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75 Charming Ankle Bracelet Tattoos With Mind Blowing Designs!

Ankle Bracelet tattoos are seen from the ancient period of time. It is assumed that people with mysterious characteristics or personalities usually go for this tattoo. Ankle Bracelet tattoos are used for the remembrance of the persons who are long gone, but in the modern times, without knowing proper meaning or use, people just use tattoos for beautification purposes only.

Yes, tattoos are interesting to those who have meanings and wonderful history. Ankle Bracelet tattoos have several symbolic meanings. Though this tattoo is mostly used by the women, gents also used the bracelet tattoo with a masculine design. This tattoo is gaining popularity as the days go by.

Those who are thinking about getting their first tattoo, you can surely try the Ankle Bracelet tattoo though it is a very painful area, but for the novice it is a great position to start. So if you want to explore the meanings and different ideas of Ankle Bracelet tattoo, go through the article till the bottom for best results!

The Uncommon Meanings Of Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Ankle bracelet tattoo 1

Ankle Bracelet tattoos have a variety of motifs, styles, themes and meanings also. This tattoo is an ancient one and the first glimpse was seen on a mummy. So you can assume now how older this tattoo is. Though everyone has a common belief that this tattoo is particularly for the feminine, but as I was saying about the mummy, it was a male and he was a king.

This tattoo has a special symbolic meaning. Though it looks simple, the meaning of it has a great depth. Many can assume it as their own, but usually when someone you love passes away, to remember their memory, this tattoo is done. Also if you had a special relationship with someone, but for some reason you had to leave all of it, to remember the  memory or something special, the Ankle Bracelet tattoo is done and of course specially by the women.

When a big chapter of your life is closed for certain reasons, then someone could try the Ankle bracelet tattoo. By now you know how special this tattoo is and last but not the least, visually it looks so stunning that many just do it for beautification.

Exceptional Ankle Bracelet Tattoo Ideas To Explore!

Ankle Bracelet tattoos are visually stunning tattoos and young girls are crazy about the designs. But the most confusing parts come about the idea of getting the tattoo. You of course would want a new design or some idea which is very unique.

So to match with your imagination, I have prepared some exceptional ideas that will surely help you to find your own favorite one. Also with many experts’ advice, the whole idea of the ankle bracelet tattoo is setted up here like a complete guideline.

Ankle Charm Bracelet Tattoo

Ankle charm bracelet tattoo

The speciality of  Ankle Charm Bracelet tattoos is, it is one of the top most trending tattoos for the last two years. In 2024, people are going crazy about this tattoo. Girls are getting on lines in the tattoo parlors for this wonderfully charming ankle bracelet tattoo.

As you can see in the picture, it is a floral design bracelet around the ankle which undoubtedly looks really appealing and really enhances your outlook on beauty. You can use any designs for  Ankle Charm Bracelet tattoos. All you have to do is to wear comparatively short dresses or chinos, so that you can show off your CHARM!!

For this glittering tattoo, you can use colors to add more vibrantness or you can also use monochrome inks just like in the picture. If you are thinking about your first tattoo, you can definitely go with this idea.

Small Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Small ankle bracelet tattoo

Ankle Bracelets are very popular among the ladies as an ornament. Those who are too obsessed with it and want a permanent one in the ankle usually tires the Ankle Bracelet tattoos. Small tattoos are very unique and it has an immense audience in the tattoo world.

Small Ankle Bracelets look so realistic and cute that girls are mad with this ankle bracelet idea. As you can look at the picture, it would be hard to tell if this is an ornament or a tattoo design. You can use the design including a bracelet to make it more meaningful or realistic.

Ankle Bracelet Tattoos With Flowers

Ankle bracelet tattoos with flowers

Undoubtedly girls love the floral designs in any aspect included. Florals are the most used design by women.  These designs are easy to think of but not that easy to implant. Ankle Bracelet tattoos with flowers are an amazing tattoo with great visuals. As the design is like a bracelet, the flowers are included like a chain with a round shape around the ankle.

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo With Names

Ankle bracelet tattoo with names

The locket in the ankle bracelets can be used by many means. Just like one can permanently name someone in the Ankle Bracelet tattoos with a name. This name can be anyone special and not particularly it has to be someone you loved. It can be your family members or just someone you would always want to carry him/her through life.

This tattoo is smaller in size and mainly emphasizes the name. You can customize the size of the name as per your wish. A simple design would look perfect for the Ankle Bracelet tattoos with names.

Butterfly Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Butterfly ankle bracelet tattoo

Who doesn’t want a Butterfly Tattoo? If you are a girl, and looking for your first ever tattoo, subconsciously they chose something with a butterfly. So a butterfly tattoo is always a first choice and when it comes to Butterfly ankle tattoo, then the craze goes beyond expectation.

Butterfly Ankle tattoo looks so exotic and the meaning of the tattoo becomes more of depth. This is a bit more complicated than the usuals. Color would look really beautiful for this design.

Feather Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Feather ankle bracelet tattoo

Feather Tattoos are so appealing with beautiful meanings that girls consider this tattoo very much. Those who are thinking of an ankle tattoo, they see the idea from the picture, you can see it is looking really stunning with the monochrome ink also. So if you try the color it would look more seductive as well.

The bracelet could be of feathers or you can just use the feather as a locket also. So you have the freedom of the design so the rest depends on you. Smaller designs look more comfortable and easy to get.

