Angel Wings Tattoo

41 Angel Wing Tattoo Designs That Are Spectacular

The angel wing tattoo has been increasing in popularity and has been the go-to tattoo design for many enthusiasts and beginners alike.  The angel wing tattoo can not only be a visually stunning piece of ink on your body but also be a carrier of deep meaning and symbolism for you.

Angel wings have been popular in the tattoo community because of their availability, solid design, space for creativity, and color options. Angel wings have been around for ages in art and literature in many shapes and forms. The wings have been known to convey spirituality, protection, and hope.

In this article, we will explore the different meanings that the angel tattoo may signify so that you can choose a design that will satisfy your needs or match your personality. We would also like to show you 40 amazing tattoo ideas incorporating angel wings on different parts of your body that you will love to wear. Whether you intend to express your personal feelings and beliefs, honor someone, or just want to rock some beautiful body art, this article will help you choose the right tattoo design.

So why wait? let’s get into it.

Meaning Of The Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel Wings Tattoo Meaning


Over the many many years, the angel wings tattoo has been around there, it has alluded to many different meanings. The tattoo often conveys deeply personal messages and reminders for its wearer. The angel wings have been associated with spirituality, religiousness, protection, and hope for a better future among other symbolisms.

The most basic meaning of the angel wings is the most obvious. Angel wings from their naming, point to something divine, the idea of a higher power watching us from above, something godly. So for those of you who are religious, the angel wing tattoo often means protection from a divine being or a connection with a higher power or God.

Again, another meaning of the angel wing tattoo derives from its divine meaning as angel wings give you protection and may shield you from danger. For those who have experienced trauma or have seen the loss of someone close, the angel wings may convey the meaning of protection.

The wings may also be seen as a symbol of guidance as angels are said to give one direction and support in uncertainty and distress. When one is going through a tough time the angel wings tattoo may relay the meaning of purpose or direction in life.

Finally, the angel wings tattoo has been often associated with hope and can be a sign of hope showing the idea of a better future or life. This meaning especially pertains to those who are going through a tough time with challenges or to those who have experienced hardships and wish for a better future.

The angel wings tattoo means different things to different people spending on their situation and their beliefs. But moving away from all the symbolism, you can also rock the tattoo to just show off some cool colors.

41 Ravishing Angel Wings Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking to get some ink on your body and use Angel wing tattoos for any of the different meanings, you may want to look at some angel wings tattoo design ideas to give you inspiration for your design.

We have gathered some of the most liked and trending tattoo ideas for you so you can sport some cool ink on your body.  Why wait? Here are 40 brilliant angel wings tattoo ideas for you.

Small Angel Wings Tattoo

Small angel wings tattoo 1


Small angel wings tattoo 2


Small angel wings tattoo 3

Small angel wings tattoo designs are some of the bests we have seen if you are getting an angel wing tattoo. If you are looking to get some minimalism theme going or just want a simple yet meaningful piece on your body, you cannot go wrong with this tattoo design idea. This idea features a pair of small wings that are featured in places like the back of the neck, wrist, or ankle.

One of the major benefits of a small angel wings tattoo is the amount of versatility you get with the design. You can either choose to flaunt the ink or conceal it depending on your dress up and the occasion that you’re going to. If you are looking to get some upgrades for the tattoo- adding something alongside the wings later in your tattooing journey, these tattoos are also easy to build upon. And due to the small size of the tattoo, these tattoos are also really painless to get.

This tattoo is also immensely popular for women as they can add the tattoo in positions like the side Boob, under Boob, or even in the bikini line to get a minimal theme going. The main benefit of the tattoo is its simplicity as it is only the outlines of the wings themselves. That means the tattoo does not have to have vivid colors or intricate details. This allows you to focus on just the symbolic meaning of the tattoo rather than any highlights or details of the design which makes it perfect for every type of audience.

So, overall, a small angel wings tattoo design would be a great choice for simplicity lovers who just want a meaningful tattoo. The minimalist design allows the tattoo design to be perfect for any type of wearer. So, if you are looking for a simple tattoo or just want to show your faith, you can rock the small angel wings tattoo.

