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22 Spectacular 1776 Tattoo Ideas You Can Rock This Year

If you are looking into tattoos to show off your love for America, you might be interested in doing a 1776 tattoo. The 1776 tattoo has been becoming very popular among tattoo fans in America.  With the 1776 tattoo, you can show off your patriotism towards America in some unique and eye-catching designs. You can rock the tattoo with different color schemes and different placements.

But what exactly does the 1776 tattoo signify and how can you rock the tattoos in different parts of your body to show off your unique way of saying you’re proud of America? In this article, we will share 15 of what we think are the best 1776 tattoo designs along with what the 1776 tattoo signifies.

Let’s begin.

What Does 1776 Tattoo Mean?

1776 tattoo meaning


The 1776 tattoo holds a big significance in American culture because it was 1776 when America was granted its independence. The United States of America gained its independence on July 4, 1776. From that day on, the 4th of July and the year 1776 have become the symbol of independence and freedom.

The 1776 tattoo is often sported with a bald eagle or the American flag to represent the American symbol of freedom. Often people will get a tattoo with a red and blue color scheme to match the American flag’s color. All of these different symbols and variations refer to the symbolism of freedom, patriotism, and the pride of being an American.

1776 Tattoo Designs for Your Inspiration

If you are in the market for getting a tattoo and want to show your pride in being an American and a symbol of freedom, you can select from a range of 1776 tattoo placements and designs.

Here we have a range of tattoo designs to help you decide on a 1776 Tattoo concept. in my long years of designing tattoos, I have seen my fair share of 1776 tattoo designs. You can either choose from some of the spectacular tattoo designs we have gathered for you here. Or you can choose to mix and match the designs to come up with something new.

So, let’s get ready to show off your American pride with these 15 amazing tattoo designs.

The 1776 American Flag Tattoo

1776 flag tattoo 1


1776 flag tattoo 2


1776 flag tattoo 3


The 1776 flag tattoo is one of the most popular 1776 tattoo variations out there. The most popular placement for this tattoo would be the triceps or on the legs as the tattoo is usually of a big size showing off the waving flag of the United States of America.

The American flag symbolizes freedom and 1776 symbolizes the history behind America getting its freedom from Great Britain. The tattoo symbolizes America’s freedom and is often sported to show off patriotism and love for the national flag.

Like the picture, you can sport the tattoo on your triceps or your chest to show off your American pride and use different color schemes. You can either choose black and white as a simple color scheme base or if you want you can also use a blue and red color scheme for the American flag to reflect the original flag.

The 1776 Forearm Tattoo

1776 forearm tattoo 1


1776 forearm tattoo 2


1776 forearm tattoo 3


Here is another great example of a 1776 tattoo that you can apply. The forearm is a great place to show off your creative tattoos and if you decide to show off the 1776 tattoo with some other elements like “We the People” as we showed here would look really cool. Although this would look good on any body shape, if you have a muscular body type the tattoo on the forearm will look gorgeous.

The 1776 tattoo on the forearm is the perfect place to use 1776 along with other symbols and messages such as texts or flags. Because the forearm is often the most visible place on the body, you can show off unique color combinations on the forearm tattoo.

For your forearm, you can also apply different font styles. You can also mix and match different quotes symbolizing freedom or patriotism bringing the text “1776” forward or behind the quote. Here you can see examples of using quotes like “We the People” or “Live Free or Die” with the contrasting color combinations of the text 1776.

The Traditional 1776 Tattoo Style

Traditional 1776 tattoo


Traditional 1776 tattoos are often a visual of plain text 1776 along with other symbols that represent the same idea. Traditional 1776 tattoos will often include a red and blue color scheme with symbols such as the bald eagle and the American flag.

As you can see, in the picture, the traditional tattoo is often incorporated with other symbols such as a torch or stars to represent liberty and love for the United States of America.

This variation of the tattoo is usually large and may go over your triceps or your chest depending on the size or level of visibility you may want for your tattoo. If you are doing a traditional 1776 tattoo on your triceps, you can go for vivid colors to create an eye-catching design to show off your tattoo.

Est 1776 Tattoo

Est 1776 tattoo


The EST 1776 tattoos represent the establishment of America in 1776 and show off the liberation date of America. The EST 1776 tattoos often look similar to posters with added elements such as quotes and other imagery.

If you are looking into getting an Est 1776 tattoo, you might want to stay with the basic black-and-white color scheme because it goes best with the tattoo style. You can always add other graphics to add to the Est 1776 text. You can do the tattoo anywhere on your body. But our expert opinion is this tattoo will look best on the chest area or in the bicep area.

1776 Tattoo on Your Bicep

1776 tattoo on bicep


The bicep or the sleeve is one of the most perfect places for 1766 tattoos. The bicep is easily one of the most visible places to show off a tattoo. You can create some amazing color variations and mix and match different texts and graphics on the bicep with the text 1776.

As one of the most prominent muscles on your body, the bicep can be the number one place to show off your patriotism with the tattoo. From our example, you can see that you can even do a simple black-and-white tattoo on the biceps. Even that will pop when you fold your muscle.

1776 Tattoo On the Legs

1776 tattoo on leg


As your leg is one of the biggest continuous muscles in your body, you can do some crazy combinations involving 1776 on your legs. If you are rocking some shorts and your legs are visible, you can boast vivid color combinations and visuals.

