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106 Impressive 777 Tattoo Designs to Strengthen Your Inner Spirit

Out of the limitless amount of options that people have when getting tattoos, number tattoos seem to be one of their favorites. Despite being minimal in design, one can convey a series of messages through the use of a number tattoo. While there are some that tend to portray cynical messages, a majority of them symbolize feelings of empowerment, growth, and positivity.

Amongst the most desired number tattoos stands the “777” tattoo, which is mainly known for its versatility and its impactful meaning. It is also a great option for those that are seeking a pattern which involves a lenient amount of pain.

Today’s article will not only comprise the meaning of the immensely popular “777” tattoo, but also consist of the various designs one can showcase or recreate when getting a 777 tattoo. Apart from revealing the materials mentioned in the previous statement, we will also add a final take on 777 tattoos and reveal the suitable demographic that the renowned design tends to cater to. Till then, if you’re planning on getting a “777” tattoo soon, we hope you stick around till the end.

This article will not only assist you by providing you with a series of options to mirror, but also allow you to acquire more knowledge behind the meaning it symbolizes and reveal the best placement for the design.

The Hidden Meaning of “777” Tattoos

777 tattoo 2

One of the reasons why number tattoos like the 777 tattoo beat most tattoo variations lies behind their symbolism, which carries two meanings overall.

One of them is for strengthening the faith of those that are followers of Christ. The number “777” represents the Holy Trinity in Christianity. It portrays the importance of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Getting a 777 tattoo allows Christians to feel closer to God and strengthen the relationship that they share with Him. The aftermath of getting this tattoo often leads to serenity, and a positive mindset. It allows the wearer to focus on the things that are within their control, and let go of the things that they can’t.

On the other hand, many people resort to “777” tattoos because of how refreshingly positive it is. Apart from the meaning mentioned in the previous paragraph, the 777 tattoo symbolizes protection and good luck. Wearers of this design not only feel safe physically, but also feel better mentally. It also allows them to be more optimistic and less anxious when starting over, so, if you’re starting a new chapter or desperate for a fresh start, you can definitely take this tattoo into consideration.

777 Tattoo Ideas to Change Your Life For The Better

Now that you know what it means, if you’re just as eager as you were before learning more about the symbolism of 777 tattoos, listed below are the multiple, exceptionally crafted designs that you’re more than welcome to recreate or even take inspiration from. From tattoos with loud visuals to tattoos with very little detail, here are our favorite variants of the 777 tattoos that have visuals that are just as exceptional as the messages the symbol conveys.

777 Angel Number Tattoo

777 angel number tattoo

The angel number “777” stands for The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit in Christianity. Wearers of this variation might build a better connection with their religious beliefs after getting this tattoo, and will definitely feel safer under the invigilation of God.

Additionally, appearance-wise, the tattoo isn’t any different. While one can definitely install nothing but the artwork of the number tattoo, to amp up the visuals, they can also add micro tattoos or even add other number tattoos such as the 333 tattoo, which contains the same meaning as the 777 tattoo.

777 Slot Machine Tattoo

777 slot machine tattoo

The numbers 777 are also ideal symbols to see on a slot machine. It usually tends to identify a jackpot, which conveys a large prize usually through the means of cash.

Furthermore, if you feel that a chunk of your life revolves around being at casinos and going all in, reward yourself by getting this tattoo. It contains vibrant visuals and an artwork that isn’t too noticeable, which is great for those that are seeking presentable yet subtle tattoos. Getting this tattoo will also give you a sidekick and a helping hand when you need a subtle source of motivation during poker nights.

Lucky 777 Tattoo

Lucky 777 tattoo

This entry has the same meaning as the previous entry, but the difference lies between the visuals each contains. The lucky 777 tattoo is a great option for those that are minimalists as it contains visuals with minimum effort. It contains nothing but a plain sketch of the number “777” and the word “lucky”. This is a great option for a first tattoo and also carries an exceptional amount of versatility. The plain design can easily be amped up with an array of colors, and can also be supported with a range of micro tattoos.