Angel Wings Tattoo On The Back

Angel wings tattoo on back 1


Angel wings tattoo on back 2


Out of all the angel wing tattoo ideas, perhaps this is the most realistic look as it is exactly where it should be, on the back. Tattoo enthusiasts have often looked at the design in the back as symbolic. The angel tattoo design on the back is supposed to be a symbol of protection as the wings are a protective layer over the spine.

As you can see in the example images, when doing the tattoo on the back you can get several options including the addition of other graphics on the back inside the angel wings to add to the symbolic meaning. As we have said that the angel wings tattoo signifies protection, you can use the tattoo on the back as a sign of protection or faith that you are overseen by a higher power.

You can add vivid colors to the angel wings on the back and make it as realistic as possible. You can even make the tattoo seem like real wings coming out of your back with the tattoo’s looks. You can also add other elements inside the tattoo to add to your intended meaning for the tattoo. For example, in our example image, you can see a heart added to the angel wings tattoo signifying the protection of love and heart by the angel wings. Overall, the design is a very popular one among enthusiasts, and you can also get one if you are interested in showing off the themes we mentioned.

Angel Wings Tattoo On Neck

Angel wings tattoo on neck


Another design choice you can go with for your angel wing tattoo is to do the angel wing tattoo on your neck. You can choose from many styles and color options when you are doing an angel wings tattoo on your neck.

Neck angel wing tattoos are most often kept simple and minimalistic with little detailing. This gives the wearer a minimalist but cool look. Although if you want you can go overboard and add other graphic elements like a halo or a sword to add to the symbolic meaning of the tattoo.

But if you are willing to choose to get a tattoo on the neck, then you should be aware of the pain level. Because the neck has a high pain level, doing an angel tattoo on the neck might be very painful if you are choosing elaborate designs and vivid detailing. So, we’d suggest you keep things simple and add a little detailing. But if you have a high tolerance, you can go for an over-the-top design to show off your style.

Angel Wings Tattoo On Wrist

Angel wings tattoo on wrist 1

Angel wings tattoo on wrist 2

Doing the angel tattoo on the wrist is another popular option that people choose to go for. As the wrist is one of the most visible places in your body, you can rock very vivid color options in your tattoo designs. You can do elaborate designs that can turn heads and properly portray your intended symbolism for the tattoo.

The wrist is a point in your body that has a high pain tolerance level. So, you can use bigger needle sizes to make vivid color contrasts and detailed designs on the wrist to get some amazing looking tattoos. You can add some insane details in the section of your body for the angel wings but also can keep it minimalistic.

Another benefit for which you can choose the tattoo on your wrist is because of its versatility. Any design you make, be it minimal or detailed, can be covered by a watch or jewelry depending on the dress you are wearing and any events you are attending. Doing the tattoo on your wrist gives you a symbolic meaning of love and protection, that is easily visible on the wrists.

Angel Wings Tattoo On Forearm

Angel wings tattoo on forearm 1


Angel wings tattoo on forearm 2

Another very popular design choice when you are doing the angel wings tattoo is to do the tattoo on your forearm. Most often than not you should choose one single wing for the forearm to make the design the most effective.

The forearm is another of the places which is easily visible and which you can flaunt easily. So, if you are doing a wing tattoo on your forearm you can make it as vibrant and colorful as you can. The forearm is also a place with a high tolerance for pain. So, you can go ham on the design you are doing and create some awesome designs. So, you can add more colors to make the wings more realistic, or keep the tattoo monochrome with only black and white designs.

Due to the forearms having a high pain tolerance, you can also do complex designs involving other graphical elements to give your tattoo an extra pop factor. You can either go for the full wings design on your forearm where one single wing will span the entire length of your arm. or you can even opt for a smaller design that only covers a part of your forearm.

