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47 Aesthetic 666 Tattoo Ideas for 2023

Getting a body modification is one of the more exciting aspects that life graces us with. It allows us to create our own artwork, and implement them to our own bodies. It gives us a chance to separate ourselves from the rest of the people on Earth.

Tattoos are one of the most common modifications that human beings resort to. They allow people to express their artistic freedom, their personality traits, and enable them to hold onto a memory forever.

Furthermore, tattoos offer loads of health benefits. The act of tattooing triggers our immune system and helps it with staying active, which is something everyone could use in this day and age.

Moreover, although the needles look painful from a distance, tattoos don’t cause much stress to the body of the wearer. This is because getting tattoos results in the release of endorphins, which are the natural painkillers that our body contains. Endorphins also kick start the release of dopamine, which is the happy chemical that our body consists of.

However, although tattoos offer a list of pros to people, some designs in specific have always been frowned upon by society. One of the very few happens to be the 666 tattoo.

A “666” tattoo looks as simple as it sounds, but the dual meaning it carries is often met with either endless anger or is welcomed with open arms. It has been a controversial tattoo choice for quite some time now, and the variation has yet to prove its innocence to society as well as the tattoo industry.

The Fascinating Meaning Behind 666 Tattoos

While some religions have a cynical perspective on tattoos, there are plenty that appreciate them and tackle them with pride and happiness.

Furthermore, while the types of tattoos that can be inked are endless, there are plenty that allow individuals to embrace their religious beliefs and enable them to showcase the never ending faith that they have toward them. A 666 tattoo is one of them.

Although there are many inaccurate theories about 666 tattoos and how they symbolize and encourage cynical behavior, there’s another perspective that is the polar opposite of that claim.

In numerology, 666 tattoos symbolize compassion, tolerance and philanthropy. It means that, whatever you might be dealing with right now, regardless of how positive or negative it may be, you will achieve more compassion and become more tolerant once it’s over. It reeks of positivity, and people get the number printed on their body to encourage favorable growth.

47 “666” Tattoo Variations for Growth and Prosperity

People who often get this tattoo are known for their uplifting presence. They are cheerful, ambitious, optimistic, and tend to share their vibes with those around them. This design is very popular and is frequently incorporated by both men and women. The simplicity of the design is the best part about 666 tattoos. They usually leave plenty of room for other tattoos and can blend in with multiple tattoo designs, which further enhances the popularity of this ink.

There are multiple ways to create a presentable and appealing variation of a 666 tattoo. If you’re already on board with getting a 666 tattoo, these 47 tattoo ideas will definitely help you with figuring out what pattern you’d like to incorporate to your ink.

666 Tattoo on Hand

Hand tattoos are bold. It’s an area that is almost always exposed and garners a chunk of attention from the public if it’s fascinating enough.

If you’re a rebellious person, perhaps a hand tattoo will fit like a glove. It will allow the world to see the tattoo you’re rocking, and might even result in memorable conversations if they’re curious enough.

Although hand tattoos are known for their rebellious appeal, the process of getting them involves a lot of pain due to the amount of veins a hand contains. It might also be bit time consuming, especially if the ink contains meaningful details.

All in all, let your endorphins take charge of the painful process and get the tattoo anyway! Add a unique color combo that goes with your personality in order to make it stand out.

666 Leg Tattoo

A leg is a very convenient area for tattoos. It allows a person to add a design that is extremely detailed and lengthy mainly due to the amount of space that is available.

A 666 tattoo can be emphasized to the maximum if it’s inked on a leg. A beautiful color combination can be added to it as well.

Moreover, due to the ample amount of space, more tattoos can be added to support the 666 tattoo.

If you’re getting a 666 tattoo on your leg, make the most of your creative thinking. Add a series of meaningful tattoos throughout the area so the design relieves stress and makes you happy whenever you look at it!

666 Gang Tattoo

This variation has been around for ages and is vastly popular amongst people that are involved in gangs. The visual aspect of this option is extremely different as opposed to the other ones that are present on this list. It is also immensely versatile and comes in all shapes and sizes.

