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73 Amazing 3 Cross Tattoo Ideas To Reach Divinity

Cross tattoos have been an important way to show your belief and religious identity. The 3 cross tattoo takes its cue from the cross tattoo and represents the holy trinity and its guidance for the wearer.

The 3 cross tattoo has become very popular among tattoo enthusiasts who are eager to show their faith. But, it is not only adopted by believers but is also adopted due to cultural reasons and because of the beautiful designs this tattoo has.

If you’ve scratched your head to choose a 3 cross tattoo design that will fit your personality and liking, then you’re not alone. We’ve been asked many times to suggest 3-cross tattoo designs for our clients. So we have picked some of our favorites among thousands of 3-cross tattoo designs here.

Meaning Of The 3 Cross Tattoo

Meaning Of The 3 Cross Tattoo


The 3 crosses in the 3 cross tattoo design primarily represent Jesus’ crucifixion. The central cross in the tattoo represents the cross that was used to crucify Jesus and the other two crosses represent the other thieves that were crucified with Jesus.

On the other hand, many others believe that the 3 cross tattoo represents the holy trinity. This tattoo is said to signify God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Both of these are possible meanings of the 3 cross tattoo designs that we have seen our clients signify.

Heavenly Three Cross Tattoo Designs

Heavenly Three Cross Tattoo Designs


If you’ve been eying for a cross tattoo design and have decided to get a 3 cross tattoo for yourself, then you’d know that there are millions of designs online for the 3 cross tattoos. This tattoo comes in many shapes and sizes, with many different color schemes and with many styles to choose from.

It is only human to get confused about what design would be perfect for you. You’d have to consider your personality, your desired size of the tattoo, and even the placement of the 3 cross tattoos on your body.

So, to aid in your venture, we’ve gathered some of the most appealing 3-cross tattoo designs we’ve seen over the years and put them here. Let’s go ahead and have a look at these designs.

Jesus 3 Cross Tattoo

Jesus 3 Cross Tattoo 1


Jesus 3 Cross Tattoo 2


Jesus 3 Cross Tattoo 3


The Jesus 3 cross tattoo features the portrait of Jesus Crist along with 3 crosses. This tattoo can depict only the face of Jesus or the full body on the cross. This tattoo can be done in color but is mostly done in black and white.

You can add other elements to the tattoo to your liking. You can add a bible verse, rosary, or beads to add flair to the design. You can also place this tattoo anywhere on the body depending on your choice. But this tattoo is more popularly done on the forearms and on the shoulders.

3 Cross Script Tattoo

3 Cross Script Tattoo


The 3 cross script tattoo design incorporates a script writing with three crosses. The crosses in this tattoo can be colorful but mostly are done in black and white. You can either do a simple quote or a bible verse for this tattoo.

You can customize the tattoo in different ways. The script can also be done in different fonts depending on your choice, or you can add the tattoo in a banner. This tattoo is most often placed on the forearms. But you can put the tattoo anywhere you like.

3 Cross Forearm Tattoo

3 Cross Forearm Tattoo 1


3 Cross Forearm Tattoo 2


The forearm is a big and visible place to do a tattoo on. So the forearm tattoos are often big and bright. The 3 cross forearm tattoos are no different. If you want to showcase your spirituality and belief, the forearm is a good option for a 3 cross tattoo.

Thanks to the big workspace on the forearm you can easily customize the tattoo with different colors and elements. You can add a rosary, Jesus, Mary, or a praying bead to make the tattoo pop more.

3 Cross Neck Tattoo

3 Cross Neck Tattoo 1


3 Cross Neck Tattoo 2


If you want a bold design to do your 3 cross tattoos, the neck tattoo should be the place to go. Neck tattoos are very visible tattoos and thus often contain colorful designs. But we’d recommend you get a neck tattoo only if you are a veteran in getting tattoos as neck tattoos can be painful.

If you are okay with the tattoo, then you can customize the tattoo with different colors or some ornamentations. But most neck tattoos of the 3 cross designs are simple and done in black and white.

3 Cross Tattoo on Thigh

3 Cross Tattoo on Thigh


The thigh is also a great place to do a 3 cross-tattoo design due to the option to extend the tattoo to the legs or the bikini line. The thigh 3 cross tattoo can be done with some beautiful details like a Celtic design or an ornamented cross design.

You can throw other elements into the mix such as a thigh butterfly tattoo, a rosary, or praying hands to make the tattoo more visually stunning. You can also add a quote or a bible verse to the tattoo.

3 Cross Tattoo on Chest

3 Cross Tattoo on Chest 1


3 Cross Tattoo on Chest 2


The chest is a great place to do the three cross tattoo as you get a big workspace to do a detailed design. This is a great way to show your devotion to your beliefs. Usually, this design consists of three small crosses spread across the chest to create a simple design. But you can always go ham on the designs.

Small 3 Cross Tattoo

Small 3 Cross Tattoo


The small 3 cross tattoo is a very minimalist design often done with only the outlines of three crosses. You can also do the tattoo with a bold black color to show the simplicity of the design. You can add this tattoo on the wrists, behind the ear  or on your ankle.