777 Gang Tattoo

777 gang tattoo

The gang 777 tattoo is also a top choice amongst those that obtain the 777 tattoo. It is used as a means of protection due to the lives gang members tend to live. Apart from providing the wearer with protection, the gang 777 tattoo also acts as a source of good luck.

In addition, the gang 777 tattoo consists of a design like no other. When achieved, one usually pairs it up with micro tattoos of either their gang sign, or weapon tattoos to make the symbolism more apparent to spectators.

777 Jackpot Tattoo

777 jackpot tattoo

A lot of tattoo enthusiasts also prefer the visuals of this tattoo. When playing at a casino, a jackpot is all that one aims for. While it can be achieved by partaking in various games available in the area, one can only achieve a jackpot when the numbers “777” show up on their screen.

Unlock an extra ounce of luck by obtaining this tattoo. Not only does the artwork look presentable in terms of visuals, but it is also versatile and can be placed almost anywhere. While it does contain a fixed color scheme, one can also replace it by introducing a softer color palette to maximize the presentability it initially contains.

Santa Muerte 777 Tattoo

Santa muerte 777 tattoo

Another tattoo that has a symbolism that isn’t any different than that of a 777 tattoo is the Santa Muerte tattoo. The female folk saint is often associated with healing, and protection, which contains one of the many keywords that the 777 tattoo associates with.

Apart from the similarity of the symbolism, this tattoo has visuals like no other. The figure of the Santa Muerte makes every average 777 tattoo look more impactful than it usually is. The neutral color scheme also makes the overall outlook of the tattoo more apparent, and can also enable the wearer to install a softer color palette to the 777 tattoo without a worry.

Crown 777 Tattoo

Crown 777 tattoo

A crown tattoo stands for triumph, and victory. When paired with a 777 tattoo, users may experience loads of fortunate events, which could be one of the reasons behind this design’s everlasting popularity.

Even though the artwork can be placed anywhere, the best placement for this artwork is the thigh area. The ample amount of space that the thigh contains is a great option for those that plan on adding to the 777 tattoo. Furthermore, a thigh tattoo is usually one of the least painful areas for a tattoo, which could definitely be something that you should consider if this artwork will be your first.

Scorpion 777 Tattoo

Scorpion 777 tattoo

If you want a tattoo that is bold and edgy, mix the simple pattern of a 777 tattoo with the visuals of a scorpion tattoo! The layout of the scorpion not only enhances the presentability, but also makes the artwork extremely noticeable from afar.

To unlock the best results, one should definitely add more artwork to the tattoo. They may do so by adding an array of micro tattoos, script tattoos, and even motifs. Moreover, since the tattoo is a bit more sizable as opposed to the rest of the entries, the placement should be around the back, thigh, or forearm, mainly due to the amount of space the areas contain.

Minimalist 777 Tattoo

Minimalist 777 tattoo

This entry is for those that want to incorporate a tattoo with little to no impact on their physical appearance. It only contains the digits and also contains a classic black color scheme to thicken the size of the font. It can be placed in smaller areas such as the wrist, the area behind the ear, and even the face for one to achieve the best results possible.

Cross 777 Tattoo

Cross 777 tattoo

If you want a 777 tattoo to solely work on the chemistry you have with your religion and to strengthen your faith, you may want to take this option into account. The cross will work as a source of encouragement, while the 777 tattoo will encourage you to have a positive mindset.

Despite the sizable pattern of this option, the tattoo is extremely flexible and can be placed anywhere. One can place it on the forearm to expose it to the world, or can even install it on their chest to form a special bond with the tattoo.

Eye 777 Tattoo

Eye 777 tattoo

In comparison to the other entries on this list, the combination of the eye of providence tattoo and the 777 tattoo is truly unparalleled.

It contains a powerful meaning and tends to provide a ray of hope to those that are battling against hardship.

It also has great visuals, and can definitely present someone with loads of attention when placed on an exposed location.

777 Above The Knee Tattoo

Above knee 777 tattoo

If you’re seeking a tattoo that will remain reserved and look presentable when uncovered, place the 777 tattoo above the knee. Regardless of how complex the pattern might be, the final artwork will always look elegant and sophisticated when one achieves it above the knee.

