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95 Mind-Blowing Bear Tattoo Ideas You Will Love

Bears are well-known, rather notorious, for their powerful physique and ferocity, despite their adorable persona. A bear tattoo on the arms, legs, chest or shoulders, strongly represents the unique aspects of one’s character. It highlights the child-like personality of that individual, at the same time accentuating the courage and strength of that person.

Bear tattoos are usually accompanied with flowers, bees, jars of honey, picket fences, ribbons, you name it. There is no limitation to how you would want to present the ink on your skin to the world. Bear is an emblem in many ancient folklore and legends representing Asian, Western and European cultures. Let’s explore further on the charismatic nature of bear tattoos.

Bear Tattoo Meaning: Symbol of Perfection And Altruism

Bear tattoo meaning


Bears are, much to the contrary of general perception, quite affectionate and protective. They have a strong family value, and they also share resources among their communities. It is almost unbelievable but bears also have structured hierarchies in their relationships.

Bear tattoos, therefore, represent kindness, compassion, and loyalty. Bears are also quite hard working. Momma bears often go out foraging leaving her cubs alone in the wild, but the cubs are so responsible at such a young age, they stay together, play and pass the time till their mom comes back. This is the reason why bear tattoo meaning also stands for strength and courage.

In myths and legends, bears are often associated with primal power and intuition. They are considered as the icon of heroism, and their symbolic importance is found in art, folklore, and various cultures around the globe. In this article, you will explore how Celts and Vikings revered bears in their culture. A bear tattoo signifies unwavering determination against all adversaries.

Traditional Yet Contemporary Bear Tattoo Designs: The Timelessness Of Beauty

There are numerous bear tattoos designs that you can choose from as you set foot in a tattoo parlor. You can create some designs by yourself and present them to the artist to consider inking it on your body. There are geometric patterns, traditional colorful art, cartoons, and minimalistic tattoos that you can choose to engrave on your chest, arms or legs.

Teddy Bear Tattoo

Teddy Bear Tattoo 1


Teddy Bear Tattoo 2


Teddy Bear Tattoo 3


Bear tattoos represent unconditional love and innocence. Getting your skin tattooed with one signifies the kind of person you are, your beliefs and values. It shows you are a kind and soft-hearted individual. You can get this tattoo on your upper or lower arm, and pairing it up with a complimentary flower tattoo will enhance its beauty even further.

A cute little teddy bear tattoo acts as an adornment when inked on the upper or lower arms. It strongly symbolizes the character of the person wearing it– sweet, loving, kind and gentle. A realistic looking teddy bear tattoo where the fur’s texture is vividly drawn, looks simply awesome! Imagine the attention one will attract. It will raise the curiosity of others toward you.

A person with a child-like personality whom everyone finds adorable and charming should consider a teddy bear tattoo, at least for once in his life. Friends and loved ones would find teddy bear tattoos irresistible, making you the center of attention. And imagine the head turns you will get at parties– you will be making tons of friends without even asking for it.

Grizzly Bear Tattoo

Grizzly Bear Tattoo 1


Grizzly Bear Tattoo 2


Grizzly Bear Tattoo 3


In native American culture, bears have long been cherished as a spirit animal that showed directions to the warriors and also guided them to the afterlife. The enormity of these North American brown bears symbolizes strength, resilience and ferocity. Imagine a grizzly bear tattoo on your arms or legs– the vigor that the animal radiates might empower you too!

Grizzly bear’s skill in hunting spellbinds the prey making it bow to the invincibility of this magnificent creature. A grizzly bear tattoo, therefore, represents health, vitality and courage, three things you need to nurture in your life to make your dreams and desires manifest into reality. The person who chooses to get this tattoo inked on their skin is strong-willed for sure.

A grizzly bear with its mouth gaping wide, baring its incredible fangs and formidable claws, with saliva pouring out from between its jaws, could be a sign that you do not want to be misunderstood any longer as a weak and helpless person. You want to come out and plunge into the madness of the world letting them know that it is time to put words into action.

Bear Paw Tattoo

Bear Paw Tattoo 1


Bear Paw Tattoo 2


A bear paw can take an animal’s life, but quite paradoxically, a bear paw is also a symbol of healing in ancient North American culture. Bear paw tattoos, showing the agonizingly beautiful paw prints, are usually placed on the hand, but could also find its position on the upper arms or legs of the tattoo enthusiast. This tattoo speaks volumes about the owner and his experiences.

A bear paw leaves a footprint on the observer’s heart, and it does say a lot about the journey of the person who is flaunting it. Sometimes, within the fingers of the bear paw tattoo, some other spirit animals like wolves, hyenas and deer are also inked. This shows the difficulties that the tattoo owner has overcome in his life, and the various kinds of people he has met till that point.

