52 Athena Tattoo Ideas To Show Your Inner Warrior

Athena tattoos have been a longstanding popular tattoo design among enthusiasts. The tattoo has some great meanings and deep symbolism rooted in ancient history. Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom. So the tattoo takes the goddess’ symbolism and meanings.

But the tattoo is not only rich in ancient culture, history, and meaning, but the tattoo is also visually aesthetic. The tattoo can feature a ton of designs from simple to complex and colorful designs that will surely turn some heads.

So, if you were trying to find a tattoo idea for the Athena tattoo and were lost in all the beautiful designs, you are not alone. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with some of the best Athena tattoo meanings out there.

Meaning Of Athena Tattoo

Meaning of Athena Tattoo


The Athena tattoo is rich in history and culture. As the tattoo is made after the Greek goddess Athena, the tattoo follows her features and the meanings associated with the goddess. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and courage. So the Athena tattoo also represents the wearer’s wisdom and courage in testing times.

But Athena is not only beautiful and wise, she is also the goddess of strategic warfare and arts. So the tattoo also represents her strength, resilience, and wrath. It also represents the wearer’s love for art after the goddess.

So the Athena tattoo is very meaningful and symbolic. But if you want, you can just get the tattoo for its aesthetic purposes.

Empowering Athena Tattoo Designs

There are diverse options for the Athena tattoo as it has become so popular in the tattoo industry. You’ll find the tattoo in lots of shapes and sizes with tons of other elements. The tattoo featuring Athena can be done on multiple placements as well.

So, to ease your tattoo design hunt, we’ve listed some cool designs for the Athena tattoo that are unique and will definitely start a conversation.

So why wait? Let’s jump right in.

Athena Goddess Tattoo

Athena Goddess Tattoo


This is possibly the most popular design for the Athena tattoo. This tattoo features the goddess Athena in her full glory in the Greek art style. The tattoo features the goddess in her classic armor with the iconic helmet, spear, and shield.

The tattoo represents the meanings that the goddess represents. It represents the wisdom, courage, and strength of the goddess. The tattoo also may represent the goddess’ warfare ability and in turn the wearer’s resilience to overcome hardships.

The tattoo can be easily customized with lots of elements from Greek mythos. You can add other gods in the tattoo, or just add detailed elements on the goddess’ armor. The tattoo looks best on bigger areas like the shoulder or the chest.

Athena Owl Tattoo

Athena Owl Tattoo 1


Athena Owl Tattoo 2


Athena Owl Tattoo 3


If you are someone who wants a more symbolic tattoo design, then the Athena owl tattoo might be for you. The tattoo features an owl with Athena emphasizing the symbol of wisdom, intellect, and strategic abilities of Athena and in turn the wearer.

This tattoo can be done in different styles depending on your choice, you can either go for a realistic style or an abstract style. Although the watercolor or traditional style does not go with this theme, you can still get the tattoo in those styles to make it unique.

Athena Tattoo Minimalist

Athena Tattoo Minimalist


This tattoo is for minimalism lovers and features a smaller and simpler version of Athena. This tattoo is a great way to represent the symbolism of the tattoo without being too extravagant. This tattoo looks best on the wrists, ankles, or behind the ear.

Athena Statue Tattoo

Athena Statue Tattoo 1


Athena Statue Tattoo 2


This is an unorthodox tattoo design featuring a portrayal of the statue of Athena. This tattoo gives a timeless look to the Athena tattoo representing her wisdom and beauty. This tattoo can also be placed anywhere on the body. But it looks best on the forearm, shoulder, or on the neck.

Athena and Medusa Tattoo

Athena and Medusa Tattoo


This is a very intriguing and symbolic tattoo featuring Athena and Medusa. This tattoo symbolizes the complex duality of power and vulnerability. This posits two Greek mythological figures together who are both powerful but have two very different fates.

Medusa represents beauty, and vulnerability and Athena represents strength. This complex juxtaposition may represent the placement of wisdom over chaos featuring Athena’s placement over Medusa’s. This tattoo looks best on the shoulder or on the forearms.

Athena Warrior Tattoo

Athena Warrior Tattoo


No warrior tattoo would look cooler than the warrior goddess Athena herself. This tattoo features Athena in her full battle armor with her iconic spear and shields ready to go battle. You can add some other details like an owl on the tattoo and get the tattoo done on the chest or back.

