Bee tattoos

366 Trendy Bee Tattoo Ideas To Try Out This Year

Tattoos are one of the better parts of life. It has been used as a method for people to express various parts of themselves, including their identity, individuality, and even their religious beliefs.

They also allow us to engrave the value of specific memorable moments through visual expression, which can contain feelings of grief, love, admiration, and so on. Tattoos are brought to life through the use of tattoo equipment. They come in various shapes and sizes, and can either last for months or until the end of time.

While tattoos first gained a commendable amount of recognition in the early 1970s, they did come with a set of requirements and were more catered to people who were significantly older. The patterns would often be of a sizable amount, making the process very lengthy overall.  These days, however, there seems to be no age limit to getting tattoos, and the layout of an average tattoo is minimal and simple.

There are multiple favorable neutral options that are available these days. One of them happens to be bee tattoos, which will be the primary topic that we will thoroughly describe in this write-up.

Meaning of Bee Tattoos

From afar, bee tattoos look adorable. Although the actual insect brings various disadvantages to an average human being, the visuals of it fit in like a glove.

It is very appealing to the eye due to its friendly color scheme. Likewise to the color scheme is the positive meaning bee tattoos contain. Bee tattoos usually symbolize strength, prosperity, and loyalty. It is an excellent choice for people whose approach to life is optimistic and wise, and can also be adapted to show feelings of growth.

Moreover, bee tattoos contain multiple variations and are extremely versatile, which make them fan favorites almost always. They’re also linked to wealth, which is another reason why they are so common these days.

366 Bee Tattoo Variations To Experiment With In 2023

Taking into account the versatility of bee tattoos, it is hardly surprising that this specific genre has so many variations that are timeless and flawless as well.

Moving on, here are multiple forms of bee tattoos that will surely sweep you off your feet!

Queen Bee Tattoo

The queen bee is the most important member in a beehive. It contains a fully developed reproductive organ, which makes it the mother to all the bees in the colony. Every bee in the hive has one objective in common: to serve the queen bee with protection until the very end. The loyalty that the bees offer to the queen bee is endless and selfless.

On the other hand, in the tattoo world, the queen bee carries a similar meaning. It symbolizes power, growth, motherhood, and feminine energy. It also tends to represent courage. A crown is usually placed on top of the bee to make the tattoo more obvious and separate the queen bee from the rest.

Appearance wise, a queen bee is like no other in the hive. It is approximately 20mm in length and can easily be identified not only because of its massive stature, but also for its monochromatic color. A queen bee also has a black dot on her thorax, which is often included in the creation process of a tattoo.

This tattoo is extremely flexible and can be placed anywhere and everywhere. It can be as little as an icon, or as big as a sleeve tattoo. You may also merge it with honeybees to add more details to the tattoo as a whole.

Small Bee Tattoo

Small tattoos have been trending for quite some time now. They look nicely put on any body part and are very easy to achieve.

A small bee tattoo can be the perfect way to make a mark if the wearer is a beginner and is seeking a painless procedure. The tattoo will perhaps be designed through the use of 3 needles to make the appearance of it minimalistic. The wearer will also have the option to skip out on the color and go through with a basic tattoo.

Bumble Bee Tattoo

Bumble bees are the most selfless members in the colony. They protect and serve with their hearts on their sleeve and are always prepared to sacrifice their lives for the well-being of the other existing members. This fierce nature of theirs makes them one of the most admirable types of bees.

In terms of physical appearance, bumble bees are large and fuzzy, as opposed to thin and small framed normal bees. They are usually a little over an inch in terms of length, and can also attain the colors red and orange along with their signature black and yellow color scheme.

Moreover, they are one of the more composed types of bees, which further adds to their likable characteristics. They are rather interactive with human beings and can be approached without the use of precautionary measures. They can also be taken in one’s hand as long as it’s not lying on its back. That specific position is used in self defense and any person that approaches them might get stung.

A tattoo of a bumblebee is only suitable for the individuals that attain the same characteristics. One wearing a bumble bee tattoo should reek of loyalty, composure, and selflessness.