Bears symbolize growth and evolution, due to their nature in the wild and their hibernation tactic of survival during long winters. Bears stand for determination and individuals who choose a bear tattoo on their body have been through numerous ups and downs in their life that have shaped them into the person they are today. A bear experience does not kill you, it makes you stronger.

Traditional Bear Tattoo

Traditional Bear Tattoo 1


Traditional bear tattoos showing a face of a bear or bears playing some musical instrument are some of the most popular choices among tattoo enthusiasts of various age groups. Bears are often considered in some cultures as the ‘Protector” of the animal kingdom because it is one of the most powerful animals of the coastal regions of North America.

In the Haida culture, which is the culture pursued by the North American-Indian indigenous groups of the Haida Gwaii Islands, bears are treated as the noble guest. They show respect when a bear is hunted and brought into a house by decorating the carcass with eagle downs. There is a famous legend there where the First Nation Chief’s daughter wedded a bear.

Bears baring their mouth open as if roaring ferociously at anyone who threatens it, is a very common and popular tattoo among body-ink lovers. The bold nature of bears remind us of strength and tenacity that the tattoo owner resonates with. Bears playing instruments like harp could represent Irish-American heritage, or could metaphorically mean beauty and gentleness.

Care Bear Tattoo

Care Bear Tattoo 1


Care Bear Tattoo 2


Care Bear Tattoo 3


Care Bears are the cute and cuddly characters originally designed in the 1980s to act as an adornment on greeting cards but later, because of exploding popularity, they were featured in TV series, cartoons and even movies. Young and old both are in awe of their loveliness. A care bear tattoo on your arms or legs shows the adorable aspect of your child-like personality.

The child that resides inside every human being should never be ignored, but nurtured instead. If that child inside of you is kicking, then do not hesitate even for once to get a care bear inked on your body. There is the Tenderheart Bear, Wish bear and Cheer Bear that will surely bring a lot of happiness to you and your admirers. You can choose from over 60 different Care bears!

Black Bear Tattoo

Black Bear Tattoo


If you love nature and star-gazing then you might want to experiment with bear tattoos. While the cubs and their mothers forage on berries and fruits, they sometimes take the time out to gaze at the twinkling stars at night. They are nocturnal and remain active at night, so a bear family engaging in wonderful activities under the star-lit sky is only expected and appreciated.

Black bears, as majestic as they appear, are sometimes described as the “King of the Forest”. They signify solitude, confidence, courage, optimism, love, care and responsibility. If you resonate with these beautiful personality traits, you should definitely consider getting yourself tattooed with a black bear tattoo. Getting one on your upper arms would be a great idea!

Polar Bear Tattoo

Polar Bear Tattoo 1


Polar Bear Tattoo 2


In the ice-covered regions of the North pole, one may be able to spot polar bears hidden by a white camouflage against a spotless background, lined with large and tall willow and birch trees. A polar bear symbolically stands for protection, selfless love and affection, and of course strength and determination, just like the Arctic people, who are relentless and hardworking.

Getting a polar bear tattoo inked on your arms would be an excellent idea. There is something about the cuddly but ferocious looking polar bears that every human being can relate with. They are large and furry, walk about on hind legs (sometimes), are omnivores, are extremely detail oriented, and relentlessly focused on the task at hand. They are like our unrelated ancestors.

California Bear Tattoo

California Bear Tattoo 1


California Bear Tattoo 2


California is one of the most populous states in the Western United States, their flag being very closely related to the type of tattoo to be discussed in this segment. California has more than 30,000 black bears roaming about in the northern portion of the state. The bear modeled on the flag is the picture of the last grizzly bear alive in California, whose name was “Monarch”.

Grizzly bears have become extinct in California but the people of the state still remember its presence and you will find its picture on T-shirts, flags and tourist maps. If you are a resident or a visitor in California, and want to commemorate the last known grizzly bear in the state, you can definitely consider getting a California Bear tattoo on your arms or legs.

Tribal Bear Tattoo

Tribal Bear Tattoo 1


Tribal Bear Tattoo 2


Tribal tattoos are a sight to behold, and a popular alternative to the fine and subtle inking techniques of the traditional tattooing mechanism. The edges of tribal tattoos are vividly black, a black that is elegant and mesmerizing. The outlines of such tattoos are thick, and look geometrical and ornate from different perspectives.

Tribal bear tattoos consist of intermittent geometrical shapes, especially straight lines and triangles, intertwined with each other, also precisely avoiding each other by just a few millimeters– all leading to the manifestation of a bear’s face, claws, or whole body.