If the wearer wants a subtle tattoo with little detail, they can get it on areas like the neck, and the heel.

However, if the wearer wants to emphasize the tattoo with various details, they can get this variation tattooed on their chest, which contains plenty of space.

666 Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos look very presentable when the design itself is simple. It is perhaps the best area for a tattoo if the wearer is comfortable with showing it off on a regular basis.

When getting neck tattoos, the area of the neck that you choose is vital. The center of your neck is very sensitive and isn’t the best place to get a tattoo, regardless of how low maintenance it might be. It might come with irreversible pain which will definitely be around for quite a while.

However, it’s only the center that is unfavorable. The sides are made of thick skin that is extremely resilient. It does contain a lot of nerve endings, but it’s not as painful as the frontal region.

Furthermore, when getting a 666 neck tattoo, keep it sophisticated. To make it a bit less bland, ask for thicker fonts and switch the color of the font with a more vibrant one.

666 Circle Tattoo

666 circle tattoo

A circle tattoo has a killer combo. They add a lot of appeal to the tattoo itself and allows the person to have a tattoo that’s small yet significantly important in their lives.

Moreover, a circle tattoo is very minimalistic, which makes the layout a great option for 666 tattoos due to how specific the meaning is.

Due to the space-saving nature of a circle tattoo, it can be obtained on any part of the body. However, for best results, one should get it printed on the back of their shoulders or their chest. The shoulder is one of the leaner parts of our body, and placing a tattoo on one of the rollerblades will definitely increase the overall appeal of a person.

666 Dice Tattoo

A dice tattoo symbolizes gambling and risk taking. It suits anyone that believes in the beauty of taking risks for maximum revenue and growth.

Pairing it up with a 666 tattoo gives it a deeper meaning that is full of positivity. It means that, regardless of how risky their ongoing objectives may be, they will come out of them with compassion and prosperity. They will also be protected till the end of the process by their guardians and those around them.

666 Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos may be small, but they look very tidy and detailed on the eye.

Similarly, a 666 tattoo on a finger might be perfect for you if you want the tattoo to showcase the strong faith that you have been brought up with. It will also give you reassurance when times are tough and you’re in need of encouragement.

The design of a 666 tattoo should be as straightforward as possible on a finger. Although the process of getting the tattoo inked might stress anyone out, the outcome will definitely be worthwhile. Just make sure to keep the tattoo short but meaningful.

666 Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos usually symbolize death and the afterlife, and pairing it up with a 666 tattoo will help anyone that is coping with grief and loss.

Death is inevitable, and although we’re always aware of it, we’re hardly ever prepared for it. No one can say that dealing with one’s passing is easy, as it requires a lot of acceptance and courage, which we run out of when we lose a loved one.

A 666 skull tattoo can be a great way of paying tribute to the ones that are no longer here. It will also give the wearer reassurance of the guardian angels that are looking over the ones that are deceased, which will make the process of coping easier.

This design doesn’t come with a handbook, and can be inked almost anywhere as long as it serves its purpose.

Lucifer 666 Tattoo

Lucifer 666 tattoo

The main attraction of a Lucifer 666 tattoo is its font. It looks classy and elegant, which enhances the overall physical appearance of the design.

Although it can be worn anywhere, it looks perfect when achieved on the torso because of the amount of room it contains. You can increase the appeal of the look by adding patterns around the tattoo, and can even add a duo-tone to the font.

666 Rear Tattoo

666 ass tattoo

A rear tattoo is for the goofy extroverts that are all about that laid back life. It doesn’t carry much meaning behind it and is solely for laughs.

Moreover, it is one of the convenient and pain free areas for tattoos, because of the resilient skin it contains. The quick healing process is also one of the reasons why people are always open to getting a tattoo near their rear.

When getting a 666 tattoo, for a more lighthearted approach, you can add a funny font to the design or support it with a silly quote. Your main aim should be to take it easy and spread positivity.