Traditional Bee Tattoo

A traditional bee tattoo doesn’t look the same when compared to a normal bee tattoo. The paint job is usually different, and the layout focuses more on the little things of a bee.

For instance, a traditional bee tattoo has a better coat since a lot of time is invested in it. The eyes also look more detailed with multiple shadows to give a realistic appearance.

Vintage Bee tattoo

A vintage bee tattoo looks exactly what it sounds like. It consists of a bee that is achieved through the art of sketching, which gives the whole artwork a vintage effect. The sketch is also supported with shadows around the figure of the bee in hopes of making it look more realistic.

Bees Knees Tattoo

Knee tattoos are quite painful, but once the process is over, the tattoo outshines the rest. This is because knees are one of the more delicate parts of the body. Receiving a tattoo on them increases the visual aesthetics of a person.

Bees look great when painted on knees. The yellow colored creature looks sophisticated and has very little impact on one’s knees, which makes this tattoo a very favorable option for feminine people.

Cute Bee Tattoo

This variation is catered to those that have a laid back approach to life and believe in enjoying every moment of it. The placement and size of this tattoo is crucial, as the smaller it is, the better it will look.

Furthermore, to make the tattoo look adorable, you may add smaller tattoos to support the initial tattoo and give it childish features like big blue eyes, and an oval shaped body. This will make the tattoo look presentable and give it an unrealistic but wholesome appearance.

Flower and Bee Tattoo

Floral tattoos are sought after because of their neat and tidy presence and appealing appearance. The shades of color that they comprise are extremely energetic and vibrant, which makes the people wearing them very approachable and affable.

Apart from its favorable visuals, floral tattoos contain multiple meanings, most that symbolize the circle of life. When merged with a bee tattoo, it might express the importance of loyalty in life. The individual might wear it to remind oneself to be loyal to themselves until eternity.

Geometric Bee Tattoo

Geometric bee tattoos contain a certain pattern that other forms don’t. They are usually placed across another tattoo, most commonly a flower, in a parallel manner. The placement is used to express the meaning that it holds. Geometric tattoos represent balance and intelligence, and when fused with a bee tattoo, it contains a little bit of everything: balance, growth, loyalty, and positivity.

Realistic Bee Tattoo

Realistic tattoos are mesmerizing to look at. They look authentic when placed on the skin and are great for making memorable conversations.

A realistic bee tattoo might be a bit different visually. The wings of it might pop out more and the furry coat might have uneven strands to enhance its realistic appeal. It is a great choice for those that are fanatics of attention to detail and are firm believers of the meaning that a bee holds in the tattoo world.

Simple Bee Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos never got the critical acclaim that they deserved back then, but are now probably the most favorable choice amongst the rest. They are known for their simplicity, and look elegant when combined with other tattoos and various attires.

A minimalist bee tattoo contains the perfect amount of appeal and sincerity to stand out, and can also be an ideal option for those seeking a first tattoo.

Killer Bee Tattoo

While bees are essential for ensuring our well-being, there is also a side that is rather disadvantageous for us. Apart from producing natural honey that contains tons of beneficial factors, bees are harmful and may cause us to have allergic reactions through their stings.

This tattoo represents the former factor along with the peculiar yet fascinating visuals that comes with the artwork. When creating the groundwork of the design, you may add different shaped eyes or a bulkier set of wings to give the appearance of the tattoo a more intimidating effect.

Black and White Bee tattoo

People have preferences even in the tattoo world. Some prefer tattoos with deeper meanings while some don’t. Some prefer using tons of color while the rest prefer going with the classic duo of black and white.

A black and white bee tattoo can serve tons of benefits. It will carry more maturity than a colorful variation of a bee tattoo, which will be a great move to make if you want something that goes with your age.

Additionally, a black and white tattoo contains colors that are neutral which will allow it to adapt to outfits of any color. Whether you’re dressing up for a high-end party or a normal kickback with friends, a black and white bee tattoo will never fail to amaze any attendee.