However, care should be taken on choosing the body location on which tribal tattoos are drawn because they bear cultural heritage and traditional significance of special tribal people.

Mama Bear Tattoo

Mama Bear Tattoo 1


Mother bears are extremely protective of their cuddly cubs, so much so that most of the grizzly bears that are found dead have been attacked and wiped out from the face of the planet by the mother bears because they dared attack her babies. A soon-to-be human mom can lovingly decide to opt for a mama bear tattoo on her upper or lower arms, for obvious reasons.

Mama bear tattoos are symbols of protection and responsibility. They also convey the message of the need for loyalty, love and family bonding between individuals and communities within mankind. Mama bear tattoos could be decorated with mountains and hemlock-fur covered regions in the background. Stems containing flowers and butterflies could also be drawn.

Small Bear Tattoo

Small Bear Tattoo


If you do not have large and expressive tattoos on your body yet, and are just a beginner or an enthusiast exploring the ever-changing world of body-art, then you can opt for minimalist tattoos as a starter. Bears are an exceptional idea for a tattoo because they symbolize love, determination and loyalty. Getting a small bear on your back or wrist would be a terrific idea.

Bears crawling away on all fours, or flaunting a standing posture, or peeking from underneath or around the corner, are lovely gestures that could find a place on your body in the form of tattoos. If you want to accentuate the femininity and fragility within you, you can decorate the bear with flowers and butterflies. To portray masculinity, you can opt for a bear pulling weights in a gym.

Bear Forearm Tattoo

Bear Forearm Tattoo 1


Bear Forearm Tattoo 2


Forearms are a sensitive area of the body so opting for a large face of a bear, exposing its pointed fangs and salivating tongues on the forearms, would require some thought and consultation. The results would be mesmerizing though, and observers will not be able to remove their gaze from it. You can proudly confess to your friends and foes, “Nothing hurts”.

Bears are magnificent creatures. They strut through the forest, cheating the dangers of daytime, and penetrating the darkness of the forests at night, fearing nothing. Their intimidating presence makes other creatures bow in front of his leader-like countenance. Bears are live symbols of confidence and fearlessness, and once you resonate with such qualities, who can stop you?

Bear Skull Tattoo

Bear Skull Tattoo 1


Bear Skull Tattoo 2


Contrary to popular belief and perspective, a skull, in all its ferocity, symbolizes change and a new beginning, and not just death and destruction. For soon-to-mothers and ladies who are already moms, a bear skull tattoo holds a lot of symbolism, like protection and pride.

For individuals who are frustrated with the status quo and want the magic of randomness and unpredictability to bless their lives, a bear skull tattoo could be the talisman you are searching for. These tattoos also represent the power to overcome obstacles and rise like the Phoenix.

Bear Chest Tattoo

Bear Chest Tattoo


A scratch of a bear claw or a massive bite on the neck by the penetrating fangs of a bear’s gaping jaws, would look fantastic on your body, won’t they? Chill, no need to get worked up here– not talking about the real, blood-soaked, murderous bear attack…

…but just a bear chest tattoo! Yes, just imagine a huge bear face in the middle of your chest, or the motion of a gigantic grizzly clawing at you because you happened to get in its way. They would look surreal. Bears represent strength and vigor, and everytime you look at this tattoo, you would remember not just the challenges, but how you evolved into the new you after them.

Gummy Bear Tattoo

Gummy Bear Tattoo 1

Gummy Bear Tattoo 2


Chewing on some gummy bear candies is one of the best ways to destress yourself. The sudden burst of sugar will wake you up, and not to mention, the jelly-like consistency and the transparent exterior of these pretty-looking candies compel you to play with them!

Individuals who cannot resist these delicious snack items can seal their love for them in the form of gummy bear tattoos on their body. The ferocity of a bear with the lightheartedness of a colorful candy will keep reminding you to take life less seriously. Go with the flow, enjoy the present moment, and learn to see the world through the perception of a child.

Bear Hand Tattoo

Bear Hand Tattoo 1


Bear Hand Tattoo 2


Imagine a bear’s face drawn on the exterior side of your hand– whenever you look at it with your hands to check the time, you will see a ferocious bear growling at you. A bear hand tattoo is definitely an eye-catching and fun-filled experience for both you and the people around you.

Bears signify strength, tenacity, and determination. Whenever you feel down or feel less confident before starting a new venture, a glimpse at your tattoo will remind you to be resilient and never give up no matter how ferocious the adversary party may get.