Omen 666 Tattoo

If you’re questioning your potential and need encouragement, perhaps this variation will change things for the better.

An omen is usually very unpredictable and can either symbolize a positive or negative outcome. However, this is where your perspective comes into play. Give yourself an omen tattoo that will boost your optimism, and make you feel hopeful instead of draining you out.

Furthermore, this tattoo looks good when it’s not sizable. Make sure to install it on a body part that will make it look subtle, but thoughtful at the same time.

666 Anime Tattoo/ O-Parts Hunter Tattoo

666 anime tattoo

This is an option that’s solely for entertainment, which makes it suitable for anyone and everyone, especially if they’re fanatics of the Japanese Manga “O-Parts Hunter”.

The manga lasted from 2001-2007, but it never left the hearts of die-hard anime fans because of how enjoyable it was. Although it left our screens and was hardly ever talked about, the anime inspired many people around the world to get a 666 tattoo, mainly because of Jio Freed, the main character of the anime.

The placement of this tattoo should be on the forearm, but can also be done in places that contain a low amount of fat. Doing so will add more energy to the color and enhance the definition of the body part.

666 Back Shoulder Tattoo

666 back shoulder tattoo

A back shoulder tattoo will help you with discovering the Van Gogh in you. The space on the back of a shoulder is plentiful, and is perfect for a tattoo that is highly detailed and contains an intensely saturated color.

When getting a 666 tattoo in that area, you can either go all in or nothing with the design. You can add more meaning behind the tattoo by adding more patterns to it. You can also just settle for a traditional 666 tattoo with thick borders and an eye-grabbing font.

666 Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is a good area for a person who’s never gotten tattoos before. It allows the wearer to achieve a small tattoo while giving them the option to endlessly display it because of how exposed the area usually is.

A 666 wrist tattoo can definitely be taken into account if you want to introduce some positivity and hope in your life as well as share it with your loved ones.

Moreover, because of how subtle the tattoo is, it won’t hamper your work life as much. If anything, it might help you gain positive attention from your coworkers.

666 Patchwork Tattoo

666 patchwork tattoo

Patchwork tattoos are chains of tattoos on a body part. They mostly contain a series of meaningful events that have happened in one’s life and are usually obtained on body parts that contain a massive amount of surface area.

One of the underappreciated traits of a 666 tattoo is its ability to blend in. It can flawlessly be added to any tattoo design and enhance the pleasantness of the patchwork’s appearance.

For best results, don’t choose a design that will make the whole patchwork look tacky and corny. Tackle the ink with a modern 666 tattoo to give each tattoo its own characteristics. Use a font that is small but noticeable enough.

666 Joker Tattoo

666 evil joker tattoo

Batman: The Dark Knight is probably one of the best, if not, the best movie in the Batman Franchise. It had an engaging plot and the cast contained individuals whose acting skills were beyond perfect.

Another one of the main reasons why this specific Batman movie was widely met with a chunk of positive reviews was because of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. He set a new bar with his mannerisms, his facial makeup, and his spooky laughter. The hard work even paid off when he won an Oscar for the way he nailed the role of Joker.

After his tragic passing, fans got tattoos of his version of the Joker in his honor. He may not be here right now, but his legacy will forever live on and be carried in the hearts of his fans.

Baphomet 666 Tattoo

666 higgs mummy tattoo

A Baphomet tattoo excels when it is accompanied by a 666 tattoo. It might garner quite the attention because of how controversial it is, but can be a top choice for those that appreciate tattoos that are visually appealing. Visually stunning tattoos also tend to increase the attraction a person contains, which is a pro for anyone and everyone.

Moreover, when getting this look, add some colors to it. Pick shades that are light hearted so that the cynical nature of this tattoo subsides a bit at public gatherings.

666 Ankle Tattoo

The ankle is one of the most attractive parts of the human body, and is perfect for subtle tattoos like this option.

