiple Koi fish in the Japanese art style. The tattoo can be done in some vivid colors or can be simply done in black and white.

Tree Bicep Tattoo

Tree Bicep Tattoo


This is a rather uncommon bicep tattoo featuring one or multiple trees on the bicep. You can choose any tree to be tatted on the bicep including a palm tree or a pine tree. This tattoo usually comes in color and covers the entire bicep. But you can always choose a smaller tree in black and white.

Mandala Bicep Tattoo

Mandala Bicep Tattoo


The mandala bicep tattoo is a more modern and complex design. This tattoo features a mandala on the bicep most often shown as a band. The tattoo features intricate ornamentation and geometric shapes forming a mandala. The tattoo is often done with bright colors.

Bicep Arrow Tattoo

Bicep Arrow Tattoo


This is a classic tattoo that represents strength and accuracy. The tattoo features one or multiple arrows on the bicep. This tattoo can attract others’ attention to where the arrows are pointing. So this is a great piece to emphasize your muscles. This tattoo is mostly done in black and white. But you can get the tattoo in color if you prefer.

Joker Bicep Tattoo

Joker Bicep Tattoo


The Joker bicep tattoo is a very popular tattoo. But it has become a common tattoo among men thanks to the popularity of the Joker character. You can either get the tattoo featuring Joker from the Batman: Dark Knight series or the more recent portrayal of the character by Joaquin Phoenix.

Bicep Letter Tattoo

Bicep Letter Tattoo


This is a very unique and unorthodox tattoo. If you want a minimalist tattoo that won’t cover the entire bicep, you can get the bicep letter tattoo. This tattoo features some lettering on the bicep in a curve or simple font style. This tattoo can be done in color but looks best in monochrome.

Bicep Mountain Tattoo

Bicep Mountain Tattoo 1


Bicep Mountain Tattoo 2


This is a very common tattoo among men. As the mountain represents strength, resilience, and overcoming challenges, this tattoo also represents these qualities for the wearer. This tattoo features a mountain with ridges, trees, or other details. Although you can add some colors to the tattoo, this tattoo is mostly done in black and white.

Tarot Card Bicep Tattoo

Tarot Card Bicep Tattoo


The tarot card is a common but beautiful choice for the bicep tattoo. This tattoo can feature any of the tarot card designs on the bicep. This tattoo represents self-reflection and the subconscious, or a belief in luck. The tattoo also adds to the mysterious nature of the wearer and at the same time offers some great symbolism.

Bicep Eye Tattoo

Bicep Eye Tattoo


If you are looking for an unorthodox tattoo that will surely be a conversation starter piece, the bicep eye tattoo is a perfect choice. This tattoo features an eye on the bicep with some intricate details.  This tattoo can feature the all-seeing eye, or an eye in general. You can also color the retina in vivid colors to make the tattoo pop.

Female Bicep Tattoo

Female Bicep Tattoo 1


Female Bicep Tattoo 2


The female bicep tattoo is a very popular design choice among women to show their femininity and strength. Although the bicep tattoo is more popular among men, our female customers have often come to us with extraordinary designs that are sure to make an impact on their life.

This tattoo is representative of self-expression, strength, and individuality for the wearer. This tattoo often features elements that show empowerment or freedom. It can feature flowers, birds, or butterflies.

The tattoo can also be customized with other elements if you want. You can easily add different colors to complement the tattoo. But the bicep tattoo for women is mostly done with watercolor, traditional or realistic style.

How To Get The Perfect Inner Bicep Tattoo

This video shows the process of doing an inner bicep tattoo. In this tattoo, the artist first traces the tattoo outline on the inner bicep with a stencil. Then the artist moves on to drawing out the outline of the tattoo with a fine-line needle. After the outlining is done, the artist moves on to giving the tattoo some highlights with a broader needle and cleans the bicep to complete the tattoo.

This video is a great way to see what you can expect from an inner bicep tattoo in black and white. But if you are looking into the process of doing a bicep tattoo in general, then this video will also give you some ideas.


As there are a lot of designs of the bicep tattoo and especially for the bicep tattoo for men, it is only natural to have questions regarding the tattoo. Although most of your questions should be answered in the tattoo ideas section, you might have some additional queries regarding the tattoo

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the bicep tattoo design so that you can see the answers at a glance.

Q: Do bicep tattoos hurt?

Answer: Bicep tattoos like any other tattoos do hurt. But bicep tattoos do not hurt more than other tattoos in particular. The pain level for a tattoo depends on the position of the tattoo, the size, and the complexity of the tattoo.

Q: How long do bicep tattoos take to heal?

Answer: The healing time of the bicep tattoo depends on several factors. But in general, the tattoo will heal within two to four weeks. But proper aftercare, cleaning, and maintenance are required for the tattoo to heal effectively.

Q: How much does a bicep tattoo cost?

Answer: A bicep tattoo would cost anywhere between 100 to a couple of thousand dollars depending on your design and the reputation of your tattoo artist.


To wrap up our article, bicep tattoos for men are very popular tattoo designs. These tattoos are a perfect means of self-expression, individuality, and power. With a plethora of design choices available from simple to complex and from colorful to monochrome, you cannot get wrong with the inner bicep tattoo.

You can choose a simple quote, a cultural artifact, or an extravagant negative space tattoo. The choice is up to you. Just so you don’t get lost in all these designs, we have gathered some of the coolest designs for the inner bicep tattoo. We hope you liked our selection and can find your own unique from within this collection.

Happy tattooing!

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