Brother Bear Tattoo

Brother Bear Tattoo 1


Brother Bear Tattoo 2

Brother Bear is a Disney animated musical where a character learns a lesson for getting angry and taking the life of a bear for no logical reason. He gets punished by the Spirits by getting changed into a bear himself. A Brother Bear tattoo on your arms or legs will remind you to get hold of your emotions, because losing control of them will get the better of you.

Brother bear movie also teaches us to be forgiving because forgiveness will make you stronger, as opposed to popular belief where vindictiveness is considered as more macho. ‘Love is not weak’ is the basic moral lesson learnt from this animated piece, and also from your tattoo!

Geometric Bear Tattoo

Geometric Bear Tattoo 1


Geometric Bear Tattoo 2


Geometric tattoos hold a lot of meaningful significance to various people. They contain cleverly intertwined geometrical shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles, lines and dots, to manifest a bigger picture which could be a face of bear, a natural object, a person’s face, and you name it.

A circle could mean the eternal wheel of life to certain people, while a triangle could mean the amalgamation of strength, balance and stability, the three crucial elements to live a meaningful life. Getting a geometric bear tattoo on your arms bears a lot of significance. A bear tattoo itself represents loyalty and resilience, and geometric patterns would further accentuate its meaning.

Smokey The Bear Tattoo

Smokey The Bear Tattoo 1


Smokey The Bear Tattoo 2


Do you love nature? Of course you do– dedicate your love and care for nature by opting for a Smokey the Bear tattoo. This character is an iconic mascot of the Wildfire Prevention Campaign carried out by the US Forest Service. By getting this tattoo, you can actually raise awareness!

Smokey the Bear tattoo on your arms or legs will remind you and others that if communities unite, they can prevent and stop any upcoming wildfires that make millions of animals homeless every year in the United States. Remember, awareness starts with you and “Only You”.

Big Bear Tattoo

Big Bear Tattoo


Bear tattoos represent power, mobility, gentle spiritedness, freedom and self-discovery. It symbolizes a warrior spirit. Getting a big bear tattoo on your chest may convey this message to the world to take you more seriously, and not to misunderstand your gentle nature as weakness.

The face of a growling and snarling bear on your chest may intimidate some– well, the people who misunderstand you should get intimidated by you. People who love you, trust you, and know who you will receive strength from your tattoo, because it radiates vivacity and vitality.

Bear With Cubs Tattoo

Bear With Cubs Tattoo

Mommy bear sitting and playing with her adorable little cubs, or crawling about with her cubs clinging to her back, is an amazing sight to behold. With forests and mountains in the background, and the bear family at the front, a ‘bear with cubs tattoo’ would be awesome!

Getting them on the upper or lower arms would produce a phenomenal output. Ladies who have recently turned into a mom, or have playful little toddlers to take care of, know how a momma bear feels about her cubs in the wilderness. If you resonate, you can dedicate a small portion of your body to all the momma bears around the world!

Bear Head Tattoo

Bear Head Tattoo


Bear head tattoos with a colorful traditional touch, or contemporary geometrical shapes intertwined with each other, have been going trendy in recent years. If you are looking to uphold your native culture or want to share spirituality with the world, these tattoos would do wonders.

Bears, with a jar of honey held in its paws, radiate cuteness and innocence, but the same animal also symbolizes dignity and power. Because of their flawless hunting tactics and extreme dedication toward their family members, bears have become an emblem for perfection.

Grateful Dead Bear Tattoo

Grateful Dead Bear Tattoo 1


Grateful Dead Bear Tattoo 2


In commemoration of the deceased American-Australian audio engineer Owsley “Bear” Stanley, who worked for the famous “The Grateful Dead” rock band, thousands of fans have etched the Grateful Dead Bear tattoo on their upper or lower arms. Owsley was called “Bear” since his childhood, because he was extremely hairy. People dedicate teddy bears in honor of him.

In the Grateful Dead Bear tattoos, the colorful bears are not really dancing, but marching, clarified by Bob Thomas himself, who had worked closely with Bear. The marching bears represent the unorthodox style of Bear, and supports the counterculture of psychedelics.

Bear Outline Tattoo

Bear Outline Tattoo


Minimalism is trending these days and people have started supporting the perspective that “Less is More”. If you love tattoo art and trust that it is an expression of your innermost thoughts but you do not want to go over the top, then bear outline tattoos would be great for you.

Bear outline tattoos contain just that, a shape of a bear without any specific facial or bodily feature drawn on it to make it appear realistic. At times, the entire shape may be filled up with a monochromatic tinge, like black, white or gray. Bear tattoos have long been occupying a special place in people’s hearts because they signify loyalty, love, strength and resilience.

