42 Amazing AK-47 Tattoo Ideas To Look Rebellious

Society nowadays has become extremely sensitive. You might get canceled even for saying the least offensive things. In a world this fragile, an AK-47 tattoo is a ray of hope.

It possesses a strong message. The tattoo depicts that the person wearing it isn’t shackled by the chasms of the society and they will do whatever they like. Although there was a dip in the popularity because of many school shootings that happened in the US over the decade, there has been a resurgence of AK-47 tattoos.

People of this generation love to play video games. In most of these games, AK-47 is heavily used as the gun of choice. From the thundering sound to its curved magazine,everything about it has made people obsess over it.

Rise Of The AK-47 Tattoos: The Secret Meaning Behind Them

AK-47 tattoo meaning


Nowadays people have become confused. They are so prone to harsh criticisms that it feels like they stand for nothing. They are just like puppets that are being controlled by someone else.

AK-47 tattoos symbolize revolution and liberation. It means to believe in something. When you have a belief, life becomes easier. Otherwise when you don’t have any aim and just mindlessly follow others, you are not going to achieve anything in life.

Trendy AK-47 Tattoo Designs To Make People Obsessed With You

Whenever we see AK-47 tattoos, there is adrenaline pumping through our veins. It makes us feel like we are in an intense war where we are heading to the base of our enemies with an AK-47 in our hand. We believe that we are going to obliterate them with the immense power that the gun holds.

Because of the intense emotions it exudes, AK-47 tattoos have been the first choice for gun enthusiasts everywhere in the world. But they are confused on what style to choose or where they should get it engraved on.  Worry not folks. What to fear when we are here to give you the best AK-47 tattoo designs.

AK-47 Leg Tattoo

AK-47 Leg Tattoo 1


AK-47 Leg Tattoo 2


Have you noticed that when you lay down and your leg is in a straight position, it looks exactly like an AK-47? Well, we may be stretching out a bit but it does resemble the gun. Because of this, many people choose the leg for getting the AK-47 tattoo.

The rule of thumb is to get the tattoo in a monochromatic color scheme. Although soldiers use colorful leaves for camouflaging, it doesn’t really work on the leg. Try to brush off the sides to create a shadowy effect. When the tattoo is done, it will look as if someone is pointing the AK-47 at you.

Small AK-47 Tattoo

Small AK-47 Tattoo


AK-47 looks deadly no matter what the size is. So rather than spending a fortune on getting a large tattoo, it’s best to go for a small one that can portray the same meaning.

The problem with the small AK-47 tattoo is at a distance, it looks like any other ordinary tattoo. So you have to  include something extra to make it look like an AK-47. An excellent idea is to make the magazine and the buttstock of the gun a bit bigger than usual. So when someone will look at the tattoo, they will surely know that it’s a AK-47

Black AK-47 Tattoo

Black AK-47 Tattoo


There isn’t a better color to portray the AK-47 than black. Although this may seem a bit extreme to you, do you know what is the final outcome when someone shoots an AK-47?

Unless you are in a ammunation, the outcome of the bullet is death. No matter what you say, the AK-47 is a harbinger of death. In many literature, scholars have portrayed the black color as a symbol of death. Therefore, it’s only fitting to use black color to illustrate such a deadly tattoo.

AK-47 Face Tattoo

AK-47 Face Tattoo 1


AK-47 Face Tattoo 2


Face tattoos are for the courageous people out there who don’t shy away from others. Instead they want to showcase their tattoo to the entire world.

Now it may be tempting to get an AK-47 tattoo on the face but where should you get it on? That’s the question everyone wants an answer to. In our mind, your forehead has the right amount of proportionality and space to draw a tattoo. It will showcase your love and devotion for the tattoo.

AK-47 Back Tattoo

AK-47 Back Tattoo


This is the place in your body where you can just go all out. With the adequate space, you can draw any shape and size of AK-47 tattoo. The sky’s the limit.

The two crossed AK-47 is the design everyone is going for. There is just something oddly pleasing about this design that makes our eyes glued to it. When you are getting this tattoo, make sure the place where the two guns cross is properly highlighted. Otherwise it would look like a complete mess.

AK-47 Rib Tattoo

AK-47 Rib Tattoo


Your ribs have the exact zigzag configuration as the magazines of an AK-47. So rather than drawing a single gun on the rib, it’s best to illustrate an arsenal of guns in your rib.

Then you will be like a walking ammunation. To make the tattoo look realistic, make sure to properly highlight the bolts, springs and the carrier. There are supposedly eighty different parts of an AK-47. If you manage to get at least half of them right , it will be a hell of a tattoo.

AK-47 Forearm Tattoo

AK-47 Forearm Tattoo


Do you know what makes a skilled gunman? It’s the ability to camouflage. In a war, it doesn’t matter how big your weapons are. It’s the tactics that win you wars.

When you are operating an AK-47, it’s the forearm that does the trick. With your forearm, you can hide the lower part of the gun making it impossible for others to know what you are going to do. Such deception is a dangerous strategy that makes the enemy look like a fool. That’s why there is a connection between your forearm and the AK-47 weapon.

AK-47 Thigh Tattoo

AK-47 Thigh Tattoo 1


AK-47 Thigh Tattoo 2


This is another tattoo design for the people who love to show a bit of skin. This exclusive tattoo design usually doesn’t just consist of the AK-47.