Again, another great benefit is the versatility of the tattoo on the arm. Because you can either choose to hide the tattoo with your clothing or choose to show the tattoo with a folded shirt or if you are rocking a sleeveless dress.

Angel Wing Tattoos For Females

Angel wing tattoos for females


During our years of tattoo designing experience, we have seen a lot of angel wings tattoo designs. And looking at past records, we have seen that often women like simpler angel wing tattoo designs for their bodies.

These tattoos are often incorporated into women who perceive themselves as strong and powerful yet nurturing in nature, similar to an angel.

The designs may range from a very feminine design to a much bolder approach with darker colors and vivid designs. The design is like many other designs above, you can do the design at any place on your body. But for our female readers, we would suggest getting the tattoos on your shoulder, arms, or wrists to get the best visual appeal.

Angel Wings Tattoo On Chest

Angel wings tattoo on chest 1


Angel wings tattoo on chest 2


If you are into bigger tattoos and want to show off your tattoos, you can choose to do the tattoo on your chest. You can choose to do the tattoo with wings that span the entire chest with wings spread across. Or you can also choose to make smaller wings to give a subtle vibe. Also doing the tattoo on a chest, you can add elements with quotes and texts with different fonts to make the tattoo pop more.

You can do many different designs if you are choosing the tattoo on your chest because of the low pain level in the chest. The chest has a higher pain tolerance. So, you can rock a complex design with multiple graphical elements along with your angel wings tattoos such as swords, and crosses among other elements to make the tattoo more meaningful and symbolic.

As the chest is one of the biggest canvases you can work with, you can also show off the tattoo with vivid colors and do a very detailed and intricate design with the bigger space you have to work with. But the most important thing about the tattoo is that you can choose either to show the tattoo with a low-cut top or you can just simply hide the tattoo if you are rocking some formals. But our expert suggestion is to make a colorful tattoo design with vivid realistic colors to make the chest tattoo stand out more.

Simple Angel Wings Tattoo

Simple angel wings tattoo

This tattoo is similar to the small angel wings tattoo design and is more focused on minimalism. Most often this is a favorite among women who want a simple and minimalist tattoo to show off their style which they can hide easily. And if you are rocking a simple angel wing tattoo, you can do that easily.

The tattoo is mostly a simple black and white outline of the angel wings that are done with solid black inks or done with fine line needles to keep the minimalism. But despite the simplicity of the tattoo, you can go crazy with the tattoo design as the tattoo is very customizable with similar simpler elements like a cross or a halo. The minimalist style requires less shading and complex colors, which means it’s a low-maintenance tattoo, and there is a low possibility of the colors fading over time. This means this is a perfect tattoo idea for first timers.

Being a simpler tattoo design, you can also choose to do the tattoo practically anywhere on the body. This is the perfect tattoo to be done in locations like under boobs, side boobs, or bikini lines for women.  For men, you can choose to do the tattoo anywhere like your wrist, shoulder, neck, or ankle. And depending on where you are doing the tattoo, you can always change the size of the wings.

Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo

Cross with angel wings tattoo


Another popular design choice that you may take is the cross with angel wings tattoo. This is often a pure representation of one’s belief and you can convey a spiritual message if you choose to go for this design. As the cross represents Jesus’ sacrifice, the angel wings with the cross symbolize sacrifice, spirituality, and guidance. So, with different meanings associated with the tattoo, you can customize the tattoo according to your needs and beliefs.

While doing this tattoo, you can customize the cross to represent different types of crosses. You can choose from a catholic cross or a gothic cross depending on your taste and beliefs. you can choose a catholic cross if you can show off your belief. You can also choose to do a gothic cross to convey a more mysterious message. You can also add different color schemes and other elements like a halo or a dove to convey your message and taste.

You can get the tattoo in many places on your body. As the tattoo has two elements, the tattoo will be best done on the chest, on the back with a bigger design, or on your arm and wrist with a smaller but vibrant design.