Finger Bee Tattoo

Although the process of getting one is nothing but stressful, finger tattoos look amazing from a far. Due to its subtlety and sophisticated nature, finger bee tattoos are high in demand.

They are also extremely affordable and the timeframe of getting one is very short and convenient.

When getting a bee tattoo on the finger, the wearer can either go all in with colors or keep it as plain as day with a black and white fusion.

Sunflower and Bee Tattoo

Bees and sunflowers were a match made in heaven. Bees tend to feed off sunflowers, not only because of their vibrant appearance, but also because of the sugary fluid they produce. They tend to contain the perfect amount of everything, which is the biggest reason why sunflowers are loved by all kinds of bees.

When getting this tattoo, you can relate to the bee and incorporate your favorite food to give the artwork a sentimental value.

Bee Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is a remarkable place for a tattoo regardless of whether you’re a first timer or an individual with multiple tattoos. Whether the tattoo is big or small, it rarely looks out of place when implemented on the wrist.

A bee wrist tattoo can allow a person to wear their heart and loyalty on their wrist. It is a great option if the individual’s perspective on loyalty is admirable, and placing it on the wrist will definitely make them more intimidating.

Bee and Honeycomb Tattoo

Honeycomb is perhaps the most crucial essential in the life cycle of bees. They make honey, store eggs in it, allow them to come together, and allow them to communicate with one another. It is similar to the basic needs we have as it provides them with food and shelter. It also helps them with preventing extinction.

When getting a tattoo, the wearer may incorporate their own lives with the artwork, which will enable them to open multiple doors for the groundwork. Doing so will definitely allow them to get a tattoo that means something to them and gives them more purpose than meets the eye.

Watercolor/Technicolor Bee Tattoo

In addition to the beautiful phrase they represent, bees contain the brightest shade of yellow, which allows them to blend in with any neutral as well as vibrant colors.

A bee tattoo can definitely be presented in a jaw-dropping manner by placing vibrant and lively colors around it. It can be placed around the bee to give it a more playful appearance.

The best part about this variation is perhaps the texture. It is similar to that of water color, which gives it a natural and messy appearance as opposed to the polished nature of most tattoos.

Bee Neck Tattoo

A bee tattoo symbolizes loyalty, but placing it on the neck might carry a deeper meaning.

When placed on the neck, a bee tattoo might allow one to showcase the amount of honesty and genuineness their words carry.

Moreover, the neck contains a massive amount of space, which can really allow a person to come up with a creative and valuable tattoo that means something to them as opposed to a tattoo with nothing on the inside.

Butterfly and Bee Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are not only known for their magnificent appearance, but also because of their intriguing meaning. They represent love and life, something that we closely relate to as human beings.

Along with the previous meaning, butterflies also symbolize femininity, which is one of the main reasons why it’s always trending.

When united with a bee tattoo, it might further enhance unity and bring in an ample amount of loyalty to the meaning behind it.

Furthermore, this tattoo contains vibrant colors like blue and yellow, which can be a great aspect to consider if you’re in favor of tattoos with color.

Cartoon Bee/ Animated Bee Tattoo

Cartoons don’t get enough credit for the role it plays during our earliest years. They are not only enjoyable, but also tend to teach us the basic fundamentals of life.

Apart from the former paragraph, cartoons are also admired for the creation and work that is invested in the process of animation. The characters almost always look very engaging, allowing children to focus more on the show.

When getting this variation, the use of the wearer’s imagination is necessary. This tattoo will not only allow them to reveal a specific personality trait, but will also allow them to showcase their creative thinking skills.

Bee Sleeve Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo is a great choice for those that are big fans of enormous tattoos and are fanatics of detail. The sleeve itself contains an ample amount of space, which allows a person to create either a series of tattoos or a chain of one.

When getting a bee tattoo, a person may correlate their experiences when creating the groundwork to enable the artwork to carry a meaningful sentiment. They may also solely focus on the lifecycle of a bee and add cells of honeycomb, the place in which bees store honey and eggs.