Panda Bear Tattoo

Panda Bear Tattoo 1


Panda Bear Tattoo 2


Who wouldn’t want a cute little panda bear tattoo where the protagonist is playfully hanging from poles and nets, and chewing on yummy bamboo sticks? The moment you look at a tattoo like that, you smile and say, “Everything is going to be okay”. The tattoo is a herald for optimism.

Be it a realistic looking panda bear, or a mom and a cub silently whispering to each other– whether it is a girl panda wearing a skirt, or a snoozing panda wearing a blue T-shirt, all forms of panda tattoos are superbly adorable. Take it easy sometime and just go with the flow, is what the pandas are trying to tell you. Panda bear tattoos also symbolize warmth and protection.

Bear Sleeve Tattoo

Bear Sleeve Tattoo


Bears are spirit animals in the Native American culture that symbolize the balance between strength and power. Bears are nocturnal animals that usually crawl on all fours, but seldom stand on their two hind legs to peek at things or when they are trying to detect the source of some odor. Bear tattoos have long been representing tenacity and courage for mankind.

Tattoo enthusiasts may decide to get a bear sleeve tattoo in order to show to the world that they may have crawled at certain points in life because they were helpless, but that experience has made them stronger. Now they are strong enough to walk on two legs and show their capability.

Cute Bear Tattoo

Cute Bear Tattoo 1


Cute Bear Tattoo 2


Picture a cute little bear sleeping with its head resting on a soft pillow? Now imagine this same bear tattooed on top of your ankle, or drawn on your wrist, or why not shoulder bones? Pandas and koala bears love long naps, and if you love snoozing too, get a cute bear tattoo.

A panda bear will sleep for 10 hours per day, while a koala can sleep for 20 hours! The reason why they nap so much is because their all leaf or vegetarian diet provides them very little energy to hop about and get involved in a frenzy. Forget all the hassle and hit the sack, I tell you!

Feminine Bear Tattoo

Feminine Bear Tattoo


A feminine figure is responsible for keeping a family together, and in the process of doing so she ends up making tons of sacrifices. She tries to maintain a close-knit family bond with every member, and people recognize her as a loving and protective mother, and a kind, str  ong and resilient community member who wants to contribute to the society in a proactive way.

A mother bear symbolizes all those qualities that we find in a human feminine figure, the reason why many women, especially mothers, can relate with female bears a lot. If you resonate with the protective nature of female bears, you may want to consider a feminine bear tattoo.

Pooh Bear Tattoo

Pooh Bear Tattoo


Winnie-the-Pooh bear’s name is a combination of two different names. Winnie was the name of a black bear in the London Zoo during the 1920s, whereas Pooh was the name of a swan from the book “When we were very young”. Nevertheless, the name is super cute and if you relate with the friendly and thoughtful nature of the bear, you may consider a Pooh Bear tattoo.

Winnie-the-Pooh bear is very caring and can do almost anything for his friends. He has a soft voice and is an extremely gentle and sweet-natured character. We also find him in love with honey–he stockpiles honey in secret places to eat later, and he will not hesitate in collecting it from even bees using whatever sort of contraption necessary.

Bear Face Tattoo

Bear Face Tattoo 1


Bear Face Tattoo 2


It has been centuries that bears are chosen as an idea to express thoughts in the form of body art. Be it the Celtic culture or the Viking tattooing tradition, bears have been used as a motif for for quite some time. Bears symbolize strength and loyalty, and other qualities of warriors.

If you are interested in upholding Native American culture to the world, or if you just love bears in general because of their gentle nature and deep unwavering commitment, you might want to opt for a bear face tattoo. It could be on the arms or chest, growling or quietly observing.

Celtic Bear Tattoo

Celtic Bear Tattoo


The Celtic people or the Celts were ancient indo-European people who left their mark of bravery in this world by their dominating presence between 750 BC and 12 BC. It may surprise you but the Celts also flaunted their arms and chests with tattoos in order to appear intimidating in front of their enemies. Celts were warriors and had a passion for fighting and winning battles.

The Celts obtained their tattoo ink from a plant named ‘woad’, from which they made a blue colored ink to paint their bodies with. They drew on other media too, like metallic plates and stone surfaces. Bears were used as totem or spirit animals in the ornate tattoo designs of the Celtics. Celtic bear tattoos have trickled down from ancient heritage to the modern 21st century.

Viking Bear Tattoo

Viking Bear Tattoo


The ancient Vikings revered nature highly, and used to value bears as their totem animals. In Old Norse language, bears were termed as “Bjorn” that symbolized raw and unadulterated courage and power. People today often choose a Viking Bear tattoo on their arms and legs to uphold the warrior spirit, the ancient Viking culture, resilience and determination.