Athena Sleeve Tattoo

Athena Sleeve Tattoo 1


Athena Sleeve Tattoo 2


If you are looking for a powerful sleeve tattoo, the Athena tattoo is an excellent choice. This tattoo features the goddess done on the entire arm with some really cool details. This tattoo is mostly done in black and white with good shading and highlights.

Athena Chest Tattoo

Athena Chest Tattoo


The Athena chest tattoo is a bold choice as it features Athena in her classic costume done on the chest. As the chest is a big placement, you can add some great details to the tattoo including the ornamentation on her armor, and her weapons. You can always add other symbolic or Greek elements to the tattoo to give it some pop.

Traditional Athena Tattoo

Traditional Athena Tattoo


If you are into the traditional American art style, this design can be a great choice for you. This tattoo features muted colors and some bold black outlines following the traditional American art style. This tattoo looks best on the forearm with Athena and her armor set.

Athena Arm Tattoo

Athena Arm Tattoo


As the arm is a very visible part of the body, this tattoo often features intricate details on the tattoo. This tattoo can feature Athena with her owl in her armor and weapons. This tattoo represents the beauty and wisdom of Athena in a more visible placement.

Watercolor Athena Tattoo

Watercolor Athena Tattoo


If you want a colorful and lively tattoo, then the watercolor Athena tattoo is the way to go. This tattoo features Athena in a watercolor style with all her beauty mimicking watercolor art. The perfect placement for this tattoo would be on the shoulder.

Athena Thigh Tattoo

Athena Thigh Tattoo


The thigh is also a bigger placement for the Athena tattoo. You can easily add some great details on the thigh and can extend the tattoo to the legs as well. This tattoo can feature a realistic or detailed Athena design with the armor and the weapons of the goddess.

Old School Athena Tattoo

Old School Athena Tattoo


This is a retro tattoo giving Athena a cartoonish or traditional look. This tattoo can also feature classic elements like a spear, shield, or Athena’s armor. You can easily display this tattoo by placing it on the neck or forearm.

Athena Back Tattoo

Athena Back Tattoo


As the back provides a big canvas for the Athena tattoo, you can do a grand design representing the goddess. This tattoo features the goddess in all her glory with the spear and the shield covering the entire back.

Athena Geometric Tattoo

Athena Geometric Tattoo


If you are looking for a modern design for your tattoo, then the geometric tattoo is a great option. This tattoo features the goddess Athena in some geometric shapes like a triangle, rectangle, or circle. This tattoo looks best on the forearms or shoulders.

How To Get A Stunning Athena Tattoo

The video shows a tattoo artist doing an Athena tattoo on the Forearm. The artist first traces the traditional outline with a stencil. Then they move on to drawing the outline with a broad needle tool and fill up the outside of the tattoo with ink to make the tattoo visible. Finally, the artist moves on to give some highlights before finishing the tattoo.

This is a great representation of an Athena tattoo on the forearm. But if you are looking for an Athena tattoo in general, then this will give you a good idea of the tattooing process as well.


The Athena tattoo had earned the reputation of being a trendy tattoo recently. So your light has some questions regarding the tattoo that we may not have covered in the designs. So here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Athena tattoo that we’ve been asked by our clients.

Q: Are Athena tattoos only for women?

Answer: No. Athena tattoos are not exclusively for women. Although Athena tattoos are more popular among women, men also do the tattoo for their aesthetic or symbolic values.

Q: Do Athena Tattoos hurt?

Answer: Tattoos in general do hurt. But the Athena tattoo does not hurt more than other tattoos in particular. But the tattoo will hurt depending on the position of the tattoo and the complexity of the design.


The Athena tattoo is a great piece of body art that allows you to connect with an ancient civilization, wisdom, and strength. These tattoos are not only symbolic and meaningful, rather they are also beautiful pieces that will surely make some head turn.

In this article, we’ve shared some of the coolest designs for the Athena tattoo out there. We hope that you like the tattoo designs and have found a design that’s right for you. If you have any further questions, make sure to reach us in the comments for any additional ideas. Happy tattooing!

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