Here you can see 1776 written in big texts to highlight the tattoo along with some other graphics like the bell signifying freedom and love for America. You can also see the use of vivid color combinations along with the text to really highlight the whole thing on your leg. These creative combinations are sure to turn some heads your way if you do the 1766 tattoo on your legs.

1776 Tattoo on the Chest

1776 tattoo on chest


Another great place to put your 1776 tattoo is on your chest. Your chest is undoubtedly the biggest canvas you can do your tattoo on. And if you love America and freedom, you can flaunt an elaborate tattoo design on your chest.

Although your chest is a big canvas, it is not the most visible part of your body. So, although you can do some vivid color combinations here, our expert suggestion would be to use just simple graphics and a monochrome colors combination like our example circle with stars and 1776 written in the middle.

The 1776 IGY6 Tattoo

1776 IGY6 tattoo


IGY6 is an abbreviation for “I Got Your Six” and together with the 1776 text, the whole tattoo represents solidarity, brotherhood, and freedom. This tattoo is often popular with those who are in the service or are the victims of sexual assault. But the 1776 IGY6 tattoo is the representation of resiliency.

If you want to rock the tattoo, you can use it along with the American flag design or with minimalist colors. But we would suggest you not use the IGY6 theme with bright colors. Rather use a minimalist color scheme with an undertone font design to really get the message behind the tattoo.

The 1776 Tattoo with Floral Design

1776 Floral tattoo


If you are a nature lover and find freedom through the love of nature, this tattoo design is one of the creative ways that you can show your love. The 1766 floral tattoo can be inked in many different colors, showing different flowers. But we would suggest you keep a contrast between the flower color and the font color of 1766 for the best results. Other than that, just go ham on the designs of your choice.

1776 Matching Tattoo for Couples

1776 Matching tattoo


If you are a couple and are wanting to get a matching tattoo together, then you may choose to do this tattoo with your partner to show off solidarity and freedom. Personally, we think matching couple tattoos are always cute. You and your partner can choose the color combination according to your personality. But for the best effect, do the tattoo in the same location of your body as your partner.

1776 Tattoo on the Arm

1776 tattoo on arm


The 1766 tattoo on the arm is another location that you might go to flaunt your creativity. As the arm is mostly visible, you should do a combination of colors for the tat. You can also use big graphics like the head of a bald eagle along with the 1776 text to utilize the big area of work on your arm.

The 1776 Elbow Tattoo

1776 Elbow tattoo


Although there is a small workplace, the elbow is another good place to show off your 1776 tattoo. The limiting space on the elbow forces you to be creative with your tattoo. So, you can use some minimal graphics with some heavy color works on your elbow to make the tattoo pop.

The 1776 Bald Eagle Tattoo

1776 Eagle tattoo 1


1776 Eagle tattoo 2


The 1766 Eagle tattoo is one of the most versatile tattoos if you are getting a 1776 tat. Because the bald eagle can be placed on both small and big surfaces, you can use a combination of different placements and font design to go with the eagle. You can also use just the eagle’s head, or visuals of a flying eagle along with different styles of fonts to make your tattoo unique.

1776 Tattoo on Your Hand

1776 Tattoo on hand


Another restrictive but very visible tattoo place you can do your 1776 tattoo is your hand. Although few people go for a tattoo on their hand, if you are doing so, you can choose some color combinations and some font combinations. But we would recommend you not to get fancy with the colors and fonts as it would ruin the looks of the tattoo.

1776 “We the People” Tattoo

1776 We the people tattoo


Perhaps one of the most common 1766 tattoo designs is “We the people” because it resonates with the underlying message of the 1766 tattoo so much. If you are up for a simple yet meaningful tattoo, you can go for a simple monochrome we the people tattoo with the 1776 text on the front or in the background of the “we the people” text. We’d recommend using a minimal color scheme with some contrast to make the tattoo catchy.


We have covered some of the most interesting and trendy 1776 tattoo designs for you in this piece. But you may still have some questions regarding the tattoo design. So here are some frequently asked questions that might cross your mind:

Q: What does the 1776 tattoo signify?

Answer: The 1776 tattoo signifies the year that America issued the declaration of freedom from Great Britain. The number and the tattoo often used with other symbols of America like the Bald Eagle and the American Flag signify freedom and American Patriotism.

Q: What color scheme goes best with the 1776 tattoo?

Answer: We think the best matching color scheme for the 1776 tattoo would be the red and blue colors. This is because the 1776 tattoo represents American patriotism and the red and blue color scheme symbolizes the color of the American flag. So, this color scheme would go best with the 1776 tattoo. But you can always choose any other color scheme.

Q: What is the typical cost of getting a 1776 tattoo?

Answer: It depends on the complexity of the design you are choosing for your 1776 tattoo. Normally, if you are doing a simple tattoo design, the tattoo will set you back around 50 bucks depending on your location. Then the price increases according to your design choice and placement complexity to up to 1000 bucks on a single tattoo.


To conclude this article, we have shown you examples of different tattoo ideas involving 1776. The number signifies freedom, solidarity, and love for America. So, if you are someone who would like to show their appreciation for their motherland and respect for freedom and solidarity, you can rock the 1776 tattoo.

In this article, we have shown you some of the ways you can do this particular tattoo design. We have also given you recommendations on where to do certain combinations of the 1776 tattoo. But these are just recommendations from our side. You can always get creative and show off your idea to the world through different iterations of the 1766 tattoos.

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