Ankle Bracelet Tattoos With Cross

Ankle bracelet tattoos with cross

Till now the ideas I have discussed are more or less for the feminine. But the Ankle Bracelet tattoos with cross is something else and this could be used by any gender. If you are religious and want to carry a cross your entire life and also after your death then this is the tattoo you are looking for.

As said any gender can be used, so you need to just shave the ankle area hairs or just keep it clean to pop the design for more visible clarity. You can keep the bracelet small and the cross is up to you.

Memorial Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Memorial Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Memorial Ankle Bracelet tattoo is a very special one as it holds the memory of someone special in your life. It can be your daddy, mommy, father, grandma or someone you love with your soul. It can be a name or it can also be a special date you want to keep forever.

As you can see in the picture, the lockets are memories of the client’s father, with his birthdate and the day he passed. These memoirs are so special that the tattoo keeps reminding of the person we lost for the rest of our lives.

Seashell Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Seashell Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

If you have visited a beach or walked around the coast, you have surely observed seashells in the sand and subconsciously you have collected it also. Girls try to make a chain or bracelet out of it. And there are some people who are so obsessed with the seashell that they go for the Seashell Ankle Bracelet tattoo.

The design and shape can of any means as per the picture. You can add your personal favorite designed seashells and make a bracelet design. Colorful tones will look great but people usually avoid colors in the ankle area but this is completely your choice.

Dreamcatcher Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Dreamcatcher Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Dreamcacther is a modern craze and people, especially girls, like the idea of a dreamcatcher very much. They usually hang in their rooms, but those who love it and see it as their good luck, want to have a tattoo with the dreamcatcher design.

Dreamcatcher Ankle Bracelet tattoos are a very popular design and as I said before, the locket of the bracelet can be used by any design, and those who are looking for good fortune go with the dreamcatcher design.

More Nice-Looking Ankle Bracelet Tattoo Design To Explore!

Ankle Bracelets have so many varieties of ideas and designs that it is easy to get confused very easily. Girls especially want the same type of tattoo after seeing one, but they also want the same one with a different tattoo. I know it sounds funny, but it is also possible with the right ink expert.

Though till now you should be convinced with the idea, if you need more designs of an Ankle Bracelet tattoo, check out the designs I collected from various expert Ideas and from my Tattoo Studio archive.

Ankle bracelet tattoo 3

Ankle bracelet tattoo 2

Ankle bracelet tattoo 4

Ankle bracelet tattoo 5

Ankle bracelet tattoo 6

Ankle bracelet tattoo 7

Ankle bracelet tattoo 8

Ankle bracelet tattoo 9

Ankle bracelet tattoo 10

Ankle bracelet tattoo 11

Ankle bracelet tattoo 12

Ankle bracelet tattoo 13

Ankle bracelet tattoo 14

Ankle bracelet tattoo 15

Ankle bracelet tattoo 16

Ankle bracelet tattoo 17

Ankle bracelet tattoo 18

Ankle bracelet tattoo 19

Ankle bracelet tattoo 20

Ankle bracelet tattoo 21

Ankle bracelet tattoo 22

Ankle bracelet tattoo 23

Ankle bracelet tattoo 24

Ankle bracelet tattoo 25

Ankle bracelet tattoo 26

Ankle bracelet tattoo 27

Ankle bracelet tattoo 28

Ankle bracelet tattoo 29

Ankle bracelet tattoo 30

Ankle bracelet tattoo 31

Ankle bracelet tattoo 32

Ankle bracelet tattoo 33

Ankle bracelet tattoo 34

Ankle bracelet tattoo 35

Ankle bracelet tattoo 36

Ankle bracelet tattoo 37

Ankle bracelet tattoo 38

Ankle bracelet tattoo 39

Ankle bracelet tattoo 40

Ankle bracelet tattoo 41

Ankle bracelet tattoo 42

Ankle bracelet tattoo 43

Ankle bracelet tattoo 44

Ankle bracelet tattoo 45

Ankle bracelet tattoo 46

Ankle bracelet tattoo 47

Ankle bracelet tattoo 48

Ankle bracelet tattoo 49

Ankle bracelet tattoo 50

Ankle bracelet tattoo 51

Ankle bracelet tattoo 52

Ankle bracelet tattoo 53

Ankle bracelet tattoo 54

Ankle bracelet tattoo 55

Ankle bracelet tattoo 56

Ankle bracelet tattoo 57

Ankle bracelet tattoo 58

Ankle bracelet tattoo 59

Ankle bracelet tattoo 60

Ankle bracelet tattoo 61

Ankle bracelet tattoo 62

Ankle bracelet tattoo 63

Ankle bracelet tattoo 64

Ankle bracelet tattoo 65

After researching you will find Ankle tattoos hurt the most among all other parts of the body. So curiosity will lead you for an example, that’s why I have kept the video for you so that you can get ideas how it is done and how it will look after it is finished.


With the proper guide it is easy to get anything, even a tattoo. Though the body is yours, design is yours, still which one will look how, obviously the artist knows the best. So I have always kept suggesting before doing a special tattoo just like the Ankle Bracelet tattoo, consult with an expert as the area is really painful.

All the necessary problems and solutions regarding an ankle bracelet tattoo are discussed throughout the article, so if you are looking for one, this is the best help you can get. Hopefully you have liked the article. Thank you, Happy Reading!

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