3 Cross Tattoo Behind the Ear

3 Cross Tattoo Behind the Ear 1


3 Cross Tattoo Behind the Ear 2


If you are doing a small outline of the 3 cross tattoo, you can put the tattoo behind your ear to make a simple design. Although this tattoo can have some colors, most often this tattoo is done in black and white.

Bible Verse 3 Cross Tattoo

Bible Verse 3 Cross Tattoo


The bible verse 3 cross tattoo simply features a bible verse with the 3 cross tattoo. You can put the bible verse in different styles, fonts, or in a banner to give the tattoo your own unique look. This tattoo looks best on the forearms or on the shoulder.

3 Cross Back Tattoo

3 Cross Back Tattoo


The back is a good placement choice for the 3 cross tattoo if you are looking for a grand design. If you are willing to extend your 3-cross tattoo later in your tattoo journey, you can do the tattoo on the back.

3 Cross Wrist Tattoo

3 Cross Wrist Tattoo 1


3 Cross Wrist Tattoo 2


The wrist can hold a small 3 cross tattoo design if you are looking for a discreet tattoo. But the wrist can house a detailed tattoo as well if your heart desires so. You can add some small details to the tattoo, or keep the tattoo simple with only the outlines of the crosses.

Rose 3 Cross Tattoo

Rose 3 Cross Tattoo


This tattoo features the 3 crosses along with a rose. This tattoo can feature a black rose design, or can have a colorful red rose to add to the pop factor of the tattoo. This tattoo is best placed on the forearms or on the sleeve.

3 Cross Sleeve Tattoo

3 Cross Sleeve Tattoo


If you are looking for a simple yet meaningful sleeve tattoo, then the 3 cross tattoo might be a good go-to option. This tattoo can have other elements like a rosary, praying beads, Mary, or Jesus to cover the whole sleeve.

3 Cross Arm Tattoo

3 Cross Arm Tattoo


The three cross arm tattoo features the 3-cross tattoo on the inner or outer arm. You can extend the design to the sleeves or the shoulders if you want. This tattoo often incorporates other elements like abstract elements or a portrait of Jesus to make the tattoo more appealing.

3 Cross Fear God Tattoo

3 Cross Fear God Tattoo


This tattoo features the 3-cross tattoo along with the text Fear God to create a simple but meaningful tattoo. The fear god text can be added above, below, or side by side with the 3 crosses.

3 Cross Ribs Tattoo

3 Cross Ribs Tattoo


The 3 cross ribs tattoo is a popular design because it is discreet while still showing your religious beliefs. These tattoos are often simple and done in black and white. But be sure to check the rib tattoo pain levels before getting one.

Cloud 3 Cross Tattoo

Cloud 3 Cross Tattoo


The Cloud 3 cross tattoo features some clouds with the 3 crosses. This gives the tattoo a heavenly or spiritual look as the 3 crosses float on, or stand in front of the clouds. You can get the tattoo on your forearms or shoulders.

3 Cross Sketch Tattoo

3 Cross Sketch Tattoo


This tattoo features the 3 crosses done in a pencil sketch style. These tattoos do not come in color, but only in black and white. You can add these tattoos on your forearms, wrists, and sleeves.

3 Cross Leg Tattoo

3 Cross Leg Tattoo 1


3 Cross Leg Tattoo 2


The three cross leg tattoo features the three cross tattoo on the legs. This is a very good positioning if you are looking to get a bigger design for the three cross tattoo. You can extend the tattoo to your thigh to add some other elements to the tattoo.

Lion 3 Cross Tattoo

Lion 3 Cross Tattoo


The lion three cross tattoo features a lion with three crosses. This tattoo signifies strength and courage along with divine protection. As this is a big design, you can put the tattoo on the forearms, chest, or back.

3 Cross Family Tattoo

3 Cross Family Tattoo


The 3 cross family tattoos show the love of family and divine protection and guidance for the family. This tattoo can also have the initials of the family members or their date of birth to add some definition to the tattoo.

Dove 3 Cross Tattoo

Dove 3 Cross Tattoo


This is a great tattoo if you want to symbolize peace and love through your tattoo. This tattoo features a dove and 3 crosses in black and white. Other elements like roses, flowers, and trees can also be added to the tattoo for some extra effect.


If you’ve seen all the design ideas for three cross tattoos, you may still have some questions. If you are thinking about getting a three-cross tattoo, then you can take a look at these frequently asked questions regarding the three cross tattoo to make your decision more efficient.

Q: Are Three cross tattoos only for Christians?

Answer: No. The three cross tattoos are not strictly for Christians. Although there is a strong religious connection, you can get the tattoo if you are not a Christian and just want to enjoy the beauty of the tattoo.

Q: What is the best placement to get a Three cross tattoo?

Answer: You can get this tattoo anywhere on the body depending on the size of the tattoo. If you are looking to get a big tattoo, you can get the tattoo done on the chest or the back. Or if you want a smaller tattoo, the best position would be on your forearms.


In conclusion, the three cross tattoo design is an ever so popular one that represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This tattoo is a beautiful way to showcase one’s faith in Christianity and ask for guidance from the divine.

You can choose any of these designs for your next three cross tattoo designs. Or you can create your unique tattoo design by mixing and matching elements from these tattoo designs we’ve shared with you.

So, why wait? Go get yourself a 3 cross tattoo.

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