Angel Wings Tattoo On The Arm

Angel wings tattoo on arm 1


Angel wings tattoo on arm 2

Another popular placement for the tattoo is on the arm. You can customize the tattoo in many ways. One, you can either choose to extend the design from your shoulder to your arm to give it a detailed and intricate design. This design in our opinion looks one of the coolest and has the symbolism of the wearer being protected.

Otherwise, you can just simply add a simpler design on just the arms to get a minimalist theme going. This position of the tattoo also has the versatility to add more elements to it later if you want. Later, if you want to extend the tattoo, you can add more elements that extend the tattoo to your forearm like quotes and graphics.

Finally, this is a great placement for your tattoo because it will also give you the option to show off the tattoo or just hide it. If you are rocking a sleeveless, you can show off the tattoo and do some colorful designs. Or you can just cover up the tattoo with a dress or a shirt.

Heart With Angel Wings Tattoo

Heart with angel wings tattoo 1


Heart with angel wings tattoo 2


Another popular design for the angel wings tattoo would be with a heart. As the heart is also a very popular tattoo design, you can go crazy with the design scheme. You can play around with different heart designs that complement or contrast the angel wings design to reflect your personal taste in this design.

The tattoo also has a significant meaning. The heart symbolizes love and hope; while the wings symbolize protection and guidance, giving the tattoo a deep meaning. You can use the tattoo to express love and protection for a loved one or use the tattoo in memory of a loved one.

You can place the tattoo anywhere you like depending on how you want to show the design. You can add the tattoo on your chest to do a bigger-sized tattoo with red or pink colors to represent the heart. Or you can even do smaller tattoos on your arm or on the back. You can also do a couple of matching tattoos with your partner with this design. You can also add other elements like 1776 with the angel wings tattoo for your couple’s design.

Angel Wings Tattoo With Name

Angel wings tattoo with name 1


Angel wings tattoo with name 2


A very popular element that you can add to your angel wings tattoo is a name. This tattoo design is very touching as you can add the name of a loved one, or add the name of someone close to you who has passed away to remember them.

This tattoo is normally done with the names of a loved one who has passed away in between the angel wings to signify their protection. The name acts as a reminder for your loved one.

You can also change different details of the design to your liking. For example, you can add a heart in the middle of the design to add to the theme of love and protection. You can also change the placement of the name to different locations to see which suits your taste better. You can also play with the colors if you want.

Devil And Angel Wings Tattoo

Devil and angel wings tattoo 1


Devil and angel wings tattoo 2


The devil and Angel wings tattoo is one of our favorites. The primary symbolism that the tattoo holds is the struggle between the good and the evil in the world and in the wearer.

The most common design for this idea is to make a pair of wings where one of the wings will represent an angel wing and the other wing will represent a devil wing. You can also opt for adding the whole angel and devil to the design if you want to add to the stylistics of the tattoo.

This design can be customized with different elements added to the tattoo like a scale or angels or demons along with just the wings. The tattoo can also be placed on different positions of the body depending on the size that you want.

Angel With Butterfly Wings Tattoo

Angel with butterfly wings tattoo


While you are browsing tattoo ideas, you can also look into mixing and matching the angel wings tattoo with butterfly wings. Depending on the design you choose, you can add the butterfly wing inside the angel wings to give it some flair.

You can also choose to go with the previous approach we took with the angel and devil tattoo and just do a pair of wings where one side is the angel wings and the other side is a butterfly wing. This way you can do some cool color variations to the design.

The butterfly wings are a very common tattoo design and represent rebirth and transformation while the angel wings represent guidance and protection. You can use this deep symbolism to add to your design idea.

Angel Wings Tattoo On The Shoulder

Angel wings tattoo on shoulder


The shoulder is another location where the angel wings tattoo will really pop. The most common design that you can do on the shoulder is to extend the shoulder tattoo to your arm to do an elongated wing design to really give the tattoo some flair. You can also extend the tattoo to your chest or your back for some creative addition.

This tattoo can also be customized with different elements and colors to show off your style. You can incorporate bright colors into the tattoo design, but also can stick to simple design choices like black and white if you like to keep things simple.