Gucci Bee Tattoo

Gucci is without a doubt one of the most popular high-end brands of all time. It is renowned for the products they manufacture and the elegance that each of them hold.

Gucci added a bumblebee as its logo to showcase the nobility that the brand holds, which is directly related to the selflessness of a bumblebee. The logo was first released in 1970, and after being absent for quite some time, it was re-released in 2015.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this bumblebee is the golden color it contains. The designer of it couldn’t have nailed the color of the bee any better. The shade also blends in with the signature green and red color combination of gucci’s, which makes it second to none.

Rose and Bee Tattoo

A rose tattoo tends to symbolize the love that you have for someone. Presenting it alongside a bee tattoo might allow the wearer to express the love and loyalty that they offer to a person.

Moreover, this duo is also great in terms of visuals due to the bright red and yellow color combination it contains. It can also fit in with a series of tattoos flawlessly, making the variation one of the very few versatile options on this list.

Patron Bee

Patron is a brand that sells hard drinks and has a chunky bee as its symbol. Although it looks rather simple on the eyes, the logo symbolizes the crucial role that bees play to make sure agave plants flourish. Agave plants play a key role in the flavor making process of hard beverages and tend to taste great with the assistance of bees.

Sternum Bee Tattoo

A sternum bee tattoo doesn’t carry a different meaning than that of a traditional bee tattoo, but it focuses more on the body part. You may add multiple designs to it if you want to add more meaning to the tattoo, so that you have a story to tell every time it’s showcased.

Bee Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are meant to display messages or reveal multiple traits that the wearer has. A bee hand tattoo can be an excellent choice for you to showcase the loyal side of your personality to the ones you come across in life. They can also reveal the positive approach you have regarding living life, which will bring in a lot of memorable conversations, especially if you’re an extrovert.

Mandala Bee Tattoo

A mandala tattoo symbolizes perfection, balance, and eternity. When merged with a bee tattoo, the whole tattoo might represent one’s loyalty towards their loved ones. It usually means that the person wearing it shall remain loyal to the ones they adore till the end of eternity.

Skull Bee Tattoo

A skull bee tattoo can add a lot of boldness and intimidation to a bee tattoo. It might focus on the harmful aspects of a bee, i.e, the allergic reactions that they bring to the table for any living creature, especially for human beings.

Abstract Bee Tattoos

The abstract bee tattoo is an excellent choice for those that want to implement their own ideas onto a regular bee tattoo. They can express their visual knowledge by adding multiple patterns next to or with the bee tattoo. Regardless of the time-consuming process, an abstract tattoo is definitely a tattoo for the books as it usually carries a lot of meaning.

Manchester Bee Tattoo

Following the tragic bombing that took place in Manchester on 22 May, 2017, various people used the symbol of a bee as a sign of hope and unity to cope with the horrendous occurrence.  Most people placed the symbol of a bee on the bio of their social media accounts, while the rest got tattoos of bees.

Bee Tattoo Behind Ear

Tattoos are charming behind the ear. Despite the painful procedure, any tattoo looks great in that area. A bee tattoo looks great when it’s large, but looks even better when it’s smaller, making the portion behind the ear the best place for a bee tattoo.

Old School Bee Tattoo

An old school bee tattoo is ideal for those that have no room for color in their tattoos. It is no different than an ordinary bee tattoo, but consists of a black and white color scheme as opposed to the black and yellow color scheme of the average variation.

Fine Line Bee Tattoo

Fine line bee tattoos are great for first timers. They contain little to no detail, while maintaining the visually appealing aspect of a bee. They are often achieved through the use of three gentle shaped needles and are a bit less painful than regular tattoos. Once achieved, they might require regular visits to the parlor to prevent the artwork from fading.

Bee Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is for lovebirds. It could be implemented to celebrate the special bond you share with your significant other or can even be used to show the appreciation you have for their existence.