Bjorns were considered as animals of admiration, respect, strength and nobility. You will often see tattoos where a Viking warrior is wearing a feathered bear-head on his own head. This symbolism came from the word “Berserkr”, which, in Old Norse language means “a warrior who wears the bear’s skin” during combat. The bear’s head radiated strength to the warrior Viking.

Koala Bear Tattoo

Koala Bear Tattoo


Koala bears symbolize nothing but cuteness and relaxation. These Aussie furry creatures are loved and cherished for their carefree and laid-back nature. They possess such innocence and child-like wonder in their eyes, it is almost magical. Koala bears are quite loyal animals to both their family and mates, therefore koala bear tattoos symbolize oneness and protection

Do you know what the word “Koala” means, and how the animal got its name? Koala comes from the Dharug word “gula” which means “no drink”. Koalas are named so because they do not need to drink from a water source– they get most of their moisture from the eucalyptus leaves they keep chewing on. They are nocturnal the reason why they sleep during the day.

Bear Family Tattoo

Bear Family Tattoo


A large mummy bear in the background and little cubs playing around her. with the father bear looking over them with bare teeth and bare claws to bring down any predator that may dare attack his family, is an excellent idea for a tattoo. The bond between a bear mom and her cubs is incomparable, and a bear family tattoo represents unity and long-lasting love.

Bears are often seen as malicious creatures, probably because of their large gape, huge fangs and invincible-looking claws. But in practicality, they are quite gentle and tolerant. They are highly intelligent, empathetic, playful and altruistic. Mother bears are extremely affectionate and devoted mothers to their cubs. Capturing this family bond within a tattoo art-piece is incredible.

Bear Knee Tattoo

Bear Knee Tattoo


Getting a bear knee tattoo is a wonderful idea because it looks quite stylish and attractive, and not to mention that bear tattoos have an abundance of symbolic significance hidden in them. Some individuals get them at exactly the point where the knee bends to highlight the large gape.

Traditional approach to making bear knee tattoos is also undertaken and in these cases the tattoos are filled in with a wide range of vivid colors like red, yellow, golden turquoise, and cyan. Geometric patterns to express spiritual significance could be incorporated too.

Honey Bear Tattoo

Honey Bear Tattoo


It is not like only Winnie-the-pooh character loves honey– brown and black bears in the wild actually do love eating honey. They would climb trees, cross streams, and would crawl miles to get the heavenly taste of honey in their mouth. They even gorge on the beehive and the larvae.

Honey is a nutritious food item for bears. Sugar present in honey and the proteins in the bee eggs and larvae are the basic nutrients that the bears are after. Honey symbolizes truth, hardwork and knowledge that go hand-in-hand with the resilience and tenacity of bears.

Bear Back Tattoo

Bear Back Tattoo

Choosing to imprint a bear’s face or whole body on your back, instead of the chest or the arm region, may tell a lot about you. A bear back tattoo may convey that you have a very strong personality who does not need something showy and visible to indicate his importance.

On the contrary, it could also mean that there are secrets that you are hiding. Back tattoos are often quite expressive and they tell stories about the person’s journey using vivid imagery. Maybe the bear represents sweet memories, or it represents the demons inside of you.

Bear Trap Tattoo

Bear Trap Tattoo


Bear traps may literally mean a trap set in the wild to catch bears, or it could mean a trap to get hold of a criminal in human society. Bear traps could also mean ill-intentioned businesses trying to lure in unsuspecting sellers to the market. Therefore, a bear trap may be positive or negative.

Choosing a bear trap tattoo on your arms or legs could indicate that there is someone or something in your life that you want to keep an eye on, maybe because they have been crossing boundaries of tolerance. On the other hand, it could point to some bad habit in your own personal life that you want to overcome, so you want to observe every move of yourself.

Realistic Bear Tattoo

Realistic Bear Tattoo


Realistic bear tattoos are not for the faint-of-hearts. A large bear face growling on one’s chest or arms is a fearsome sight. A realistic bear tattoo looks as if it is going to pop out and attack someone right at that very instant. They are exquisite works of art, there is no doubt about that.

Realistic tattoos will not only play tricks on your mind (and will help in keeping obnoxious people at bay), but it also helps in cherisisting a memory in vivid details. Realistic bear tattoos tell stories of adventure and struggle in one’s life; tales that have never been shared before.

Bear Mountain Tattoo

Bear Mountain Tattoo


There are certain bear species that reside near or on the mountains, such as the polar bears, black bear and even the grizzly bears. Tattoos of bears crawling away or in an upright posture, with the moon and the mountains in the background, represent an adventurous and fearless journey. This journey may be a long physical or a spiritual journey, where lessons were learnt.