If you want to have the tattoo just on your shoulder you can just hide the tattoo with a shirt or a T-shirt. But if you want to show off the tattoo, you can just choose a sleeveless one to show off the ink.

Fallen Angel Wings Tattoo

Fallen angel wings tattoo


The fallen angel wing tattoo is another one of our favorites and will surely attract some attention. But if you want to pursue this design, be aware. Because this tattoo is a hard design to pull off due to its intricate design details.

Normally this design will feature some wings that are broken or are falling off to represent a fallen angel. If you are looking into gothic tattoos, you can also stick to a darker color theme to add to the fallen angel vibe.

This tattoo design often represents trauma or suffering. And if you are someone who is coming out of trauma or just coming out of suffering you can choose this tattoo to signify that.

Memorial Angel Wings Tattoo

Memorial Angel wings tattoo


Memorial angel tattoo designs are just what they sound like. They are created to represent the memory of someone who passed away. You can do the tattoo for those you love and who have passed away.

The design normally features the same angel wings as you would normally use. On top of that, you will just add the date when your loved ones passed away. You can also customize this to your liking as you can add quotes from them, or add their names.

The tattoo symbolizes a spiritual connection with the ones who passed away and acknowledges their presence in your mind. So often this tattoo design would be done somewhere visible like your arm.

Angel And Demon Wings Tattoo

Angel and demon wings tattoo


The angel and demon wings tattoo is close to the angel and devil tattoo designs in the sense that both tattoos feature a similar duality between good and evil. It shows off a sense of balance between the duality of human nature and will help you portray that you have accepted your flaws.

The design typically features a dual wing design where one of the wings would represents an angel wing and the other wing will represent a demon wing. You can also add different elements like a sword, halo  or cross to the design to help make the tattoo pop.

Broken Angel Wings Tattoo

Broken Angel wings tattoo


Another prominent design choice for tattoo enthusiasts would be the broken angel wings tattoo. This tattoo will often be designed with broken wings or wings that are shedding feathers. You can get the tattoo in a number of places on your body. But the most suitable place would be your chest or your back to do an elaborate design.

If you are looking for a symbolic meaning of this tattoo, this tattoo represents a broken heart or struggles. This tattoo can serve as a reminder of the emotional scars that you may have faced in your life.  So, if you are going through a struggle or recently your heart was broken you can choose to get a tattoo.

Angel Wings And Halo Tattoo

Angel wings and halo tattoo


The angel wings halo tattoo is one of the simpler tattoo designs out there. It is a timeless design with two simple elements that often represent protection, love, and divine guidance. It can also be a representation of the innocence of a person.

You can get the tattoo anywhere on the body including your back or the chest if you are to do a detailed design. But we would suggest that you do the tattoo with a more minimal theme and just add some outlines to keep the tattoo simple as we have shown in the example image.

Tiny Angel Wings Tattoo

Tiny angel wings tattoo


The tiny angel wing tattoo is perfect if you are looking for a simple and small tattoo. You can do the tattoo practically anywhere and hide it or flaunt it depending on your needs. Due to its small size, you can add the tattoo on your wrists, ankle, or even on the underboob and side boob areas.

The tattoo typically consists of a small pair of wings or just the outlines of the wings to keep a minimal aesthetic. You can add different colors to the tattoo including different other elements keeping the minimal theme.

Guardian Angel Wings Tattoo

Guardian angel wings tattoo


Another impressive tattoo idea is the guardian angel wing tattoo. This has deep symbolism of protection and guidance. If you want a reminder of guidance and protection you can rock the tattoo.

You can get the tattoo anywhere, especially on the chest and back. But you can also do the tattoo on your forearm, triceps, or wrists to keep the tattoo more visible so that you can add some cool details to the tattoo.

Angel Wings Tattoo On Ankle

Angel wings tattoo on ankle


If you are looking into getting an ankle tattoo and cannot decide on a design, you can choose to get the angel wings tattoo on your ankle. This is a very subtle design often done with a fine line needle.