Bee Face Tattoo

Face tattoos have drastically become common and popular due to the amount of appeal it adds to a person. A bee tattoo might look wonderful on the face, especially if it contains little to no details. The black and yellow color scheme will brighten anyone’s presence at a gathering.

Tribal Bee Tattoo

Tribal bee tattoo

This particular tattoo is for those that have a knack towards artistic visuals. A tribal bee is a very fascinating artwork to incorporate due to its striking and vibrant presence. It will garner a lot of attention in a room full of people, and can also blend in with any and every tattoo design available.

Wolf and Bee Tattoo

Wolf and bee tattoo

The meanings that a wolf tattoo and a bee tattoo hold are very alike.

A wolf tattoo represents loyalty, strength, and spiritual protection. Similarly, a bee tattoo represents relentless loyalty. The similarity in what they symbolize makes them the perfect duo apart from the visual aesthetics that the artwork brings to the table.

Ariana Grande Bee Tattoo

Ariana Grande bee tattoo

Ariana Grande is a musician who is known for her critically acclaimed musical abilities and her unique octave vocal range. She has a series of tattoos on her body, with the bee tattoo being the most meaningful one amongst them all. She got the in honor of the victims of the Manchester bombing. The tattoo is located right behind her left ear, and symbolizes unity and hope.

Japanese Bee

Japanese bee tattoo

While all bee tattoos carry the same meaning, Japanese bees are built a bit differently. They tend to be bulkier with a stockier build as opposed to average bees, which makes them an ideal choice for fine line tattoos and small sized tattoos.

Celtic Bee

Celtic bee tattoo

Celts believed that bees were creatures that enabled people to communicate with the dead. They would often use them as the medium of communication to pass certain messages on to the other world.

Blue Banded Bee

Blue banded bee tattoo

A blue banded bee is the tattoo for people who love color. Although the name sounds rather one-dimensional at first, bee tattoos are extremely colorful, and contain the shades red, brown, black, green, and iridescent blue. They are extremely rare, but mostly reside in Australia. A tattoo of it will bring a lot of attention to the wearer and definitely add a dime sized brightness to their life.

Emilia Clarke Queenbee Tattoo

Emilia Clarke bee tattoo

Emilia Clarke is an English actress who had her breakthrough after portraying Daenerys Targareyan in the remarkable HBO series, Game of Thrones. She also got a tattoo of a Queen Bee to pay homage to her fiercely dominant character.

Anatomical Bee Tattoo

Anatomical bee tattoo

This variation is a great idea for tattoos that aren’t sizable. They can be implemented as an icon or even a motif. While it will look stunning on any body part, an anatomical tattoo will look noticeable and appealing when placed on places like the shoulder blade, mainly since it won’t look out of place.

Bee Movie Tattoo

Bee movie tattoo

Bee Movie was known for its humorous plot when it made its debut in 2007, but it didn’t take long for the movie to become a sensational and memorable meme. Although the plot was meant to be lighthearted, people soon found loads of humor in the love triangle of Barry, Vanessa, and Ken that was involved in the movie.

Ladybug and Bee Tattoo

Ladybug and bee tattoo

A bee tattoo is often paired up with a ladybug tattoo for the eerily similar meaning they consist of. A ladybug symbolizes good fortune, happiness, and love, while a bee symbolizes infinite loyalty.

Dainty Bee Tattoo

Dainty bee tattoo

A dainty tattoo offers people a win-win situation. It looks sophisticated on every part of the skin and is extremely affordable. A bee tattoo looks extremely presentable when drawn in a dainty manner, especially when placed on the wrist or ankle.

Egyptian Bee/ Bee tattoo with Illuminati

Egyptian bee tattoo

An Illuminati tattoo has multiple meanings that are good and bad. It may stand for the eye of God, or it may even represent evil.

An illuminati tattoo with a bee, however, carries a much deeper and positive meaning. It is usually catered to those that have a lot of faith in their religion respectfully, and is attained to provide them with endless guidance and strength when times are tough. It can also be achieved in hopes of expressing the never ending amount of loyalty one h