While the procedure will be a bit more lengthy and will require an additional fee and amount of time for planning, the final results will surely sweep the wearer as well as the spectators off their feet.

777 Wrist Tattoo

777 tattoo on wrist

If you want your first tattoo to be a 777 tattoo but also don’t want to bear an excruciating amount of pain, get a wrist tattoo. The space it contains usually allows the tattoo to remain compact, and rarely contains room for vibrant visuals. It isn’t just an excellent choice for beginners, but is also suitable for minimalists and those that are working around a short schedule.

777 Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly 777 tattoo

A butterfly tattoo mixed with a 777 tattoo is also an excellent option that makes up this list. While the design of it is extremely flexible, one will perhaps achieve the best results when they keep it small and simple.

In addition, if they’re not a big fan of the color scheme, they can definitely introduce a soft color palette to the tattoo to enhance the visuals. For instance, when picking the colors, think of shades like lavender, cyan, and pastel green as they will give the overall artwork an ample amount of appeal without making it too loud.

Behind the ear 777 Tattoo

777 tattoo behind the ear

If you want a tattoo that is rather unnoticeable from afar, and is placed on a desired area of the body, you can definitely consider getting the 777 tattoo behind the ear. While it will be extremely painful and time consuming, the final results will contain an artwork with a commendable appearance with a subtle touch of elegance.

When getting this tattoo, refrain from going over the top and keep it light instead. To enhance the final look, one can definitely add a vibrant color to the font, or add micro tattoos around the numbers.

777 tattoo 1

777 tattoo 2

777 tattoo 3

777 tattoo 4

777 tattoo 5

777 tattoo 6

777 tattoo 7

777 tattoo 8

777 tattoo 9

777 tattoo 10

777 tattoo 11

777 tattoo 12

777 tattoo 13

777 tattoo 14

777 tattoo 15

777 tattoo 16

777 tattoo 17

777 tattoo 18

777 tattoo 19

777 tattoo 20

777 tattoo 21

777 tattoo 22

777 tattoo 23

777 tattoo 24

777 tattoo 25

777 tattoo 26

777 tattoo 27

777 tattoo 28

777 tattoo 29

777 tattoo 30

777 tattoo 31

777 tattoo 32

777 tattoo 33

777 tattoo 34

777 tattoo 35

777 tattoo 36

777 tattoo 37

777 tattoo 38

777 tattoo 39

777 tattoo 40

777 tattoo 41

777 tattoo 42

777 tattoo 43

777 tattoo 44

777 tattoo 45

777 tattoo 46

777 tattoo 47

777 tattoo 48

777 tattoo 49

777 tattoo 50

777 tattoo 51

777 tattoo 52

777 tattoo 53

777 tattoo 54

777 tattoo 55

777 tattoo 56

777 tattoo 57

777 tattoo 58

777 tattoo 59

777 tattoo 60

777 tattoo 61

777 tattoo 62

777 tattoo 63

777 tattoo 64

777 tattoo 65

777 tattoo 66

777 tattoo 67

777 tattoo 68

777 tattoo 69

777 tattoo 70

777 tattoo 71

777 tattoo 72

777 tattoo 73

777 tattoo 74

777 tattoo 75

777 tattoo 76

777 tattoo 77

777 tattoo 78

777 tattoo 79

777 tattoo 80

777 tattoo 81

777 tattoo 82

777 tattoo 83

777 tattoo 84

777 tattoo 85

777 tattoo 86

777 tattoo 87

777 tattoo 88

777 tattoo 89

777 tattoo 90

777 tattoo 91

777 tattoo 92

Final Verdict

All in all, if you want a tattoo that will help you when you are going through a rough patch, and keep you in a positive state of mind when trying out new things or mending mistakes, getting a 777 tattoo will be an excellent choice to make. Although it doesn’t consist of much when the visuals are taken into account, the multiple symbolisms the artwork tends to contain surely makes up for it!

Additionally, when getting your own version of the 777 tattoo, you can either mirror one of the various options mentioned above directly, or can even take notes from each design and come up with a blueprint of your own. To make things easier for yourself, make sure to focus on either the visuals or bring out the most of the sentimental value that it holds.

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