The tattoo can be hidden easily with a longer pair of jeans or socks, or you can show off the tattoo with a shorter pair of jeans. You also can add additional graphical elements to the design like a halo outline to make the tattoo design cuter.

Baby Angel Wings Tattoo

Baby angel wings tattoo


The baby angel wings tattoo is another trending design that shows off the innocence of a baby and the protection of an angel. The design can be a tribute to a beloved lost child or just a representation of your innocence.

This design generally covers a small baby image with a pair of wings. The design can be customizable with other elements. You can add names or dates to the design. Similar to the previous tattoos you can also place the tattoo anywhere you like. But the most effective placement of this tattoo would be on somewhere visible like the neck of the wrists or an arm.

Angel Wings Tattoo Behind The Ear

Angel wings tattoo behind the ear


Behind the ear, tattoos are often sought after tattoo designs, and if you want, you can also do an angel wing design behind your ear. These tattoos are very simple and minimalistic and are often done with fine line needles.

This design also features a small outline of angel wings accompanied by different elements of your choice. Although the main idea is to keep things simple and add only outlines of designs to keep the design delicate. Although you can go overboard with the design, that would undermine the placement of the tattoo.

Angel Wings Sleeve Tattoo

Angel wings sleeve tattoo


This tattoo is one of the most beautiful and detailed tattoos for the angel wings design. You can just go ham with the design as you can extend the angel wings from your sleeve to your back easily to give it more details.

As you get a big canvas you can add different color schemes to the design to make it visually appealing. But the big canvas is also a drawback because it requires commitment. But if you are sure you want to rock some serious ink, you can go with this design and you will get a stunning looking tattoo. s

Justin Bieber Angel Wings Tattoo

Justin Bieber angel wings tattoo


Perhaps one of the most talked about tattoos in existence is the angel wings tattoo on Justin Bieber’s neck. If you are looking for an iconic tattoo, you cannot go wrong with this design.

The wings spread on the back of the neck in this design symbolize protection from a guardian angel. So if you are in the market for a similar theme, go for this design.

Black Angel Wings Tattoo

Black angel wings tattoo


If you are looking for a bold tattoo design, the black angel wings tattoo would be a better choice for you. Depending on your complexion, the design will provide good contrast.

The design may also symbolize a fallen angel pertaining to the idea that you may be dealing with your inner demons. So, if you are looking for a theme that shows your inner struggles you can go with the black angel wings tattoo design.

Rose With Angel Wings Tattoo

Rose with Angel wings tattoo


This is another design that adds to the flair of the angel wings representing a beautiful combination of love, hope, and guidance.

For this one, you can use a traditional look on the tattoo like a watercolor design for the rose and the wings, or can simply do an outline of the rose and the wings.

Watercolor Angel Wings Tattoo

Watercolor angel wings tattoo


These are some of the most minimalistic tattoo designs we have seen for angel wings tattoos. It has become increasingly popular among tattoo enthusiasts as you can create a simple design with a smooth wings design.

You can also use this tattoo design with different colors to reflect different feelings. For example, you can use the color blue to represent serenity.

Realistic Angel Wings Tattoo

Realistic Angel wings tattoo


This is one for realism lovers as it contains vivid colors and stark contrasts to make the angel wings look as close to the real as possible. These are often the most detailed designs and can be awe-inspiring pieces. But make sure to go to a good tattoo artist to do this tattoo perfectly.

Baby Feet Angel Wings Tattoo

Baby feet angel wings tattoo


The baby feet angel wings tattoo designs are one of the simplest designs there are. It is often representative of your beloved child and contains an image of your baby’s feet inside a pair of wings.

This tattoo symbolizes divine protection for your baby and often is done with just the outlines. You can also do this with the imprints of your pets.

Angel Wings Tattoo On Thigh

Angel wings tattoo on thigh


As the thigh is a bigger canvas for tattoo design, you can be creative with the design and add a detailed and delicate design for your thigh. You can do both realistic or abstract designs for the angel wings according to your taste and can even hide them with your clothing if necessary.