Moons in a tattoo also symbolize growth and dynamism. The person opting for bear mountain tattoos has undergone a tough journey in his life, the experience of which he wants to share with the world, but subtly and implicitly. He does not want to shout about his achievements or cry over his losses, but he wants to radiate the lessons learnt to humanity to utilize it.

Bear Neck Tattoo

Bear Neck Tattoo


Neck tattoos are quite challenging to make– both for the tattoo-artist and for the tattoo enthusiast. It is one of the most sensitive and delicate places in the body. Getting a neck tattoo symbolizes that the meaning depicted by the neck tattoo is extremely close to the person’s inner being, to her heart. Neck tattoos are therefore quite special and meaningful.

Choosing to get a bear neck tattoo either on the side of the neck or the back is a courageous act by itself only. Some individuals are brave enough to get the ink on their throat and then flaunt the dangerous beauty. A bear tattoo represents courage, resilience and tenacity, and getting one on the neck is a compliment to the overall symbolism of the tattoo.

Wolf And Bear Tattoo

Wolf And Bear Tattoo


Wolf and bear tattoos signify unbreakable determination, steadfast relentlessness, unwavering courage, and firm resolution. Both these animals are notorious for their ferocity in the unpredictable wilderness. They are both powerhouses of energy, and even attack each other. But most of the time, they have been found to coexist, which makes matters interesting.

You can consider the relationship between a wolf and a bear as friendly animosity. You can compare the bond between two friends or partners who stand shoulder-to-shoulder and chest-to-chest in every aspect. They have numerous commonalities and are equally vivacious, but when it comes to conflict of interest, matters may go out of hand.

A passionate relationship is what we are talking about here. A bear striking a wolf down with its formidable claws can only mean that only one of the duo can rule the kingdom of the wild.

Grumpy Bear Tattoo

Grumpy Bear Tattoo


The Care Bears are cartoonish bear characters who were found in greeting cards and some animated movies during the 1980s, like in the movie “The Care Bears In The Land Without Feelings”. There is a collection of bears, and among them, the grumpy blue bear is one, who assures that it is okay to feel blue sometimes. Grumpy bear tattoos are highly relatable.

The characters have since become quite popular, and even after years of evolution, they still capture the hearts of both old and young. These bears have the mission to express emotions of one human to another human, because let’s face it, though there are tons of social media platforms available in the modern world, we still refuse to talk to each other face-to-face.

Papa Bear Tattoo

Papa Bear Tattoo


Fatherhood is a highly underrated emotion. While mothers get celebrated all over the world almost 365 days of the year, the effort and contribution of a father seldom gets praised or appreciated, or more correctly put, gets taken for granted. In bear families, father bears signify courage and resilience, a sentiment that reflects across fathers throughout the animal kingdom.

Fathers, in order to give themselves a pat on the back, may get themselves a papa bear tattoo. Children who love that grizzly and unkempt male figure in the family, and would like to cherish his memories forever, can get themselves papa bear tattoos as well. In the tattoo, the papa bear could be holding hands with his cub, or leading a troop of cubs along the rows of pine and fir.

Bear Thigh Tattoo

Bear Thigh Tattoo


A large and gaping bear mouth staring at you, with its fangs peeking in the corners of its mouth, is a frightening sight. It could either mean that it is hungry and in a predatory mood, or it could mean it considers you as a threat and wants to scare you off to protect its cubs. Fear and fearlessness both get depicted in ferocious bear tattoos– it depends on your way of thinking.

Bear thigh tattoos are quite popular in modern times, among men and women of all ages. Polar bear tattoos, where the bear is wearing a flower band or crown on its head, are highly symbolic for the Arctic people. For them, polar bears stand for love and protection, because they as a tribe uphold strong family ties. If you share the same point of view, you can opt for bear tattoos.

Nordic Bear Tattoo

Nordic Bear Tattoo


The idea of nordic bears comes from the Vikings who originated in Scandinavia, northern Europe. There was a story in Scandinavian or Norse mythology where a king’s son was cursed to lead the rest of his life as a bear called Bjorn. Nordic bear tattoos are an emblem for heroism, sacrifice, strength, determination and sincerity toward family ties.

Angry Bear Tattoo

Angry Bear Tattoo


An angry bear tattoo, surrounded by broken chains and shackles, represents the end of oppression and the rise of courage. The individuals who opt for these tattoo ideas may have gone through or endured a lot in their life. They have finally decided to raise their voice and put an end to the injustice once and for all. The tattoo could also symbolize the emergence of truth.

