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98 Amor Fati Tattoo Ideas For Reconnecting With Your Inner Self

One of the very many reasons why tattoos are so popular amongst people of all ages these days is because of how empowering it is. Through a tattoo, one is not only able to change their physical appearance for the better, but also express subtle regions of their characteristics, faith, and principles through the use of the artwork.

Apart from high-spirited tattoos, minimalist tattoos have amassed a fanbase that’s no short of massive over the past few years. Simple in terms of design, people believe that minimalist tattoos allow them to bring sentimental values to life and help them reminisce about past events. They also encourage them to live better lives by making them appreciate each second that it has to offer.

Minimalist tattoos have gathered tons of creative artwork over the past few years which reek of elegance, but one of them in particular always managed to hit the right spot consistently: the amor fati tattoo.

The Amor Fati tattoo, also known as “love of fate” will be our main agenda in this article. From looking into the meaning and symbolism, to providing various variations, this write-up will include everything that one needs to create their own version of the “Amor Fati” tattoo.

A Thorough Investigation On The “Amor Fati” Tattoo

Amor fati symbol tattoo

Amor fati tattoo is truly something to behold. Attaining visuals that are extremely versatile, it is a perfect tattoo for those that are seeking inspiration, hope, and positivity. It is for the wise, as it represents fate and how everything happens for a reason.

Not everything that happens in life will benefit someone. Some of the occurrences will bring us an immense amount of joy and fulfillment, while the rest of them will drain us out and bring us down. The latter events might take a toll on us significantly, but that’s when the Amor Fati tattoo will work its magic.

Symbolizing feelings of wisdom, the amor fati tattoo strongly supports the beauty of fate. It allows people to appreciate what they can control, and stay humble during scenarios where the outcome is in the hands of another.

The tattoo not only serves as a helping hand for those that need reassurance, but also helps those that are in desperate need of enhancing their spirituality.

The tattoo allows one to let go of their past regrets and feelings of anger, and tackle life with a more positive mindset. It encourages them to believe how every outcome, good or bad, was meant to happen one way or the other.

Amor Fati Tattoo Designs That Share Words of Wisdom

Apart from the enticing meaning it carries, the amor fati tattoo is extremely versatile in terms of visuals. It can be showcased as a fine line tattoo as well as tattoos that are enormous like a sleeve tattoo. Using color on the artwork is also optional, mainly since it is indeed a minimalist tattoo, which often contains a monochromatic palette.

Moving on, now that you understand why people don’t hesitate when getting this tattoo and feel better almost instantly, listed below are some of the options we’d like you to take a look at. From symbol tattoos to tattoos that are extremely energetic, here are some of our favorite “Amor Fati” tattoo ideas that you too should take a look at.

Amor Fati Symbolic Tattoo

If you’re seeking a design with a flattering color scheme, a symbol tattoo could very well meet your requirements. The round frame highlights the phrase perfectly and allows it to have all the shine. The font, while simple, is just about sizable enough to be noticeable, but doesn’t have a loud presence.

In addition to the features, the “Amor Fati” symbolic tattoo can be represented as a small, compact tattoo as well as an enormous tattoo, which is one of the reasons why we adore it immensely. The simplicity of it is unparalleled, and the sophistication of it is limitless.

Traditional Amor Fati Tattoo

Traditional amor fati tattoo

Express your love for the phrase by adding a burst of color to the artwork. Mostly achieved as a rib tattoo, the traditional amor fati tattoo goes hand in hand with delicate areas. One can get them as a micro tattoo near the wrist, but can also resort for a slightly bigger tattoo around the collarbone for better visuals.

While flowers would fit like a glove with “Amor Fati” tattoos, one can also install tattoos of creatures as wonderful as birds, ducks, and even butterflies to upgrade the visuals tremendously.

Spine Amor Fati Tattoo

Spine amor fati tattoo

Another excellent area to achieve this tattoo on is the spine. The font will look narrow, but elegant when placed on the spine, and while it will be extremely painful due to the area’s sensitivity, the final results will surely be worth every penny.