Moreover, this tattoo is subtle and not as painful, so you can definitely take it into consideration if this variation will kick start your debut.

Furthermore, when coming up with the groundwork, take inspiration from subtle yet sophisticated tattoos. Ankle tattoos should have a mature appearance, with a dash of groove to it.

BK 666 Tattoo

This variation is a classy choice for those who have a knack towards art and want to achieve a tattoo with lenient requirements.

An ordinary 666 tattoo is rather common these days mainly due to the volume it speaks as opposed to it’s little appearance. Trade the minimalist tattoo and mix it up a bit by receiving this variation instead.

This artwork would shine the most if it’s achieved in subtle body parts, like the ankle, the wrist, and one of the fingers.

Although it might take more time than the average 666 tattoo, it will most definitely give you the power to impress everyone you meet from then on.

666 Tattoo With Steganography

Creative 666 tattoo

Not all of us are comfortable with showcasing our tattoos to everyone. Tattoos should carry a complex meaning because of how permanent they are, and shouldn’t always be transparent. This variation supports that claim.

Engrave a tattoo that only you and the ones that mean something to you will understand. Introduce steganography to the layout to make it more reserved.

Furthermore, there are two methods that can be followed when inking this tattoo.

For a small tattoo, you may pick your wrist or your bicep to achieve the best case scenario.

On the other hand, if you want an enormous tattoo that is extremely detailed, installing it on your back will be the right move to make.

666 Tattoo with Wings

666 wings tattoo

Wings usually symbolize guardian angels. They give us hope when times are dark, and shower us with limitless strength.

A 666 tattoo with wings usually symbolizes safety and prosperity. When times are tough and your back is against the wall, finding a way seems impossible. The anxiety that comes with that situation makes it difficult for people to reach out to their loved ones for help.

This tattoo is an excellent form of self-care and can help those that are in a similar situation as the one mentioned above. It will encourage them to reach out for help and restore their faith at the same time, which will help them entering the path to recovery.

666 Abdomen Tattoo

666 tattoo on lower chest

An abdomen tattoo is probably one of the most desirable body parts for tattoos. They usually look extremely presentable. Moreover, the area is very spacious, and allows a tattoo artist to really come up with a pattern that is highly detailed.

Moreover, numbers and alphabets look amazing on the abdomen due to how plain they look. They also enhance the muscles and make them look more full, which is a positive for the wearer if they’ve been putting in the work at the gym.

For best results, you may incorporate a few tattoos to your ribs so that it carries a deeper meaning. You may collaborate the tattoo with wings on each rib for a more positive appeal.


Tattoos are extremely presentable once they’re achieved, but the process behind getting one is extremely painful. Therefore, in hopes of spreading some useful knowledge, we have addressed some questions below that you should definitely go through if you’re interested in getting a 666 tattoo printed on your body.
What does a 666 tattoo symbolize?

A “666” tattoo symbolizes prosperity, positivity, and compassion. It is great for expressing one’s optimistic traits and comes with a very lenient layout.

How long will it take for one to get a 666 tattoo?

This answer varies depending on the size of the design. If the wearer is aiming to go for a small tattoo with very little detail, it will take an hour at most.

Comparatively, if the design of the tattoo is full of details and consists of a complex design, it might take days, even weeks, with multiple 3 hour sessions to complete the tattoo.

Why are 666 tattoos so popular?

These tattoos are popular amongst people because it reeks of positivity. It also makes a person more composed and encourages them to tackle their upcoming tasks in a humble manner.

This variation is also admired by people with strong faith due to the extraordinarily wholesome meaning it carries.

Final Verdict

All in all, we hope this article encourages you to get your own version of the 666 tattoo. We also hope that it changes your overall perspective on the tattoo itself and allows you to embrace the positive theory it contains as opposed to the bad.

Moreover, we believe that a tattoo should not only look good, but make the wearer feel good. Make sure to use your own creative thinking for the groundwork, so that the outcome makes you feel as superior as the tattoo itself.

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