Tribal Angel Wings Tattoo

Tribal Angel wings tattoo


The tribal angel wings tattoo is some of the most unique designs out there as it offers a twist from the general tattoo design. You can get the tattoo in bold designs with geometric shapes and different colors to show off your style.

Angel Wings Finger Tattoo

Angel wings finger tattoo


These are some of the cutest tattoos designs out there and often contain only the outlines of angel wings. You can get the tattoo on one or more fingers as per your liking. But you should also look into the pain levels of your finger tattoos before getting one.

Red Angel Wings Tattoo

Red Angel wings tattoo


The red angel wings tattoo is a very cute and vivid design and is an alternate play on the typical angel wings design. These tattoos are powerful reminders of your emotion and spiritual guidance. You can also add elements like vines and flowers to this design.

Traditional Angel Wings Tattoo

Traditional Angel wings tattoo


Traditional angel wing tattoos are alternative plays on the more typical angel wings tattoo designs. These are classic designs that incorporate bold designs and bright colors. You can also add some other traditional elements like the traditional violet flower design to add to the flair.

Wolf With Angel Wings Tattoo

Wolf with angel wings tattoo


The wolf with the angel wings tattoo signifies strength and loyalty with protection and guidance combining the symbolism of the wolf and the angel wings. You can get the design if you are going through a problem or a tough situation.

Angel Wings Tattoo On Hand

Angel wings tattoo on hand 1


Angel wings tattoo on hand 2


The hands are a very good place to do the angel wings tattoo on. You can do some cool designs as the hands are always visible. You can also add elements like sparkling stars to add to the detailing of the tattoo.

Angel Wings Infinity Tattoo

Angel wings infinity tattoo


The angel wings infinity tattoo is another timeless design that you can get. It features an infinity symbol along with the typical angel wings symbol and represents eternal or infinite guidance and protection. You can also think of the tattoo as a sign of infinite love for your close ones.

How to Do a Perfect Angel Wing Tattoo With Video

Here we have given you an angel tattoo design incorporating the one wing design on the arm. After you’ve seen all the tattoo ideas, you can look at the video to get an understanding of how the tattoo is done and how it looks afterward.

The design is first sketched on the hand and the tattoo artist starts with details of the outline of the wings first with a fine line needle. Later you will see that the artist moves on to a wider needle to draw the highlights of the tattoo. If you are looking into doing an angel wings tattoo on your arm, this would be the exact representation of the process.


If you are in the market for an angel wings tattoo, many questions may lurk in your mind. Here we have  gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you.

Q: What do Angel wings tattoos mean for girls?

Answer: For girls, the angel wings tattoo may symbolize protection and love from a higher power. The tattoo will represent guidance from a higher power who is always watching over you.

Q: Are angel wing tattoos good?

Answer: The Angel wings tattoos are becoming very popular among tattoo enthusiasts and they are very good to have if you are a newcomer or a veteran in the tattoo market.

Q: What is the best place to get an angel wings tattoo?

Answer: In our opinion, the best place to get the angel wing tattoo would be on your back because it is the most realistic location for the wings. Although you can choose to do the wing design on the chest or any other place on your body depending on the size and detailing of your design.


The angel wings tattoo designs are some of the most popular designs out there. If you are looking for a tattoo design that will complement your spirituality, and convey a deep meaning while maintaining a beautiful design, you can go for the angel wings tattoo design.

The fun part about the angel wings tattoo design is its flexibility as you can do the tattoo anywhere and use many different colors. The tattoos will make sense even in a monochrome design or a colorful design. You can even go abstract with the design choice to reflect your personality.

In this article, we have shared 41 of the best tattoo designs out there for the angel wings tattoo. You can choose any of the designs here, or mix and match the designs with other elements to add a bit of flair to your tattoo. But as always make sure to do your research and go to a renowned tattoo artist to get your tattoo. So that you can rock the best-looking tattoo that will surely attract some eyes.

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