Kanye Bear Tattoo

Kanye Bear Tattoo


Kanye bear, the character representing the popular American rapper Kanye West, is chosen by thousands of people every year as a tattoo idea. Kanye bear tattoos represent an independent and carefree attitude of a character that looks forward to living his life on his own terms. Individuals who share that perspective may definitely opt for this tattoo idea.

Brown Bear Tattoo

Brown Bear Tattoo


Bear symbolism has different meanings to different people– some may see the ferocity behind brown bear tattoos, while others may find the love between a mother bear and her cubs. The innocent and fearful look in the eyes of cubs, cuddled in the affectionate embrace of a protective mother bear, symbolizes deep fondness and attachment that the person might be looking for.

Baby Bear Tattoo

Baby Bear Tattoo


An individual who likes the baby versions of all animals across the world, will definitely go head-over-heels for a baby bear tattoo. These tattoos represent cuteness and innocence. People who want to cherish the memories of their children’s childhood or their own childhood prankster habits will opt for bear cub tattoos on their arms or legs anytime under the sun.

Yogi Bear Tattoo

Yogi Bear Tattoo


Remember Yogi Bear, the animated cartoon character and the brainchild of Hanna and Barbera? Well, this grizzly bear often gets commemorated and cherished as a tattoo on people’s arms, chests and feet. His upbeat personality and pragmatic attitude to every problem, especially at procuring his picnic basket, is still relatable to a lot of people across the world.

Watercolor Bear Tattoo

Watercolor Bear Tattoo

Watercolor bear tattoos tell vibrant stories about the life of the individual who owns the tattoo. They look extremely adorable with the subtle choice colors, the hues of purple and pink, playing either on the foreground or the background of the bear’s picture. These kinds of tattoos are a work of art because the color gradient and the techniques mimic original watercolor paintings.

Aztec Bear Tattoo

Aztec Bear Tattoo


Aztecs were the Native American people who dominated the Northern Mexico regions during the 16th century at the time of the Spanish conquest. Aztecs were the people who found the Town of Tenochtitlan which became the modern day Mexico City. If you are a traditional individual who wants to uphold his country’s culture, you can opt for an Aztec bear tattoo.

Bull and Bear Tattoo

Bull and Bear Tattoo


Bull and bear tattoos represent strength and determination. People choose geometric and intricate patterns these days, instead of color, to fill up the tattoos. It creates an abstract look that contains a deeper meaning. People who are spiritually strong and fearless, or who want to reform their spirit, adopt these tattoos on their forearms or chests. They look ravishing!

Abstract Bear Tattoo

Abstract Bear Tattoo


Momma bear holding the hands of a cute bear cub and walking away into the horizon is a popular idea for tattoos these days. Tattoos that have a mother bear usually symbolizes love and responsibility. Soon-to-be-moms love to have the imprint of a happy bear family on their arms or lower legs. It reminds them of the arrival of a beautiful new member in their own family.

A Timelapse Video Graphic Representation Of Bear Tattoo From Beginning To End

Here is a video on a very intriguing tattooing process that will captivate your attention. The imagery that has been used portrays a large, growling bear face inside a deep, dark forest.


The list of frequently asked questions down below will help answer any further queries you may have about getting a bear tattoo on your body. After all it is your body, so make a decision that you will not regret later on.

Q: What is the best place on your body to get a bear tattoo?

Ans: If you want a large bear tattoo, getting it on the arm, chest or back would be an amazing choice. Minimalistic bear tattoos could be imprinted on ankles, wrists, and shoulder bones.

Q: What does a forest bear tattoo represent?

Ans: It may represent that you love your home or you are homesick for some reason and you want to return to safety as quickly as possible. It could also symbolize your bravery and courage, and that you are ready to step into the unknown and try things to accelerate your spiritual growth.

Q: What are some geometric bear tattoo designs?

Ans: Geometric bear tattoos are quite contemporary and timeless. There is the popular half-and-half where there is a slash line in the middle with half of a bear face on one side, and half of another spirit animal’s face on the other side.

Then there is the geometric portal where a vivid scene is intricately woven within a triangle or a diamond shape. You may also go for the ancient Viking or Celtic motif style bear tattoos.


Bear tattoos, at a glance, seem to portray ferocity and intimidation. As most of the imagery is metaphorical or abstract, each could look at the tattoos and interpret differently. In general, bear tattoos represent growth, passion, love, loyalty, strength and resilience.

The parenting and hunting techniques of wild bears have been mesmerizing humans for centuries. The Celtics and the Vikings have been nurturing their awe and respect for bears since the beginning of time. Bear tattoos uphold culture and traditions, and symbolize spiritual significance for a lot of individuals across the world. This art must evolve and be cherished.

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