Instead, artists incorporate a bunch of other elements into it. Unusual components that don’t go well with the gun are thrown in the tattoo to create an uncannily look. For example, you can draw a flower next to the AK-47. The two different concepts will blend together and symbolize something truly great.

AK-47 Neck Tattoo

AK-47 Neck Tattoo 1


AK-47 Neck Tattoo 2


The people who have a deep fascination with guns tend to be immensely aware. Even if you sneak up on them, they will instantly know that someone is behind their back. Its as if they have an extra pair of eyes in the neck.

This hyper reactivity is what most people strive for. They want to stay ahead of everyone else predicting each event before it even occurs. If you also want to possess this hidden talent then get an AK-47 neck tattoo right now.

AK-47 Chest Tattoo

AK-47 Chest Tattoo


Whenever we see the AK-47, our hearts stop beating for a second. The excitement is so much sometimes that our hearts forget to pump blood through the arteries.

For this reason, artists have associated the chest with the AK-47. You may be thinking of going to your nearby tattoo artist and getting it done right now but hold on. The skin on your chest is quite sensitive. So make sure you don’t apply too much pressure on it while tattooing.

Panda With AK-47 Tattoo

Panda With AK-47 Tattoo


Pandas are adorable. On the other hand, AK-47’s are as deadly as they get. These two opposing concepts shouldn’t go well with each other on paper. But trust us when we say this that the tattoo of them together is something worth dying for.

The cutest design has to be the one where a cuddly panda is holding an AK-47 in its hand. This tattoo will both frighten you as well as soothe your soul. You can also add an army cap on the head of the Panda to make it even more hilarious.

Simple AK-47 Tattoo

Simple AK-47 Tattoo


AK-47 is a sophisticated weapon. Therefore, to depict it using simple shapes and colors requires a lot of creativity.

The rule of thumb is to get a proper outline of the AK-47. Rather than adding the details, leave it right there. You shouldn’t try to color each of the parts nor should you include any kind of shading. Just fill the entire gun with a deep black color. This will create a sillhoute that will look amazing on your flesh.

AK-47 Finger Tattoo

AK-47 Finger Tattoo


Although it is getting repetitive, we cannot emphasize enough that an AK-47 is quite long and has a lot of sophisticated parts.

Therefore, rather than illustrating the tattoo in a single finger, it’s best to use all five to draw five different compartments of the gun. That way when you make a fist, the fingers will align with each other completing the AK47. How cool is that!

AK-47 Head Tattoo

AK-47 Head Tattoo


One of the most alarming concerns of ours is undoubtedly hair fall. As we grow older, our hair starts to fall at a dramatic rate. Within years, we are completely bald.

For some of us, our hair means a lot to us. The thought of being bald is very frightening. But you can easily turn this calamity into something that is a work of art. When you feel like your hairline is receding, get an AK-47 tattoo. It will fully make you forget about the loss of your hair.

AK-47 Wrist Tattoo

AK-47 Wrist Tattoo


Wrist has been subjected to mutilation over the years by many. Especially, teenagers make the stupidest mistakes by cutting their wrist when something bad happens to them. That’s such a cowardly act.

Instead you can get the AK-47 tattoo. It will make you feel badass and you will start to think less about the events that have occurred in the past and focus on what lies ahead.

Shooting The Ink In The AK-47 Tattoo: A Visual Guide

Drawing an AK-47 isn’t easy. Each of the parts needs accurate detailing. The color scheme also plays a crucial role. All these mumbo jumbo may make your head dizzy.

Don’t worry. We have a professional here with us to show you what it takes to draw an amazing AK-47 tattoo. Journey with him to find out all of his secret techniques to become a tattoo connoisseur.


There have been a lot of questions circling around the internet regarding AK-47. Many people are afraid to search because it is believed that the FBI are monitoring them. So we have taken the risk so that you can get the knowledge. Read these questions and their detailed answers to clear all the confusion that you have and honor our sacrifice.

Q: Are AK-47 Tattoos Offensive?

Ans: In this modern sensitized era, anything is considered to be offensive no matter how harmless it is. So, you shouldn’t worry too much about what others think. If you love guns and have a strong message that you want to portray then go for it

Q: Can You Get A Minimalistic AK-47 Tattoo?

Ans: An AK-47 consists of a lot of different parts. Therefore, illustrating one as a tattoo will require the incorporation of each of these parts in the body canvas. If you get the tattoo in a minimalistic style, it wouldn’t make much sense.

Q: What’s The Best Place For Getting An AK-47 Tattoo?

Ans: The place with a lot of space is the right place for getting an AK-47 tattoo. That way you can depict the magnitude and the intensity of the guns. So try to get the tattoo either in your chest or your back.


Guns have been always depicted as an amulet for violence. People cause mass genocide using it. This belief cannot be discarded as it is readily apparent.

But an AK-47 can be used as a means of releasing some tension. Either you go to the shooting range or start a video game, you can fire the AK-47 at some random object to release all that anger and tension that has been building inside you for a long time.

It has been believed that guns make people killers. But the proper use of a gun makes people calm and self aware. So if you are a supporter of this concept get an AK-47 tattoo right now to change your life forever.

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