Additionally, while this tattoo caters to those that are fans of minimalism, it can also be a convenient option for those that are introverts and don’t necessarily want the tattoo to be the best feature about themselves. It can be presented as a fine line tattoo, but can also be changed into a micro tattoo for a more compact appearance

Santa Muerte Amor Fati Tattoo

Santa Muerte amor fati tattoo

A santa muerte tattoo is a great partner to amor fati tattoos. It presents the amor fati tattoo with better visuals, increasing its presentability. It also symbolizes a similar meaning, representing protection, financial well-being, and so on.

Wearing this tattoo can boost one’s self-esteem and improve their morale. It is for those that need guidance from the wisdom of Santa muerte, and would like to improve their mental well-being.

WaterColor Amor Fati Tattoo

Watercolor amor fati tattoo

If you want a design with a soft color palette, you could definitely take this option into account. The watercolor effect gives the whole tattoo outstanding visuals, but isn’t powerful enough to snatch the spotlight from the main message, making it a fan favorite amongst the entries on this list.

Additionally, this tattoo is great when placed on the forearm, but can also be implemented on the delicate area above the ankle for a better outcome. If you’re seeking a painless procedure, you may widen the layout of design so that the tattoo artist can use lenient equipment.

Fairy Amor Fati Tattoo

Fairy amor fati tattoo

If you love feminine designs and tattoos that are deeply meaningful, collaborate the “Amor Fati”  tattoo with other tattoos that represent wonderful meanings. If you can’t think of anything right off the bat, you can definitely consider this entry.

Consisting of the regular “Amor fati” tattoo with a fairy, a lion, and a crescent moon, this tattoo conveys everything one attains when living their life with a positive mindset. When improving their perspective, one will not only see the beauty of existing, but also feel as if someone’s always watching over them and guiding them to the right path.

Calligraphy Amor Fati Tattoo

Calligraphy amor fati tattoo

If you’re making your debut and the “Amor Fati” tattoo happens to be the first one on the list, consider a design as sophisticated as this. The font showcased in this design is rather elegant, and extremely easy to create. Due to the simple pattern, it also consists of a time-friendly procedure and involves the use of painless equipment.

In addition, this tattoo is extremely versatile. From installing secondary micro tattoos to creating script tattoos, the calligraphy design of this tattoo will blend in with anything.

Eagle Amor Fati Tattoo

Eagle amor fati tattoo

An eagle tattoo represents freedom. When paired with an “Amor Fati” tattoo, one can have the benefits of having an open minded approach in addition to having an optimistic mindset. This change will only open doors to positive experiences and ensure the betterment of their spiritual health, which can definitely allow the wearer to find hope, even during the toughest phases.

Eye Amor Fati Tattoo

Eye amor fati tattoo

Another excellent variant of the “Amor Fati” tattoo is the combination of the “Amor Fati” tattoo and the eye of providence tattoo. It represents a sense of reassurance, which can work wonders for those that regularly face symptoms of self-doubt. The eye provides comfort to the wearer by looking out for them at all costs, while the “Amor Fati” tattoo encourages them to put their best foot forward when tackling a day or an issue. This tattoo provides an empowering feeling to anyone and everyone, which can be great for improving one’s mental well-being.

Geometric Amor Fati Tattoo

Amor fati tattoo 55

Geometric shapes and patterns provide delicacy like no other. When collaborated with an “Amor Fati” tattoo, it can bring out the best version of the tattoo’s visuals. The frame can further be enhanced with a faded effect, while the quote can unlock more presentability by having a change in font.

Amor fati tattoo 38

Final Verdict

If you’ve been rather discontent with life lately and would like to change your perspective and resort to something better, give this tattoo a go. It might seem tacky to loads of people, but it will most definitely change your life for the better.

With a “Amor Fati” tattoo, you’ll have a helping hand as well as a mentor who will teach you the importance of having a positive mindset about life. Indeed, remaining positive and grateful during hardships is the best way for one to not only make it past hard times, but also fight back with patience.

So, give yourself a fresh start and some guidance. Recreate one of the variations that are mentioned above, or create your own version of the “Amor Fati” Tattoo.

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